Rooting Against the Flyers and Sharks

There are plenty of folks out there who don’t need any additional reasons to root against the Philadelphia Flyers in their Eastern Conference semifinal series against Montreal. Here’s another one anyway.

Washington owns Philadelphia’s second round choice in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. The sooner the Flyers are out, the higher that pick will be. The Capitals also own San Jose’s second-rounder in this year’s draft.

The four teams that wind up as conference finalists in the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs will draft 27-28-29-30 regardless of their regular season point totals, so it’s better for the Caps if the Flyers and Sharks exit before then.

Just sayin.

The Flyers are down 1-0 in the series after last night’s Game 1. Montreal got a goal that shouldn’t have counted and then benefited from a questionable late penalty on Philly center Mike Richards, taking a 3-2 overtime decision from the Flyers.

Cue John Lennon’s “Instant Karma.”

The Sharks and Stars hook up in Game 1 of their series tonight.

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75 Comments on “Rooting Against the Flyers and Sharks”

  1. fauxrumors Says:

    1) ‘Instant Karma’, ‘What comes around goes around’, ‘The worm has turned’, etc. What a shame for Philly. LOL

  2. acap1066 Says:

    Good to see the proverbial puck bounce the other way to the other red, white and blue team instead of the Flyers. It would be nice for the Flyers to help continue the improvement of the Caps by loosing in this round in order to get a better draft pick.

  3. Jason Says:

    vogs, maybe you should stop mentioning phily so that the voice of reason does not come back

  4. Jason Says:

    i need definite word on kolzig’s future or im going to freak

  5. Ben Says:

    Is it wrong that the way game 1 ended makes me feel so good?

  6. Tom in FL Says:

    Ben: I felt so good at the end of last night’s game that I typed a post in pigeon French, which quite obviously I don’t speak, read or write. Viva le bleu, blanc et rouge!

    I don’t speak Spanish either which is why they look at me like I’m an idiot when they ask if I’m enjoying my lunch and I say, “buenos nachos!”

  7. Turk in Alaska Says:

    Tom, since this is a post about the Flyers you’re cleared hot on Philly voice of Cheese Steak when he shows up… 😉


  8. Bucky Katt Says:


    Shouldn’t that be 4-3 vice 3-2? 🙂

    And as Soulie pointed out to the Flyer lovers over at Jaspers site:
    “You got thrown a bone in Game 7, and last night you got boned. Sweet.”

  9. Tom in FL Says:

    Turk: Oh no, not me. I have sworn that off. I must learn to be a better person or else my list of charges when St. Peter interviews me will be even longer. I might make fun in general of the team’s troubles, but that’s it. By the way I din’t know that about what Mike said about the four conference finalists. I thought it was just the two finalists like in the NFL that draft last. I did know that all the playoff teams draft after all the non-playoff teams, regardless of final points. Actually my picks based on sentiment are Sharks (Ron Wilson), Red Wings (lived there) and Montreal in the East (wish Pitt and NYR could somehow both lose). I still might want the Sharks due also to Joe Thornton being a fine player. The pick we gave up in 2009 will be a great trade if Huet re-signs.

  10. Jason Says:

    i say nobody acknowledge his presence…seriously he ruins this blog and if we ignore he will get bored

  11. Mike L Says:

    I can easily root against Philly, although I don’t particularly like Montreal, the Rangers, or Pittsburgh either. There is a bit of karma here in that the Canadiens have won a Stanley Cup in every decade the NHL has been in business, but their last as 1993, so if they’re going to win in the 200*’s better they win now when the Caps are out (and then next year the Caps can dethrone them… ah, wishful thinking…)

    As for the west, my wife is a Sharks fan (her first NHL game was Caps/Sharks in 2001 and she fell in love with the teal uniforms and with Evgeny Nabokov) so I sort of am rooting for them. It doesn’t hurt that two of my favorire former Caps are there (Mike Grier playing and Rob Zettler is one of Wils’ assistants).

    It would also be good karma for the world if Mike Grier would get his name on the Stanley Cup. He busts ass every night and leaves everything he has on the ice. A friend of mine, who is a Sabres fan, was groaning at me when the Caps sent Grier to Buffalo for Klepis and a draft pick. He complained about Grier’s numbers and such, and I told him to get Center Ice and watch the Sabres every night. He became a Grier fan almost immediately. He puts out his effort no matter the situation. Of all the players who left in the fire sale, there were only two I was sad about losing. One was Nylander, who is back, and Grier was the other.

    So yeah, it’d be best for the Caps if the Sharks lost, but this is a deep draft, so I’m ok with it if it means seeing Mike Grier lift the Cup over his head.

  12. txcapsfan Says:

    Wait….. what? the Flyers Lost?

    HMmm for as much bashing as they did of us and our stance on the games feel free to peruse their message boards (still putting the caps fans down because they got “lucky” gifted Round 1). I would venture to say that they feel probably the way we did watching the 7 games in round one.

    Enjoy its a good read…

  13. LolCaps Says:

    You guys still thinking about us? How do we taste in your mouth?

    It was Game 1. We still have at least 3 games to play, how many do you have?

