Cap Set

As expected, the salary cap for the 2008-09 season will come in upwards of $56 million. The exact number is $56.7 million. With the 10% off-season cushion, NHL teams will be able to carry a payroll of as much as $62.37 million between July 1 and opening night.

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14 Comments on “Cap Set”

  1. Tom in FL Says:

    If the RFAs can start receiving offers tonight, and I read that somewhere, we can expect Green to be top of the list for an offer sheet. The $56.7M number gives the Caps enough room to maneuver, but also gives the other teams more money. There will come a time 5-6 years from now, if the cap keeps rising, that Ovechkin’s salary will seem to make him underpaid.

    Good luck to GM, hopefully he can make it all work. Any news on Pothier and how he potentially impacts the cap?

  2. […] this upcoming season, its $56.7 million.  For the 2005-06 season, the cap was a miserly $39 million.  The following year it rose to a […]

  3. Mike L Says:

    A nice pay raise for the players. I think this means that we will have almost everyone signed by training camp. The only player right now who might not be back is Matt Cooke.

    And then the fight begins…someone on defense has to go, the logjam up front needs to be figured out too: Nylander is likely ready, ditto for Clark, that leaves us up front with:

    Ovechkin, Semin, Kozlov, Backstrom, Fehr, Laich, Bradley, Gordon, Brashear, Nylander, Clark, Fedorov, Fleischmann, Steckel, and Laing. Add in Chris Bourque who is obviously ready for the NHL… Think we can come up with a scheme to roll five lines?

    I have to say that right now, this is the deepest Caps team I have ever seen…. more talent here now than there was in the late 1980s, and way more than 1998.

  4. Anthony Says:

    How is Chris Bourque “obviously” Nhl ready? He played in 4 games last year.

    I think personally that unless Fleishmann has a great year he’s trade bait soon. Gordon could be also, but I think since he’s not neccasarily a goal scorer, its not as obvious if Gordon should go or not.

  5. Tom in FL Says:

    Anthony: The question I ask with each player in any sport is: Can the team win a championship with that guy on the club? Or, could that guy replace a player on the roster of the current champion? Can Fleischmann replace one of the Red Wings? I doubt it. Can the Caps win the Cup with Fleischmann? Yes, but only if he scores 20-25 goals (at least) because he brings nothing else to the table. As for Gordon, every team needs a 4th line center who can win faceoffs, play the PK, chip in with the occasional goal, and shut down the other team’s better lines. And you need the guy to do that while making roughly $1M, or it just doesn’t fit. I believe the Caps can win the Cup with Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin, Clark, Laich, Brashear, Bradley, Gordon, Steckel and Federov on the front line. Laing, too, considering his role. Nylander I don’t know, not at $5M. Maybe we’ll see a better player this year. Kozlov? He disappeared early in the season and in the playoffs. Fehr? It’s huge plus if he achieves his potential. I think if the Caps bring back Huet and the same D with Alzner added you have a Cup contender. I would prefer to keep Federov, swap out Nylander for a more physical center and maybe swap a defenseman for one who is more physical. Maybe by the end of the year Alzner will have that ability, but it usually takes a few years. I’ve been pushing for Brad Stuart for some time and he did very well in the playoffs. Also, Fehr could give you the physical element as a forward if he elevates his game and stays healthy. The Caps are pretty close, but the main thing at this point is having the dependable goalie. I see the Flyers signed Carter for $5M over three years. Inflation. I now think it will take at least $18M for three years to keep Huet. It’s like a barrel of oil – it’s only going up.

  6. Anthony Says:

    You do know that Nylander was hurt last year? I don’t really look at last years performance at all, he has a clean slate.

    I agree we need a 4th liner to do the things you mentioned, his name is David Steckel.

    Thats what I’m thinking, if Fleishmann increases his goal scoring this year, keep him, if not, he will be trade bait.

  7. Tom in FL Says:

    Anthony: I believe from what was written here that Nylander was fine until a game vs Florida in November when he hurt his shoulder taking a faceoff. I’ve watched him for years. He’s a fine player. He’s just not physical. Let’s say this season plays out as we expect/hope. The Caps let’s say are a top 4/5 seed. The first round they have to beat maybe New Jersey. Then maybe the Flyers or Montreal. Then likely Pittsburgh. Can you do that with Nylander as your #1 or #2 center? For me, it’s much easier to accept the following:

    1) I can win with Chris Clark as a #2 RW
    2) I can win with Tom Poti as a top pairing defensive end defenseman
    3) I can win with Mike Green as a top pairing offensive d-man (that’s easy)
    4) I can win with Erskin and Schultz as the third pair defensemen (that’s a stretch to win the Cup)
    5) I can win with Bradley, Brashear and Steckel or Gordon as 4th line (no stretch there)

    OK, really, Nylander/Semin/Clark is a credible 2nd line for a Cup contender. I can see that working. I suppose the more imminent problem is someone has to step up and be the #1 RW. And not just play the position – if you are to win four rounds and the Cup, the #1 RW needs to score one goal for every two games played. I assume Clark is either 2nd or 3rd line, and he’s perfectly suited to that. Laich, Fehr or Kozlov has to be #1 RW. Let’s say Laich takes the role, since he really stepped up late in the year. OV/Backsrom/Laich. Then you have Federov/Flash/Kozlov/Gordon/Fehr to construct a 3rd line, remembering also that someone is always injured. I suppose in a perfect world Kozlov would step up to #2 line and then Clark can play on the shutdown line. He would do very well I think with Federov and they could do PK also, with both also in the mix on PP. Yes, the more I think the more it seems getting the RWs settled is the largest question mark on the front line.

