Ovechkin Wins Hart

No surprise here. As predicted on a recent Capitals Report podcast, Ovechkin’s winning margin for the Hart was similar to his landslide Calder Trophy win of two years ago.

Ovechkin picked up 128 of 134 first-place votes and finished with 1,313 votes overall. Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin was a distant second with one first-place vote and 659 points. Calgary’s Jarome Iginla and Detroit’s Nicklas Lidstrom each picked up two first-place votes and New Jersey’s Martin Brodeaur claimed the other.

Ovechkin becomes the first player in NHL history to win the Ross, Richard, Pearson and Hart Trophies all in the same season. We’re betting it won’t be the last time he wins any of the four awards.

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7 Comments on “Ovechkin Wins Hart”

  1. Empty Maybe Says:

    I dunno, man, blogging live from the awards ceremony…you may miss a kid sneezing or Ron McLean being awkward.

    Oh, wait…

  2. […] Er ist der erste Spieler in der Geschichte der NHL, der diese 4 wichtigen Auszeichnungen in einer Saison erhalten hat! (Quelle) […]

  3. Mike L Says:

    He deserves all the accolades…

    There’s still one more trophy for him to win… and its the one he really wants…

    BTW – How did Green do in the Norris voting?

  4. Joe P Says:

    I missed Barry Melrose’s comments on Ovechkin winning both the Hart and the Pearson trophies, but maybe now he (along with the NHL) will relize that there are other players that are better then Crosby in the league. Maybe they will also quit trying to make Crosby the only “face of the NHL”. Ovechkin has now won five of the top trophies a player can win and in his third year he has done what no other great has done before winning the Hart, Pearson, Ross and Richard in the same year. Next year Ovechkin and the Caps could be hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup.

  5. acap1066 Says:

    Congratulations to Ovechkin!!!! As for Crosby, let him get all of the props and praise by Melrose and others. Ovechkin will just keep doing what he has done and will be the better player in the end. Also, I like our Russian over any other Russian in the league, especially Pittsburgh! All the proof will come at the end when looking back at all carriers.

  6. CAPS FAN Says:

    When I saw that “SIDNEY CROSBY REVEALED” was showing on Versus after the Awards show, I threw up a little in my mouth.

    Well done OVIE! AND BRUCE! I was thrilled to see him win the Adams…there wasn’t a doubt in my mind he deserved that!

  7. Sunshine Says:

    CAPS FAN Says:

    June 17, 2008 at 1:56 pm
    When I saw that “SIDNEY CROSBY REVEALED” was showing on Versus after the Awards show, I threw up a little in my mouth.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Me too… Then I reached for my beer and made a toast to Ovie!

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