  14. acap1066 Says:

    To the Caps fans only…..There is a word that comes to mind concerning the Flyers Blog…… hypocrites. Some Flyers fans come onto a Caps fans site/blog and insult us and then cry about the same thing that we were discussing, the term hypocrites applies nicely.

    Apparently, some of the other teams’ fans still have nothing better to say. BTW, the Flyers only finished 1 point ahead of the Caps in the regular season and 1 point better in Game 7. Flyers only had a total of 3 more goals over the seven game series. Stats were essentially identical. I find it amusing that some Flyers fans can’t concentrate on their current series but insist on coming onto this board to post moot points. Congratulations on winning the first series when you were the benefactors of the same type of circumstances that made you loose Game 1 of the second round.

    I rooting for the other red, white and blue team from up north. Looking foreward to a little better draft pick in the process as well. And a Thank you ahead of time, to the Flyers, for the better draft pick.

    I got a big laugh reading the complaining on the Flyer forum. I’ll show more class and not crash their boards and start throwing insults that happend during the first round. Good Luck Flyers, you’re going to need it in this round again.

  15. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    Checking in while watching the Rangers/Pens. Rangers just scored. 1-0 Rangers! I want the Rangers in round 3 so I can go to a game at the WAC, jump out on the ice and bitch-slap Shawn Avery.

    Ok, now that I got that off my chest…

    Reading these posts, I seriously don’t get you guys. I try to post objective, poignant messages to the best of my ability. Sure I don’t have the NHL history knowledge of Tom and I’m not a big stats guy, but I do my best and I try to stick to the topic. After all, I thought that was how a blog worked. I read a lot of messages that I don’t agree with, but you don’t hear me tearing in to them.

    But then someone feels the need to antagonize me about something I wrote simply becuase I am coming from the other side. That is when I tend to stray off point and get into pissing mathches with certain individuals. That’s not going to happen anymore.

    Looking back, I appreciate the fact that Vogs has tolerated me even though he has every right to kick me off of HIS blog for some of the things I’ve said. But he hasn’t and I appreciate that and in return, I will not lose it again here on this blog.

    Regarding the “bad calls” in last nights game, in my post-game post, I never said it was a bad call. Wathing it on TV at regular speed, it clearly looked like a knee or leg trip. I certainly see why a ref would have to call it as they are dangerous penalties that can injure. It was only after seeing the slow mo replay that I saw it was the WRONG call. But hey, that’s hockey, no instant replay review. I’m ok with that. Those things tend to even out over the course of a series. As far as the stick above the net call, the puck would have gone in anyway, which is why I didn’t even mention it.

    Jeff Carter played a horrible game with 2 mistakes that lead to goals 1 and 2 for the Habs. That is why I’m confident about the rest of this series. I don’t see that happening again.

  16. Tom in FL Says:

    Mike L: The one guy I hated losing during the “great purge” was Grier. I was hoping he’d stay and become captain. He was great short-handed and would always get the puck and take it down for scoring chances. Then he became a free agent after some time in Buffalo and I was hoping they’d pick him back up. He was a very solid if not spectacular player, but just the kind every team must have to hoist the Cup. Do we have a Mike Grier on today’s Caps? The best example is probably Clarkie. I remember after he got hurt they were blaming the bad ice so I certainly hope that gets fixed. I don’t think anyone can doubt that had Clark not been hurt, we’d’ve been a point or two better in the standings and maybe still playing. It’s not spilled milk, it’s just pointing out that he’s a difference maker.

  17. Jason Says:

    dude, nothing personal, were really more concerned with our off-season moves than your series right now. sure we are watching, and rooting against phily, but you dont need to be hare defending them.

    and after that game you should see where we come from especially the more bitter ones. the phily wash series was so close that 2 or 3 calls or bounces (more the bounces) the other way and we are playing pit now. thems the breaks, and im not complaining, but there is no denying that it was that good of a series.

    and now you see it from our view.

    i broke my rule of ignoring you. it wont happen again.

  18. Jason Says:

    i think the dumbest move of the purge was dumping gonchar. he is still an elite d-man and it wasnt until this year with greenie that we had that scoring presence on the blueline. grier was a tough loss too

  19. Jason Says:


    mo is a warrior so ultimately i am happy retrospectively but when he left i was pissed

  20. acap1066 Says:

    PVOR, we have had our barbs back and forth, particularly in the early posts. As I had stated in one of the earlier posts and are sticking to more relevant and factual posts. I look foreword to debating you on these points as this is the reason these posts exists. Blogs/boards are great places to debate these facts. As I have also said in another posts, one’s opinion looses validity by insults, particularly when the insults come from another team’s fan. Look at it this way. When someone just starts becoming friends and is invited for dinner or to watch a hockey game, it is improper and very rude to insult the friend/home owner the first time that one is over. This changes over time once people get to know each other and then can start throwing insults/barbs in that fashion with both knowing what angle that they come from. Blogs/boards, I see in the same light. It is okay for fellow fans of the same team to bitterly disagree but any visitor has to earn the right to do so.

    Some other Caps fans may not agree with my assessment, but you have been posting valid arguments/points lately and add to the dabate. However, LoLCaps has not done so and proved this point in his first and last post today. We don’t have to like the Flyers since they beat us in a hotly contested first round series.