    So now I’m back to where I was before that says you are still short a defenseman. You have numbers, I’m just not sure they can fill the roles. I’m not sure the coach has quite the confidence with Schultz and Erskine as the third pairing to prevent the top four from being overused. You can’t win the Cup unless the third pairing is dependable. Poti and Green can’t play 30 minutes a night for 16 wins. Alzner won’t turn into Scott Stevens overnight and Morrisonn is good but not great. They need one extra guy in the mix, a grizzled veteran I’d say, someone like Bob Rouse or Joe Reekie. Maybe you just let things play out and do that at the trade deadline.

    Actually if they don’t sign Huet and let Varlamov take the job, you save $5M that can be spent on a free agent winger or, more likely, defenseman. That is an option, although quite a gamble.

  8. Anthony Says:

    Do you honestly think there is a shot in hell that will happen though?

    As I see it, your not seeing any new additions to the team that left the ice last year except for Alzner, and any possible injured players, although the news about Clark that Tarik just posted doesn’t make me happy.

    For better or worse, I think the team we have is who we have. I can’t see them making any huge accusitions this year.

  9. fauxrumors Says:

    1) BTW guys without Huet it doesn’t matter who else is signed or not. You can’t win in the NHL without a #1 goalie. Brent Johnson is an adequate backup, but can’t start 60+ games and hope to have the Caps in the post season
    2) We fear Huet is biding his time until tomorrow then signs a 5 year 30 mil deal with Ottawa and the caps are forced to acquite Ray Emery to start!

  10. Mike L Says:

    In watching Chris Bourque in the four games he played, he didn’t look out of place at all in the NHL. He had another terrific year in Hershey and he’s ready for the Show. Right now, though, there’s no room for him. Where does he fit in? If Fedorov comes back (I think he does), the Caps have three complete scoring lines with Ovechkin, Backstrom, Kozlov, Nylander, Fehr, Laich, Clark, Fleischmann, Fedorov, Semin. Personally, I suspect that Bourque is a better player than Laing or Steckel right now. I can see him and Flash both trying to get that last spot in the top 9 forwards in the coming training camp.

    I’m actually smiling right now because it used to be “Who are we going to use to log minutes?” as opposed to”Who is going to beat out who for the 3rd scoring line?” What a difference from 2005-07… 🙂

  11. Anthony Says:

    Who is this We stuff? Do you have a mouse in your pocket?

    I’m not afraid about losing Huet.

    I there there is a huge difference between not looking out of place, and looking like you belong, that you have to be careful about, to be honest I think that goes for Lepisto as well.

  12. Tom in FL Says:

    Anthony: I agree with Lepisto. He didn’t impress me at all, except for being a decent skater. I’d rather have Erskine who gives guaranteed toughness.

    I expect by the time I get to work at 6-6:30 tomorrow morning, we’ll already have a few signings. I’m also not “afraid” of losing Huet, but there aren’t a lot of alternatives. Ray Emery? No way. There’s no way Varlamov can be ready, he didn’t show much at all when the Canadians whipped the Russians in the 8-game Under 20 Challenge last winter. He and the other young goalie probably both need two years in the minors. I haven’t really followed which goalies are UFAs, but Huet was a top-10 NHL goalie I think last year on statistics so you want to keep him if possible. And guys are signing like crazy, this Olesz guy (sp?) on Florida who scored just a handful of goals last year getting a six-year deal, although I didn’t see the terms. If it’s my money, I bet that Brooks Laich turns into a good player and I preempt that by offering him a likewise six-year deal in the $3M range and hope he overperforms. I think Laich will be an All-Star one day, he has a really nice mix of grit and skill. My bet here is when the Caps lift the Cup, Laich will be 1st line RW.

  13. Tom in FL Says:

    OK, now I see they can’t sign until noon. I also see where the RFAs (like Green) could talk with other teams since late last week, but no offers again until noon today. Here is the RFA compensation:

    $773,442 or below None
    Over $773,442 to $1,171,882 Third-round choice
    Over $1,171,882 to $2,343,765 Second-round choice
    Over $2,343,765 to $3,515,647 First-round and third-round choice
    Over $3,515,647 to $4,687,530 First-round, second-round and third-round choice
    Over $4,687,530 to $5,859,412 Two first-round choices, one second- and one
    third-round choice
    Over $5,859,412 Four first-round choices

    Let’s say some team offers Green $5m/year. Compensation is only two firsts, a second and a third. I’d easily give that much for him, especially if I expect to pick at the end of the round. And Brooks Laich, a team will surely offer him around the $2M mark, which is only a second rounder. He’s worth way more than a second rounder in an open trade. At least hopefully all this anticipation can get over soon. I want my team put back together, and quickly.

  14. Tom in FL Says:

    Note: That was the compensation from last year. It might have gone up, just like the cap, but you get the basic picture.

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