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The National Hockey League announced the circuit’s national TV schedule today, listing the games that will be televised to wide audiences via Hockey NIght in Canada and The NHL on TSN in Canada and Versus and NBC down here in the lower 48. As you’d expect, the Capitals will be seen more frequently this season than in years past.

The Caps will be seen twice on Hockey Night on Canada, with both appearances coming in consecutive weeks. Washington visits Toronto on Dec. 6 and Montreal on Dec. 13, with both games getting the HNIC treatment up north.

Four Caps games will be shown on The NHL on TSN: Washington’s Oct. 21 visit to Calgary, its Jan. 20 trip to Ottawa, its Feb. 18 date with the Canadiens at Verizon Center, and its Mar. 24 visit with the Leafs in Toronto.

Seven (!) Capitals games will be aired on the Versus Network: Oct. 13 vs. Vancouver (first home game after the home opener), November 10 vs. Tampa Bay (Olie Kolzig’s return to D.C.), Nov. 24 at Minnesota, Dec. 16 at the New York Islanders, Jan. 20 at Ottawa (Inauguration Day), Jan. 27 at Boston and Mar. 16 at Atlanta. 

Additionally, NBC will air eight late season Sunday afternoon games. As many as four of those games (Feb. 22 vs. Pittsburgh, Mar. 1 vs. Florida, Mar. 8 vs. Pittsburgh and Apr. 5 vs. Atlanta) could involve the Capitals.

Many of the Versus games involve exclusivity, meaning the Caps may not be able to air their games on Comcast on certain nights. Right now, the nights in question as far as those local telecasts are concerned are the Oct. 28 home game against Nashville and the Dec. 2 home game against Florida. It is believed the Caps will be able to air their Oct. 21 game against the Flames in Calgary because the game would start at 9:30 Eastern time, well after the 7 p.m. Versus game slated for that evening.

Caps single-game tickets are not on sale yet, but let that be a warning to you. If you absolutely, positively want to ensure seeing the Oct. 28 game with Nashville and the Dec. 2 game with Florida live, buy tickets for those dates.

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12 Comments on “TV Party”

  1. keef Says:

    Vogs, you can’t title your post “TV Party” and not have this video linked:

  2. dumpnchase Says:

    Thanks for the link. Nice to know someone out there got the Black Flag reference. I had to watch the video twice just to make sure that wasn’t my own slovenly hovel and my roommates of that era: Tex, Famous, Harv, Gumbo and Larry Mondello. Carry on.

  3. CAPS FAN Says:

    That Versus is covering more Caps games is an excellent testimony to where this team is heading. Unfortunately I am moving across the country. If I want to watch ALL of the Caps games (not just the ones Versus is deciding to air)…what options do I have? Any suggestions?

    Counting down the days until September 24….

  4. dumpnchase Says:

    The NHL Center Ice Package is your answer. For somewhere in the neighborhood of $150, you get virtually every game played in the league every night. I’ve been a subscriber since 1998 and can’t say enough about it. It’s great if you love hockey and/or if you’ve been geographically disconnected from your fave team.

  5. CAPS FAN Says:

    Thanks Vogs, appreciate the response. I’ll definitely have to look into it….plus a few games when I come home for the holidays!

  6. Tom in FL Says:

    CAPS FAN: I have the Center Ice package. Last year I think they showed all the Caps games except those blacked out because they were on local TV (Sunshine Ch for Tampa Lightning). Kicker – some were on the NHL -TV (see below).

    My objection to Center Ice is the picture quality is poor. Some broadcasters are better than others. The games broadcast on Fox (especially Thrashers) seem to be the worst. Games from TSN and HNIC are better. To see all the games, you must also add NHL Hockey Channel (NHL-TV) , which is an extra $1.99/month and comes combined with NBA-TV and about six college sports channels. NHL-TV is much better quality of picture than most of the Center Ice normal channels. I have a 58″ HD-TV and hate it when Joe B and Craig say it’s “also broadcast on HD,” because it isn’t for me.

    Mike: Maybe as part of your reporting you can contact (easy for me to create work for you, but it’s in your interest too) the Center Ice people and ask:

    1) why is their picture quality so low, and
    2) when will we get Center Ice channels in the HD menu and then get the HD broadcasts.

    Once you’ve seen one hockey game in HD on a big TV you will FREAK. The clarity is incredible. You can pick out individual people in the stands instead of it looking like a blur of humanity. Each rut on the ice is visible (watch out, Chris Clark!). You can read clearly every name on every jersey. You can count the pimples on the younger players’ faces (I’m sure Backstrom will get past that stage).

    Good luck!

  7. Mike L Says:

    That none of the away games are blacked out is good. That was sooooo annoying to have to not watch the Caps/Atlanta game last year… that the two blackout possibilites are home is fine by me, I watch the home games in section 421.

    I sure hope you’re right about the Caps/Calgary game, although maybe Vs. will make it a double header. It’s a great match-up with two Hart finalists from last year (Ovie, Iggy) and two of the best young d-men in the league (Phanneuf, Green)… they played a terrific game here in DC last March (one I wish CSN would replay so I can TIVO it and save it…)

  8. CapitalSpirit Says:

    Mike, I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you! How could you have the temerity to suggest that fans buy tickets to two home games in order to make sure they get to see them? How COULD you?

    Because the BEST solution is to buy a full-season plan, and get those two games, and thirty-some more, minimum. 😀

    Of course, for fans who might have, you know, an actual LIFE away from hockey, individual tickets to those particular contests are probably the better way of going about it.

    Still, you could have written something to the tune of, “Season ticket holders will have nothing to worry about, which is another reason to think about a ticket plan if you don’t have one already,” and so forth.

    You might just have missed an opportunity there…

    (And you know I’m just playing, right?)–CS

  9. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Glad to see Joe Sakic signed up with the Avs for one more (20th) season. Maybe Mats Sundin will make up his mind to rejoin the Leafs before the Cap’s visit Toronto in late March.

  10. Tickets Says:

    Stand-by tickets are available by calling (212) 247-6497 starting at 11:00 a.m. on the day of the taping you wish to attend. Your name will be taken and you will be placed on our stand by list in the order we receive your call. You will be asked to check in to the theater at a specific time approximately 1 hour before the taping. You will only be admitted to the actual taping in the event seats remain after all of the regularly ticketed guests are accommodated. We will keep the above phone line open for approximately 30-60 minutes or until we fill our allocation of stand by slots, which varies from day to day. As with all of our tickets, all attendees must present a government-issued picture I.D. to match the name(s) given on the phone.

  11. Summer Says:

    Actually, NHL Network keeps blacking out various games anyway, so good luck getting yours. I’m in Cleveland, which is the Blue Jackets market, but I can’t get a Penguins game on NHL Network for love nor money. That’s right, they keep blacking out Hockey Night in Canada anytime the Pens are playing. And they haven’t responded to my emails, either.

  12. limewire Says:

    shoot sweet story bro.

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