    I see your series with Montreal being similar to the Caps. Montreal, if my memory serves me correctly, is a younger team than the Caps. However, they are fast and seam to score alot of goals. This is also think if Knuble is still out, where the Flyers will have some issues on the power play. Knuble did a great job getting in front of Huet during the first series and was a pain to deal with. However, Montreal has Price, who is a young goaltender. The Flyers will have to score early like they did in the first game but stay on top of him and don’t let up. Don’t want to give Montreal a chance to build confidence particularly when they went 7 games with Boston.

    Now with the rational side of me know gone, I still must root for the red, white, and blue from up north.

  21. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    But Jason, this is an open hockey blog. How do you know that no one else cares what I have to say? Isn’t that being a bit factitous and therefore factious? Do you assume that everyone on here or that may drop in cares about everything you wan to talk about only?

  22. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    Well put acap. I get that.

    From what I saw last night, Price is no Huet. To me he looked shakey where Huet played outstanding in the 7 games against the Flyers. I thought I heard somewhere that the caps got Huet from Montreal during this past season? If so, that was a mistake by the Canadians.

  23. Dick Says:


    Your next objective, poignant message, here or otherwise, will be your first.

  24. Jason Says:


    the notion you think i want everyone to talk about what i want is just wrong. i simply meant that the majority of the discussion on here is not regarding habs/flyers, and the discussion that is here for the most part is very anti flyer. all i said is that you dont need to be here defending them. you certainly welcome to, but do you need to? no.

  25. Jason Says:

    it really looks like the rangers are home tonight with the white out. hate saying but go rangers. ok im out so pvor dont respond to my last post with a monologue i wont see it

  26. Jason Says:

    damn i just jinxed the rangers and who worse to score but crosby…

  27. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    I am not defending the Flyers. I am simply posting my thoughts and feelings about my team and the games they play. I think you are confusing my posts with my defensive rants and attacks on those who attacked me. I already said I was wrong for that and it won’t happen again, I apologize to you and anyone else here I’ve offended in any way.

    I guess the real question is if only caps fans should be on this blog.

  28. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    I worked out the numbers so everyone knows where we The Flyers are in terms of cap space for next season. The projected cap for next season is only an estimate. The Toronto Star says it will go up by $3 million at least so I am using that number.

    Daniel Briere: 6,500,000
    Kimmo Timonen: 6,333,333
    Mike Richards: 5,750,000
    Simon Gagne: 5,250,000
    Scott Hartnell: 4,200,000
    Martin Biron: 3,500,000
    Derian Hatcher: 3,500,000
    Mike Knuble: 2,800,000
    Joffrey Lupul: 2,311,667
    Braydon Coburn: 1,300,000
    Sami Kapanen: 1,250,000
    Antero Niittymaki: 1,225,000
    Scottie Upshall: 1,225,000
    Lasse Kukkonen: 875,000
    Ryan Parent: 855,000
    Steve Downie: 821,667
    Total Committed: $47,696,667

    Current Cap: $50,300,000
    08-09 Projected Cap: $53,300,000
    Amount to spend: $5,603,333

    Jason Smith
    Vaclav Prospal
    Jaroslav Modry
    Riley Cote
    Jim Dowd
    Jesse Boulerice

    Jeff Carter
    RJ Umberger
    Randy Jones
    Patrick Thoresen


  29. painkiller72000 Says:


    File under: unwarranted self importance.

  30. Jason Says:

    yeah i agree

    has nothing to do with
    -the capitals
    -the playoffs
    -our offseason

    that discussion, and how it makes you feel, are better suited for

  31. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    Ok, I post there too. I just thought that since the Flyers will be the team to beat in the Eastern Conference for the foreseeable future, you might be interested in where they stand against the salary cap, especially with their UFA’s and RFA’s. They knocked your team out ot the playoffs this year, so if they get better, they’ll probabaly knock you out next year too. If they get worse, maybe you win. Maybe you can take your blinders off to see what the lead dog is doing so you can debat what adjustments your team should make?

    That’s why I keep an eye on the Pens, to see who they are in risk of losing because as of today at least, they are “better” than my team.

  32. Turk in Alaska Says:


    It seems as if you’re looking for discussion… I think a more suitable place for you to post, if you indeed want to discuss your team with Caps fans, would be in the Capitals forum. There’s far more traffic there then on this blog. I’d bet that you’d find that most, if not all, the people that you’ve enjoyed chatting with here post over there as well.


  33. Anthony Says:

    Clearly it would be better, this isn’t a discussion forum, its only meant to comment on Vogels blog. Vogels blog is about the Washington Capitals, basically.

    He is still trolling, just because its more coherent, doesn’t change the fact that it is still a troll.

  34. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    Simple solution for those who don’t want me here is to ignore my posts and act like I’m not here. Just skip the comments from Philly Voice of Reason. Very simple. By the way, I can tell that many of the caps “fans” have left this blog anyway and moved on with their life, so I’m sure Vogs appreciates the traffic.

    Hey, 2nd intermission, 3-1 Fly Guys. Looking good eh? Gotta love it. Like I said, Price… shakey.

    Well time to settle in for the third. Then it’s back to the jungle for 3 and 4.


  35. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    Re: Rooting Against the Flyers and Sharks

    Game 2 Over. 4-2 Flyers. Home ice advantage?

