Day Two

The pace is noticeably quicker here today, thank Jah. We’re almost at the end of round three as I type this, hoping that the flimsy internet connection holds long enough for me to hit “publish.”

The Caps called a time-out as their twin late second-round picks approached. George McPhee told us he was weighing a handful of offers. 

“There was a lot going on,” he says. “You’ve got two picks there and everyone assumes you are going to move one, and we were. But it had to be for something that was better than what we could pick. There were a variety of things coming in.

“One team offers a prospect, one team offers a guy who is already signed and playing in the minor leagues, one team wants you to move back and they’re giving you the options of ‘our second next year plus this pick and this pick,’ and you’re trying to measure all that. Then you get back to your list and say, ‘Well, do we want to do any of that or do we take what we like here?’ We liked what was available to select. You just can’t let the clock influence what you’re going to do. You take a time-out.”

Washington ended up taking defenseman Eric Mestery at No. 57 and Russian winger Dmitri Kugryshev at No. 58.

The Caps used their fourth-round pick (93rd overall) to choose goaltender Braden Holtby of the Saskatoon Blades. Holtby is the first of Washington’s second-day picks who is in attendance here today. Holtby is a confident, well-spoken kid who missed the cutoff for last year’s draft by one day.

We will have video of our chat with Holtby plus video of Caps goaltending coach Dave Prior discussing Holtby on shortly.

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One Comment on “Day Two”

  1. Anthony Says:

    The tsn people were making a big deal that the caps took Dave Prior up to the stand for their I believe first pick yesterday. So is the plan to stockpile goaltenders and see what shakes out?

    This guy is apparantly a few years behind this current batch though.

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