Programming Reminder

I’m in Chicago for a few days visiting family and friends, but figured I’d throw out this reminder about Caps Week on Comcast.

Here’s the slate for the re-broadcasts this week, with all games airing at 7 p.m.

Capitals: Season to Remember Schedule:
Monday, June 9: November 23 at Philadelphia Flyers
Tuesday, June 10: March 21 at Atlanta Thrashers
Wednesday, June 11: April 5 vs. Florida Panthers
Thursday, June 12: April 11 vs. Philadelphia Flyers (Game 1)
Friday, June 13: April 22 vs. Philadelphia Flyers (Game 7)



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3 Comments on “Programming Reminder”

  1. NJ Says:

    Living in NJ, these re-broadcasts are blacked out on Direct TV channel 629

  2. Disgruntled Hockey Fan Says:

    I was pretty dissapointed that the game last night was not in HD even though it was originally broadcast in HD. I was at that game so it was fun to re-watch it on TV

  3. Tom in FL Says:

    Mike: I really enjoyed the Ovechkin feature on the Kharlamov Trophy. First off, I love reading the translations from Russian journalists. You really get a better read on Ovechkin and probably most people when they are translated from their native language, and in their most comfortable setting, rather than quoted in a second language. The Russians seem to have such a love for life and a deep emotionalism and it really comes through in the articles.

    The Caps drafted a Kharlamov back in 1994 I think. I believe they traded Ridley and wound up with Baumgartner 10th overall and Kharlamov 17th. This was the son of the great Kharlamov? And the man who spoke to Ovechkin at the end of the article was then the grandfather of the player the Caps drafted?

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