    Sound familiar?

    Update on Monday.

  36. Tom in FL Says:

    Jason: I’m not missing Gonchar since they traded him for Morrisonn and I think the draft choice for Green. Schultz (27th pick) and Green (29 th pick) came from the draft choices obtained from Detroit (Robt Lang) and Boston in ’04, I just don’t know which was which. Gonchar played like the last month for Boston and then lost the final year of his contract due to the missed season. He was a free agent prior to 2005 and signed for roughly $5M a year with Pitt. Caps could’ve re-signed him then, but I doubt they competed.

    I like the trades the Caps made this year because the future wasn’t mortgaged. On the other hand, look what Boston gave up in this example and look how Nashville helped rebuild the Flyers by renting Forsberg last spring.

    What a first round for the Caps in 2004: Ovechkin, Schultz, Green. And how ’bout 2002? Semin, Eminger, Gordon and Morrisonn thru trade. Steckel was also someone’s first rounder – LA I think from Anson Carter – but don’t know what year. 2006 gave us Backstrom and Varlamov from the Brendan Witt deal. 2003 maybe only Eric Fehr and 2005 was two guys who are beneath the radar – Sasha Pokulok and Joe Finley, a defenseman who just finished college eligibility I think at U of North Dakota. There was a nice write-up on him on the hockey prospects watch, and maybe next year he goes to Hershey. Caps are like the model for rebuilding. It could not have been done hardly any better.

  37. Jason Says:

    yea i dont miss gonch…i just did when he was shipped off.

    phily, most of you flyers fans have left too. and as far as the flyers being the team to beat in the future and them being bettert than the caps lets get one thing straight…

    if anyone is the team to beat in the east its the pens. but phily is not superior to wash, and this is not thru my red glasses. the flyers went up 3-1, barely…could have been 2-2. then they cant close out the series until overtime, with a questionable goal putting us there, of game 7 on the power play. hardly the lead dog. they won and congrats, but they didnt beat us in any fashion that warrants being called the lead dog.

    i have not been complaining the whole time and you should know this if you have read my posts. the only point i am trying to make is that the flyers barely beast us after going up 3-1

  38. notfadeaway Says:

    Gonchar’s defensive blunders costed us two series… he was probably the ONLY player I was happy to see go (at the time).

  39. Anthony Says:

    Last years Stanley cup champions got out in the first round, and that has happened I think they said the last couple years. Hell, look at Carolina. Won the Stanley cup and haven’t made the playoffs the next two years. With the salary cap, everyone keeps saying your going to see more and more parity in the NHL.

    The caps are lucky enough to be a very young team. Out future is only looking up, once they sign Huet.

  40. Jason Says:

    i have heard the rumor that the huet’s are house shopping

  41. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    I will say that the caps and their fans have way more class than Montreal. Fans threw beer on Richards for a penalty that turned out not to be a penalty in game one… Kostopolis trying to start a fight after losing game 2…

    They can’t believe their not dominating the Flyers and their starting to get frustrated. Flyers have reversed a lot of regular season trends in the playoffs so far and the next to fall is the Habs road record. Hopefully will get up enogh to where we can play Cote to beat Kostopolis’ ass.

  42. Anthony Says:

    From what I saw on the videoclips they posted after the last game, it seemed that way, both said those non useful things that to me indicated they want to be here. I’d guess thats assuming that the deal can be worked out.

    Getting Huet signed soon will to me really help season ticket sales, although I’ve heard they are already doing well. I can see people though being hesitant to get them without huet being signed. Not that I want Olie to go, but it seems to be inevitable. I’m curious to see how Huet does with the starting job for a whole season here, he could really do well.

  43. notfadeaway Says:

    Philly Voice .. you know that your team was lucky to escape the first round domination of the Capitals, right?

  44. notfadeaway Says:

    *domination BY the Capitals, rather.

  45. Jason Says:

    why would you even stir that up?

    we outplayed them games 4-7, we didnt dominate or we would have won. they were lucky to survive and could barely seal the deal…but they still won

  46. Tom in FL Says:

    This is what I took out of the Flyers numbers:

    Amount to spend: $5,603,333

    Jason Smith
    Vaclav Prospal
    Jaroslav Modry
    Riley Cote
    Jim Dowd
    Jesse Boulerice

    Jeff Carter
    RJ Umberger
    Randy Jones
    Patrick Thoresen

    Carter will get a big chunk of that $5.6M. Umberger will get a fair piece. That’s it. There’s nothing left. I can’t believe they have $3.5M committed to a skating stiff like Hatcher. This is major salary cap trouble.

    Caps have committed:
    Nylander 4.875; Ovechkin 9.5; Kozlov 2.5; Backstrom 2.0 (I’m guessing w/bonus); Semin 4.6; Brash 1.2; Clark 2.65; Steckel .5; Flash .725; Poti 3.5; Pothier 2.5; Jurcina .9; Schultz .65; Ersk .55; Clymer 1.0; Johnny .81. That’s $39M. That leaves $14.3M…………..Holy Moly….let’s say Huet gets $5M??? and Green gets $4.5M….now we’re up to $48.5M…there’s only then $4.8M left. Morrisonn will take at least $1.5M as a RFA and Laich has to get that much, too. Now give Eric Fehr the $800K and Gordon $800K too he gets now and you are left with TWO HUNDRED MEASLEY THOUSAND DOLLARS! Can it be, the Caps will be maxxed out too?

