Alzner Terms

As you no doubt know by now, and as I wrote about on, the Caps signed defenseman Karl Alzner to a three-year entry-level deal today. The base salary of the contract is $875,000, which is the league maximum for rookies in Alzner’s draft year. With incentives and bonuses, the most Alzner will count toward Washington’s salary cap total for each of the next three seasons is $1.675 million.

Under the terms of the CBA, teams have until June 1 to sign players who were drafted in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft. But because there is no agreement between the IIHF and the NHL for 2008-09, there is uncertainty as to whether the June 1 deadline applies for European players at the moment. 

This wrinkle most notably impacts Florida, which chose Czech winger Michael Frolik with the 10th overall pick in 2006, and Buffalo, which selected Swedish defenseman Dennis Persson with the 24th choice. The Caps are also impacted; they drafted Finnish winger Oskar Osala with their fourth-round pick (97th overall) in 2006. As it stands now, those teams will be able to negotiate beyond the June 1 date with those players. More on this issue as it becomes available.

Washington chose defenseman Keith Seabrook in the second round (52nd overall) of the 2006 draft. Seabrook played a season at the University of Denver before leaving school and opting to play for the WHL’s Calgary Hitmen in the WHL last season. As a result, Washington has until 2010 to sign Seabrook to an entry-level deal.

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4 Comments on “Alzner Terms”

  1. Todd Says:

    How is it that in the “official” release of this information from the Capitals, “in keeping with club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed”, however, if you wait a couple of hours, the terms of the deal are disclosed on other Capitals related web pages & blogs?

  2. Tom in FL Says:

    I have a question about eventual service time for Alzner. If he plays a full year at the NHL level next year, he would qualify as an UFA June 1, 2015 (having played seven years, 2008-2015). He turns 27 in the fall of 2015, so he would have earned his UFA one year earlier than if he had to qualify as 27 or older on July 1st of that year. So what if he splits time next year between Hershey and Washington, which apparently he can do – having played 4 years now at Junior? Is anything more than 9 games counted as a full season toward eventual free agency and also does anything more than 9 games consume a year of the three-year deal he signed? I know when guys in Junior sign a three-year deal, it doesn’t start until they start playing in the NHL. Alzner is different, though, since he will be Hershey or wash, so does the three years automatically become 2008-2011 or is it 2009-2012 if he plays the full year, next year, in Hershey?

    The decision to elevate players is always given to be “when they are ready to contribute,” but the salary cap, RFA status and eventual UFA status has to play a part as well. Alzner only counts against the cap next year for those games he’s on Washington’s NHL roster, I believe.

    Finally, I heard the cap was going up 6 mil next year, not the 3 mil we had originally heard. This makes it easier for the Caps since, with having to sign Green and pay some goalie 5-6 million, they will be pushed up to around $50M. I also recall a rule where players over 36 only count $1.5M max against the cap. Is that correct? So they could sign Federov for, say, $2.5M and it would only count $1.5M? That would help also.

    Tom in FL
    Finance professional and Caps fan extraordinaire

  3. Anthony Says:

    Personally this is one of those “duh” kinda things. Not that I don’t like knowing, but it doesn’t mean that he will be a bear or cap next year.

    I’m still just logging on a couple times a day, waiting for the “We signed Huet” post.

  4. Mike L Says:

    This is good news as it means that Alzner will be the latest in Calder Trophy candidates to come out of the Caps draft/system. It’s amazing, but the Caps now have 10 legitimate top 6 defensemen signed or as RFAs. I’m still seeing the pairings as Poti-Alzner; Green-Morrisonn; Schultz-Pothier (or Schultz-Erskine it Pothier can’t go. Any updates on Pothier, by the way?). Eminger might still be able to break the line-up, ditto for Lepisto. Add in Milan Jurcina (who I can’t see making this team next year) and you’ve got quite an assemblage of players.

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