Trophy Time

All of Alex Ovechkin’s hardware just arrived here at Kettler. Minutes after I arrived in the office after making the morning trip in from Toronto, a limo delivered the goods outside the office, right across from Super Pollo. A few of us fortunate souls were drafted to carry the trophies up the freight elevator and place them in the lobby for all to see.

We were all given white gloves with which to handle the hardware. I carried the Pearson Award. Pretty cool cap to a great Caps season and a fun feather for my own personal cap. The trophies are here for the day; they’ll be headed back to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto by day’s end.

The guys who travel with the trophies told us that the trophies reside at the Hall, and the winners are given smaller replicas of the actual trophies, except in the case of the Pearson. Winners of the Pearson get actual size replicas.

Which is nice.

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3 Comments on “Trophy Time”

  1. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Mike, I hope you had someone take a picture of you holding the Pearson. That would look great on your mantle, or beside the many awards I’m sure you have won for writing.

  2. trophies Says:

    What a beautiful Trophy!

  3. Mike L. Says:

    A full size Pearson award to go with Total Conciousness… awesome!

    Always love the Caddyshack references here.

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