    You can’t keep Federov, you can’t keep Cooke and you can’t have Olie there instead of Johnny at like $2M for Olie (if he’d do that). Now put Alzner at $900K and you are over but subtract since you’d trade Jurcina to move room. I didn’t even include Eminger but the cap only charges who is on the active roster (plus guys like Clymer with NHL deals in the minors), so if Emmy is up then maybe Schultz isn’t. You also might subtract Pothier if he retires and they get a medical exemption.

    If the Caps want to keep Federov, they might have to trade Nylander???

    And anyone wants to check my math, please do. Maybe one of these days the blogmeister can research this and tell us where the team truly stands. And even if you don’t keep Huet, you will need SOME starting goalie and if you want to win the Cup – $5M+ is the going rate.

  47. Jason Says:

    cap trouble like this is what comes from a quick fix like phily did last offseason

  48. Jason Says:

    pothier wont count against cap if injured
    and we are probably gonna get rid of some others in order to keep feds and cooke both of which are vital cogs in our caps machine

  49. Anthony Says:

    Why would you consider a player that close to retirement a “vital” cog? GMGM seems to think that younger players have a brighter future than players that close to retirement.

    Sure, he was nice to have around, and sure, if we can sign him go ahead, but the position Fedorov had belongs to Nylander.


    Cristobal Huet
    Brent Johnson

    Mike Green_Shoane Morrisson
    Tom Poti_Jeff Schultz
    Karl Alzner_?

    Steve Eminger
    John Erskine

    Oveckin _Backstrom_Kozlov

    Extra Forward:

    That would be my team for next year, assuming I can count.

  50. Tom in FL Says:

    Anthony: You can count. Here’s cap value with my guesses on salary. I put a ? after those players not signed byt with my guess:

    Huet $5M?; Johnson $825K; Green $4.5M?; Morrisonn $1.5M?; Poti $3.5M; Schultz $650K; Ersk $550K; Alzner $900K?; Eminger $700K?; Ovechkin $9.5M; Backstrom $2M*; Kozzie $2.5M; Semin $4.6M; Nylander $4.875M; Laich $2M?; Clark $2.65M; Steckel $.5M; Cooke $1.25M?; Bradley $1.25M?; Gordon $800K?; Fehr $800K?; Brash $1.2M; Flash $725K.

    I’m assuming Huet gets five mil and Cooke and Bradley $1.25M on the open market. The other ? players are RFAs and they either agree or could have offer sheets from other teams. Backstrom has an asterick because he has a bonus based on this year’s perf and I don’t know what the bonus will be. I’m guessing he gets most of it.

    I have this at very close to the $53M supposed cap. I didn’t realize until doing all this that McPhee would be so constrained for next year. The good news is that assuming he gets Huet, Green and Laich signed for three years each then the cap will work for all those years, Backstrom making more in the third year but some others coming off.

    Anyone (like me) who wants the Caps to sign that big, bruising blueliner – someone would need to come off. This is why I’ve advocated trading Semin for that d-man at times. Semin makes a ton. If he quits the stick fouls and giveaways, he’s worth the money. If not, he’s a liability (see Gilbert Arenas below).

    Anyway, McPhee’s job is child’s play compared to Ernie Grunfeld’s. What in the world do you do with the Wizards? Jamison and Arenas are FAs, assuming Arenas opts out. Then you have a ton of cap space taken up by people like Etan Thomas and Songaila.

  51. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    I agree Tom. Carter Umberger must dos’s and I think they should keep Thoresen too. This should eat up space under cap for Flyers. Rest can go. Hatch isn’t playing horribly, just horribly slow since coming off a broken leg and bad knee that hasn’t had time to heal. If they don’t package trade him, hopefully he’ll get some speed back when he is 100% healthy. His experience in the locker room and presence on the ice when teams get chippy is inmeasurable.

  52. Turk in Alaska Says:

    Cooke, while fun to watch the last few months, was a rental to fill Clark’s roll. Had the Caps had a healthy captain going into the Playoffs that deal doesn’t get done. If it does, it would have been to move Petty for a draft pick or help for Hershey.

    As least that’s what I think.

  53. Anthony Says:

    I think that if we can keep Semin from the playoffs, we are all set, if not, then I have agreed with you at times. My like of Semin is usually minute by minute during a game.

    I agree Turk, but if you take cooke off, who do you want as that forward? Fedorov? I’m not anti-fedorov, I just don’t think he would be happy down there. Maybe Lang? I just see them sticking with cooke since he is younger.

    I really don’t see the caps making that make UFA signings, if any. I dont’ see GMGM signing a stay at home D , due to Alzner. I bet in his mind, he has that D, we just need to wait for him to be ready, which I think will be next year.

    Flash is i think likely to be up for trade bait at the deadline next year, unless he has a green like year next year. I see him going away if he doesn’t come back a different capital next year.

  54. Anthony Says:

    I just realized I forgot Jurcina, up there. That wasn’t intentional.

