Two Caps File

Today was the last day for NHL players to file for arbitration, and two Washington players did so. Center Brooks Laich and defenseman Shaone Morrisonn both opted for arbitration, while center Boyd Gordon did not. Those three players along with right wing Eric Fehr are the Capitals’ only unsigned restricted free agents.

By virtue of filing for arbitration, Laich and Morrisonn are no longer eligible to receive RFA offer sheets from other NHL clubs.

The arbitration schedule will be set later this week with all hearings scheduled between July 20 and Aug. 4.

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7 Comments on “Two Caps File”

  1. doug Says:

    I take it this means neither player received an offer sheet they relished. I haven’t followed the arbitration cases very closely, but I think we are in better shape with an arbitrator than a rogue General Manager rolling out some insane offer. That said, I like these players and hope they skate with the Capitals for years to come. I’m hoping we can settle these cases before arbitration.

  2. Mike L. Says:

    Laich had some success with arbitration last year (getting a 1-way deal instead of a 2-way) although that’s not going to be an issue this time (he’s clearly and NHL player only). Morrisonn…hmmm… his problem is that there are so many similar players that he will not really be able to stand out. A good sized 22-26 year old stay at home defensive defenseman… there’s about 25 of them out there…

  3. Anthony Says:

    I personally think its definetly a good thing that they are in arbitration, and as far as I know they did so simply because the deadline happened. Here is hoping they get deals done as soon as possible.

  4. CapitalSpirit Says:

    For Laich and Morrisonn to have filed for arbitration is a good thing. With offer sheets out of play, they can’t get Lowejacked, and that actually works to the Caps’ advantage in the short term. What comes out of arbitration on the other end will be anyone’s guess, but I doubt it will be way over budget.

    Gordon and Fehr are still on the market, and that’s of some concern to me since we’ve already lost several players (Huet, Cooke, Eminger, and Kolzig). Not that I expect Eric Fehr to start an offer sheet bidding war, of course, but it is still one more loose end as rookie camp opens. Ah, the unrequited drama of the hockey offseason…! Or something. Don’t mind me.

  5. Anthony Says:

    At this point I think the caps have two basic question marks, maybe three.

    1) Status of Brian Pothier
    2) Position of Karl Alzner (see above)
    3) Fedorov. (Possible trade of Gordon or someone?)

  6. Tom in FL Says:

    RJ Umberger (50 points last year) just signed as an RFA (Columbus) for 4 years, $3.75M a year. What does that do to Brooks Laich, who had I think 37 points last year. Laich has 77 NHL points, Umberger I think I read has 116. If Laich is “2/3rds of an Umberger” (which sounds like a food), he gets the $2.5M.

    Umberger looked really good last year in the playoffs for Philly, but so did Laich. I don’t think you can construct any kind of reasonable argument that Laich deserves “Umberger money” (or limberger cheese), but I also think you can reasonably argue that no way is Umberger worth twice Brooks Laich. Therefore “Laich value” ranges from more than 1.9 but less than 3.7, with midpoint at 2.8.

    I will therefore predict that Laich signs a three-year deal at $2.8/per.

  7. Mike L Says:

    To Anthony:

    1) Unfortunately Pothier isn’t getting much better. He can walk and be functional, but in a recent article he stated he had to stay in bed for 8 days when he jogged for a couple of blocks. I have strong feeling hey may never play hockey again.

    2) Alzner you can check out at the development camp this week. If he wants to make the Caps roster this season and he puts in the effort, he will make the team. And I will say getting effort out of Alzner isn’t particularly difficult, he is *always* going full bore.

    3) Fedorov will be here if he wants to play in the NHL…

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