More Draft Stuff

The 2008 NHL Entry Draft is now a few days into the rear view mirror, but we’re not quite finished with the draft yet. On today’s edition of the Capitals Report (weekly podcast) at, Brett Leonhardt and I will be joined by Capitals director of amateur scouting Ross Mahoney. As has been our custom for the first show after the draft, Ross will join us to discuss the Caps’ picks and the draft in general.

Join us if you can at 2 p.m. today, and if you cannot join us but would like to contribute to the discussion you can send questions/comments to

Looking forward to hanging out with you all in a couple hours.

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3 Comments on “More Draft Stuff”

  1. Tom in FL Says:

    Caps’ cap situation – here’s how it looks:

    Website says the Caps have $15.2M to spend (if cap is indeed $54.5M). You must delete roughly $300K for a prorated portion of Clymer’s buyout, leaves $14.9M. I assume Alzner will simply replace, say, Jurcina. I will guess here at salaries, assuming they all get signed:

    Fehr $800K; Gordon $1M; Morrisonn $1.2M; Laich $2.5M; Green $5M; Huet $5.5M. You are free to make your own guess. Anyway, that’s $16M. Subtract Pothier at $2.5M and you have $1.4M available for Federov. Some of you might think my Laich and Green figures are high, but they both shone in the playoffs and will attract RFA suitors. Huet will get paid by someone. Federov might possibly qualify for some kind of exemption for being over 36, not sure about that. Rangers have like $19M in cap space – watch and see if they make a run at Green. This RFA signing business has been nasty the past few years.

  2. Muddapucker Says:

    I would like to see Fedorov with the Caps in some capacity. What does the collective bargaining agreement say about player/coaches? Is that totally out of the question? I could see him coaching for a substantial portion of the season and “putting on the gear” sometime after the first of the year. We all know of his influence on the team, particularly his countrymen.

    Statistically, we will probably have lost a center to injury by then and could use him. Does he have a full season left in the tank? Would he have been as effective for the Caps if Columbus had played him more last season? Does it make sense to have him play a “shortened” season?

  3. MD Says:

    I too would love to see Fedorov stay with the Caps. When might we hear anything about how any talks/discussion are going?

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