  55. Turk in Alaska Says:

    Feds is a center… Cooke’s spot belongs to Clark, Bradley, and Flash/Fehr. I think…:) Add Bourque to the mix and there’s just not room. Bradley’s as well and Cooke’s contracts are up this year so that makes then even more comparable. Everyone seems to think Brads will be cheaper…

    We’ve seen that GMGM is loyal almost to a fault. I mean look how long he hung on to Hanlon. I think Brads comes back, and he’s shown us in the Playoffs that he can play the same game as Cooke. I also seem to remember hearing Bradley is one hell of a locker room guy. That’s an invaluable asset. When things start getting tough it’s these type of people that teammates gravitate towards. At least that’s been my experience in the military in a “high speed, low drag” unit. I’d imagine professional hockey closely resembles that atmosphere.


  56. Anthony Says:

    I know Feds is a center, thats what I’m saying, I just don’t see room. If you didn’t sign cooke, it would open a little more space for guys from hershey to get playing time, and would ease up the books a little bit.

    #1 is Huet.

    I’d rather have huet and no cooke, than the other way around. Or virtually any way at all, we need Huet.

  57. Anthony Says:

    Also of note is that in my original chart up there I forgot Jurcina, so you’d have to have Alzner in Hershey for the year, or have another D and one less forward, which you could do and keep all of those D. If Eminger stays in town, which I’m a fan of, but I can obviously understand why he may want to leave. To be honest, if we could keep Eminger and get rid of Erskine, I’d rather do that.

  58. Tom in FL Says:

    Anthony: The good thing about Erskine is his cap value. He gives you the same game as Jurcina for $350K less. Maybe leaving out Jurcina was a Freudian slip. We’ve also left out Pothier so if he comes back ($2.5M) that tangles things a bit.

    I am thinking it really might come down to Bradley or Cooke, one or the other. Cooke doesn’t offer the same offensive skill as Clark. You also need to get Fehr in the mix as a regular player. He, Clark and Laich are the net crashers on the team. You see the way Philly beat us and you see when we crashed the net a bit we were better. That’s why I put Laich at $2M because he rreally turned it up a notch over the last month. Kozzie is not a long-term answer so Laich could end up battling with Fehr in 2009 for 1st line RW.

    The average cap salary ($53.3M divided by 18 skaters, two goalies and two scratches) is $2.42M per player. Ovechkin gets $9.5M so as a for instance 4 other guys need to total $2.6M to make those five hit the average. This says you can’t compete and win with too many 4th line guys at $1M. Erskine, Steckel, Gordon and Fehr must make the team at their salaries and must be integral parts or you can’t win, because Ovechkin’s salary must be averaged out. Just like Green, Morrisonn and Eminger together will average out. Kozzie and Pothier at $2.5M each start to look overpaid as they are above the average. Are they better than average?

    It’s almost like you need to rate each player relative to the average salary and then tell yourself as a GM that you can’t overpay. And for every dollar of value you get from a guy like Steckel you’ve got a few chips saved up for an injury or a trade deadline acquisition.

  59. Tom in FL Says:

    This is also why you see guys like Lepisto up and down and up and down. They only hit the cap when they’re on the roster, so you can’t afford to waste cap dollars throughout the year by having guys in the pressbox. This is yet another reason why having two-way contracts on the roster helps because you can send them down for a few days when there aren’t any injuries.

  60. Jason Says:

    forgeting jurcina should have been intention he cost us games in the playoffs.

  61. Disgruntled Hockey Fan Says:

    Jurcina next year might be playing the same role Emminger did this year……healthy scratch

  62. MD Says:

    Based on our play (or lack thereof) during the PK in the playoffs, I can’t help but wonder how things might have went if we’d had Laing in there for a few of those PKs. Regarding the discussion of Semin, I agree that it’s often a love/hate thing with him, but I did notice that once Fedorov arrived, Semin’s play seemed to improve and his sloppiness declined a bit; I think Fedorov (if we keep him) would lead to an overall greatly improved Semin. Jurcina should go, and maybe Schultz too. And I would prefer Eminger over Erskine as well.

  63. Mike L Says:

    The Caps had a boatload of cap room (about $8M) going into 2007-08. There will likely be a $3M bump in the cap, and they are going to have a couple players free up Cap room (definitely Olie Kolzig, who will be making less whether he stays in DC or retires.. I don’t see him signing anywhere else). If it turns out that Pothier can’t play again, then his salary will be released from the Cap (he’ll get his money from his long-term disability insurance that all the players have).

    1) Huet – Should resign
    2) Johnson – Signed for one more year

    1) Poti (signed for 3 more years)/Alzner (gets std. rookie deal for 3 years)
    2) Green(should be signed before July 1)/Morrisonn (will be resigned for 2-3 years)
    3) Schultz/Eminger

    Extras: Erskine

    1) Ovechkin/Fedorov (I figure he’ll play in DC or retire)/Kozlov
    2) Laich (due for a big raise)/Backstrom/Semin
    3) Clark/Nylander/Fleischmann
    4) Brashear/Gordon/Steckel

    Extras: Bradley (I think he can be got for a “hometown discount”), Laing

    I have a feeling that we’ve seen the last of Jurcina, Cooke and Olie in Caps uniforms, and that Pothier is going to have to retire, or take even more time off. I hope that Pothier can return, but the longer he is unable to play, the less likely he will be able to. Sami Lepisto would be playing in the NHL in most organizations as well, but there are only so-many spots for players…

    At least, for a change, the Caps are in a position of strength in that they have a lot of talent in a lot of places. It’s much better than in the fall of 2005 when they were scrambling to find players to fill out the line up (Ben Clymer, Andrew Cassels, Matthew Biron, etc.)

