Caps on Comcast Next Week

Comcast will be giving the Caps some love next week when the network re-broadcasts five games from this past season as part of its “Capitals: Season to Remember” series. All five games will air at 7 p.m. Here’s the schedule:

Capitals: Season to Remember, June 9-13, 7 p.m.

Monday, June 9: November 23 at Philadelphia Flyers

Tuesday, June 10: March 21 at Atlanta Thrashers

Wednesday, June 11: April 5 vs. Florida Panthers

Thursday, June 12: April 11 vs. Philadelphia Flyers (Game 1)

Friday, June 13: April 22 vs. Philadelphia Flyers (Game 7)

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6 Comments on “Caps on Comcast Next Week”

  1. Stokley Rose Says:

    Can we expect the broadcasts to be in HD??

  2. Sombrero Guy Says:

    Wish they were also showing Ovechkin’s 5 point performance in the Montreal game

  3. gusty161 Says:

    Slow summer, huh? Is it September yet?

  4. Disgruntled Hockey Fan Says:

    I hope they will be showing them in HD. Also, I agree that they should be showing the Montreal game.

  5. painkiller72000 Says:

    Is it next season yet?

  6. Mike L Says:

    How come they’re not showing the March 12 game vs.Calgary. You have 2 Hart Trophy finalists going head-to-head (Ovie and Iginla) a Norris finalist (Phaneauff) and in the end, the game was Olie’s 300th career win. On top of that, *both* teams played really well.

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