Olie Outtakes

Here are a few more quotes from Caps goaltender Olie Kolzig from our lunch meeting on Friday.

I asked him whether he could feel himself slowing down as an NHL netminder:

“Not really. Earlier in the season there were points when I was a little tired. I changed things around right before we played in Toronto [on Jan. 23] for the rest of the year. From that point on, I felt great. And you know what? Sometimes it just takes a little something like that to realize that you’re not 28 anymore, you’re 38. The more rest, the better. You don’t need pregame skates. You know how to stop the puck.

“Bouds likes to say, ‘Get a sweat, get an appetite, eat and get to sleep.’ It’s great for the young guys; it’s fine. But I’ve come to finally realize that it’s not great for me. Conserving my energy like that, just doing some stuff in the mornings like riding the bike and taking the cold bath I really found that my energy level excelled.

“We had that conversation that historically my numbers got better after the all-star break. I really think this year it is because I made that adjustment, whereas in the past maybe I didn’t need to make that adjustment; for whatever reason it just took off. This year, I attribute my game preparation as the reason [for that improvement].”


Kolzig mentioned that he would be tweaking his off-season workout program, and I asked him to elaborate.

“For me, I’ve always been a big guy. I’ve always been anywhere from 223 to 227 depending on training camp and what I’ve done in the summer. My goal this summer is to get down to 220, get rid of a little bit of extra weight of possible. I try and try and try, whether it’s dieting or cardio or whatever, but I’m a big-boned guy and it’s tough to get rid of those two or three extra pounds. I am really going to make a conscious effort.

“I’m even changing my training a little bit where instead of just getting in there and doing squats and core, I’m doing more of a cardio-style workout where I’ll do some sort of weight exercise and then get on the treadmill for a minute and a half. Do a core exercise, and get on the treadmill for a minute and a half. So you’re always constantly keeping your heart rate above a certain point so that you burn more calories and subsequently you lose more weight. I started on Monday and we’ll see where it takes us.


“Every year you have to make adjustments, depending on how the season went, how your body feels and how old you’re getting. This year is no different. I said last year that it’s becoming a grind in the summer. You have to work out twice as hard now as you did when you were 28 to maintain the same level. I’ve got three kids now and I’ve got some business interests.

“I get back in the summer to Tri-Cities for two and a half months and you’re getting torn in all these different directions; I’ve got a couple three charity events that I do. And so that commitment to the gym and getting ready for the season becomes a bigger burden, but it’s something that I’m still willing to do in order to one day hopefully raise the Cup. I’m going to try this regimen here for the next month and see where it takes me, and adjust accordingly. I’m going to try to get on the ice again right at the beginning of June three times a week. We’ll see where it goes.”

Finally, here’s a little more from Kolzig from when I asked about what type of situation he is seeking for next season. He mentioned wanting to play for a winner, and also discussed his current mindset a bit: 

“Again, I don’t think there is a better situation than Washington. People probably don’t really understand what I’m going through. They’re looking at it like, ‘This guy has made money his whole career and now he’s pouting because they brought in another guy and now he’s leaving.’

“People really don’t understand. They don’t get it. This is the only place I’ve wanted to play. And now this might be the best team we’ve ever had in Washington in my 19 years. And for me all of a sudden to say I’m going somewhere else or I’m not coming back here and we’ll just see where the summer goes. People don’t understand how much that hurts. So for me it has to be a team that has a chance.”

You can read the entire piece in its entirety here.   




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10 Comments on “Olie Outtakes”

  1. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Both “Remarkable Run” and “Olie Outtakes” are incredibly well written. They covered a lot of interesting stuff. You asked some great questions, and Olie’s answers were enlightening. It all had an intimate feel to it, making the reader almost feel like they were there.

    Hopefully, the next time you see Kolzig, he will have found a situation that makes him and his family happy. That would in turn make his fans and friends happy. He deserves satisfaction, and I personally hope he gets it soon.

  2. Kristian Says:

    Olie deserves to play some more and I know there are teams out there that could use a solid goaltender and locker room leader like him for the next couple years. However, in the end, he should end up back in Washington in some capacity with the Caps front office. He’s too classy and important to that organization to not be involved.

    I understand his drive to play a couple more years and I wish him the best wherever he goes. However, Ted needs to call him back as soon as he’s fulfilled his desire to play.

  3. notfadeaway Says:

    ok I will refrain from cursing. Olie is still looking like a crybaby.. if he really likes where the Caps are right now, he will accept the backup role and stop claiming that he won’t perform as well.

    This season proved that he could no longer be a workhorse. His play did improve during the latter part of the season — when he was getting plenty of rest.

  4. notfadeaway Says:

    And all that being said, it is a little depressing to see the end of his reign as Mr. Capital.

  5. doug Says:

    Mke, as others have stated above, you have demonstrated some superb writing skill sets in both of your pieces. The bottom line for me is that this is such a super charged emotional event, it’s tough to sort the facts from emotion. I think if you do sit back and truly analyze, you have to come away with these facts:
    1. Every coach needs to go with the players which will give him the best opportunity to win, period.
    2. The NHL is a business. Sometimes the reality of that hurts players. AND fans.
    3. Winning games and not pleasing players is always the bottom line.

  6. Jason Says:


    Olie: I’m too old for the regular routine, and to keep up and an inconsistent level…i mean come on people he was not good enough to take us to the playoffs last year, we would have been the 12th place team most likely

    Olie: They brought in someone better and now i want to leave to be a starter for a playoff team…good luck with that, maybe he can go to ottawa

    fact is the man has been past his prime and should realize that and retire with class, not remove his nameplate, skip the meetings, then finally announce that he is not even considering coming back. he could back up huet, he doesnt need the money of a starter, and he could play 40 or so games. his best situation was here, and he wont play again for a contender. sorry olie

    that being said i worshiped my whole life, and wish him the best

  7. K Says:

    I really love Olie but I think he jumped the gun a bit here. Huet is a great player but has had a history of injuries etc. so I think it would have been very viable that the Caps (McPhee) would have done something else with Johnson and kept Huet and Kolzig and I think that they would have shared goaltending duties. He should have at least talked to management. He’s not a young stud anymore and doesn’t need to be. He could have stayed here and retired as a Cap but he’s letting his ego get in the way. I don’t think he’s going to find what he’s looking for in another team b/c his numbers weren’t good at all. I just wish that he would have waited to talk to McPhee before doing this. I’m going to miss him. I mean I know how hard it was for him to sit back and watch the run we had at the end but we HAD to win those games and he was inconsistent…it wasn’t personal…but we all know that we are going to be contenders for the Cup here for awhile and he may be missing out on his chance by being stubborn and prideful….gosh I could just shake him!!!!

  8. Turk in Alaska Says:

    What can I say that Vog’s hasn’t already?

    Good luck Godzilla,

  9. usiel Says:

    Thx vogs for posting the outtakes. IMO Kolzig is getting some flak for not going gracefully into the night, so to speak, but it speaks a lot for his competitive nature. I’d love to see him get involved in the coach/gm side of the game after his playing days are over. I know he isn’t thinking about but I can see him ending up there.

  10. Rubberflowers Says:

    its a shame to see olie go!

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