  64. Jason Says:

    i would like to see flash out and cooke in. also shultz needs to toughen up or leave. he is huge but never throws his body around. he could easily be that big bruising blueliner.

  65. Tom in FL Says:

    Some might have re-signed. I like Brad Stuart, defenseman, age 27, Detroit.

    Centers – Potential 2008 NHL Unrestricted Free Agents
    Player Age Team 07-08 Salary Contract Notes
    Joe Sakic 37 COL $6,750,000
    Sergei Fedorov 37 CLB $6,080,000
    Mats Sundin 36 TOR $5,500,000
    Bobby Holik 36 ATL $4,250,000
    Alexei Zhamnov 36 BOS $4,100,000
    Doug Weight 36 STL $3,500,000
    Martin Straka 34 NYR $3,300,000
    Brendan Morrison 31 VAN $3,200,000
    Craig Conroy 35 CGY $2,850,000
    Daymond Langkow 30 CGY $2,442,000
    Steve Rucchin 35 ATL $2,400,000
    Bryan Smolinski 35 MTL $2,000,000
    Sean Avery 27 NYR $1,900,000
    Vaclav Prospal 32 PHI $1,900,000
    Jason Williams 26 CHI $1,600,000
    Yanic Perreault 36 CHI $1,500,000
    Chris Gratton 31 TBL $1,500,000
    Mike Peca 33 CLB $1,300,000
    Chris Kelly 26 OTT $1,262,000
    Stephane Yelle 33 CGY $1,250,000
    Mike York 29 PHX $1,000,000
    Marty Reasoner 30 EDM $950,000
    Stu Barnes 36 DAL $900,000
    Niko Kapanen 29 PHX $900,000
    Ryan Johnson 31 STL $800,000
    Josef Vasicek 26 NYI $750,000
    Dominic Moore 26 TOR $700,000
    Curtis Brown 31 SJS $700,000
    Byron Ritchie 30 VAN $675,000
    Kevyn Adams 32 CHI $650,000
    Randy Robitaille 31 OTT $625,000
    Jaroslav Hlinka 30 COL $600,000
    Trevor Linden 37 VAN $600,000
    Patrick Rissmiller 28 SJS $595,000
    Kris Beech 26 PIT $585,000
    Mark Hartigan 29 DET $550,000
    Jason Krog 31 ATL $500,000
    Glen Metropolit 33 BOS $500,000
    Zenon Konopka 26 CLB $500,000
    Wyatt Smith 30 COL $500,000
    Jim Dowd 38 PHI $500,000
    Jeremy Roenick 37 SJS $500,000
    Andreas Karlsson 31 TBL $500,000
    Craig MacDonald 30 TBL $500,000
    Tim Taylor 38 TBL $500,000 Retiring
    Mike Glumac 27 STL $495,000
    Mark Smith 29 CGY $488,000
    Michael Ryan 27 BUF $475,000
    Krys Barch 27 DAL $475,000
    Brad Winchester 26 DAL $475,000
    John Pohl 28 TOR $475,000

    Defenseman – Potential 2008 NHL Unrestricted Free Agents
    Player Age Team 07-08 Salary Contract Notes
    Wade Redden 30 OTT $6,500,000
    Rob Blake 37 LAK $6,000,000
    Adam Foote 35 COL $4,600,000
    Mattias Norstrom 35 DAL $4,250,000
    Brad Stuart 27 DET $3,500,000
    Darius Kasparaitis 34 NYR $3,116,000
    Paul Mara 27 NYR $3,000,000
    Aaron Ward 34 BOS $2,750,000
    Teppo Numminen 38 BUF $2,600,000
    Oleg Tverdovsky 31 LAK $2,500,000
    Marek Malik 32 NYR $2,500,000
    Bret Hedican 36 CAR $2,432,000
    Michal Rozsival 28 NYR $2,300,000
    Dmitri Kalinin 26 BUF $2,250,000
    Keith Carney 37 MIN $2,100,000
    Dick Tarnstrom 32 CLB $2,000,000
    Jason Smith 33 PHI $1,976,000
    Brian Campbell 28 SJS $1,750,000
    Mark Eaton 30 PIT $1,600,000
    Bryce Salvador 31 NJD $1,500,000
    Aaron Miller 35 VAN $1,500,000
    Andrei Zyuzin 29 CHI $1,475,000
    Glen Wesley 38 CAR $1,400,000
    John-Michael Liles 26 COL $1,400,000
    Karel Rachunek 27 NJD $1,400,000
    Richard Matvichuk 34 NJD $1,368,000
    Mike Commodore 27 OTT $1,300,000
    Jim Vandermeer 27 CAL $1,225,000
    Nolan Baumgartner 31 DAL $1,200,000
    Jaroslav Modry 36 PHI $1,200,000
    Petteri Nummelin 34 MIN $1,200,000
    Jan Hejda 29 CLB $1,000,000
    Andreas Lilja 31 DET $1,000,000
    Ron Hainsey 26 CLB $900,000
    Chris Chelios 45 DET $850,000
    Branislav Mezei 26 FLA $850,000
    Steve Montador 27 FLA $800,000
    Steve McCarthy 26 ATL $725,000
    Bryan Berard 30 NYI $725,000
    Kurt Sauer 26 COL $719,000
    Joe DiPenta 28 ANA $700,000
    Magnus Johansson 33 FLA $700,000
    Patrice Brisebois 36 MTL $700,000
    Alexei Semenov 26 SJS $650,000
    Sandis Ozolinsh 34 SJS $625,000
    Joel Kwiatkowski 30 ATL $600,000
    Mark Streit 29 MTL $600,000
    Matt Walker 27 STL $600,000
    Mike Weaver 29 VAN $600,000
    David Hale 26 CGY $590,000
    Nolan Pratt 31 BUF $550,000
    Rory Fitzpatrick 32 PHI $550,000
    Jassen Cullimore 34 FLA $535,000
    Alain Nasreddine 31 PIT $535,000
    Freddy Meyer 26 NYI $525,000
    Rob Davison 27 SJS $525,000
    Bobby Allen 28 BOS $500,000
    Dan Jancevski 26 DAL $500,000
    Jeff Jillson 26 COL $500,000
    Wade Brookbank 29 CAR $500,000
    Sheldon Brookbank 26 NJD $500,000
    Andrew Hutchinson 27 NYR $500,000
    Jason Strudwick 31 NYR $500,000
    Luke Richardson 38 OTT $500,000
    Micki DuPont 27 STL $500,000
    Garrett Stafford 27 DET $500,000
    Andy Wozniewski 27 TOR $500,000
    Kevin Dallman 26 LAK $490,000
    Jeff Finger 27 COL $475,000
    Allan Rourke 27 EDM $475,000
    Sean Hill 37 MIN $475,000
    Mike Mottau 29 NJD $475,000
    Matt Carkner 26 OTT $475,000
    Ryan Caldwell 26 PHX $475,000
    Brad Norton 32 SJS $475,000
    Doug Janik 27 TBL $475,000
    Bruno St. Jacques 26 ANA $475,000

    Goaltenders – Potential 2008 NHL Unrestricted Free Agents
    Player Age Team 07-08 Salary Contract Notes
    Jose Theodore 30 COL $6,000,000
    Olaf Kolzig 37 WAS $5,450,000
    Cristobal Huet 31 WAS $2,750,000
    Dominik Hasek 42 DET $2,050,000
    John Grahame 31 CAR $1,400,000
    Johan Hedberg 34 ATL $1,150,000
    Johan Holmqvist 29 DAL $1,000,000
    Patrick Lalime 32 CHI $950,000
    Jocelyn Thibault 32 BUF $760,000
    Stephen Valiquette 29 NYR $635,000
    David Aebischer 29 PHX $600,000
    Alex Auld 26 BOS $600,000
    Curtis Sanford 27 VAN $600,000
    Michael Leighton 26 CAR $550,000
    Jean-Sebastien Aubin 29 ANA $525,000
    Mike Morrison 27 NJD $525,000
    Fred Brathwaite 34 ATL $500,000
    Frederic Cassivi 32 WAS $500,000
    Scott Clemmensen 29 TOR $500,000
    Ty Conklin 31 PIT $500,000
    Dan Ellis 27 NAS $500,000
    Jordan Sigalet 26 BOS $500,000
    Wade Dubielewicz 28 NYI $500,000

    Left Wingers – Potential 2008 NHL Unrestricted Free Agents
    Player Age Team 07-08 Salary Contract Notes
    Markus Naslund 33 VAN $6,000,000
    Ladislav Nagy 28 LAK $3,750,000
    Martin Rucinsky 36 STL $3,000,000
    Ruslan Fedotenko 28 NYI $2,900,000
    Brendan Shanahan 38 NYR $2,500,000
    Gary Roberts 41 PIT $2,500,000
    Petr Cajanek 31 STL $2,000,000
    Cory Stillman 33 OTT $1,750,000
    Andrew Brunette 33 COL $1,600,000
    Matt Cooke 28 WAS $1,525,000
    Geoff Sanderson 35 EDM $1,500,000
    Scott Thornton 36 LAK $1,500,000
    Ryan Malone 27 PIT $1,450,000
    Kristian Huselius 28 CGY $1,400,000
    Martin Gelinas 37 NAS $1,250,000
    Jarkko Ruutu 31 PIT $1,150,000
    Jason Chimera 28 CLB $1,000,000
    Antti Miettinen 26 DAL $885,000
    Pascal Dupuis 28 PIT $880,000
    Todd Fedoruk 28 MIN $875,000
    Jay Pandolfo 32 NJD $836,000
    Jan Hlavac 30 NAS $700,000
    Niklas Hagman 27 DAL $675,000
    Jody Shelley 31 SJS $650,000
    Eric Boulton 30 ATL $525,000
    David Koci 26 CHI $525,000
    Brad Isbister 30 VAN $525,000
    Darcy Hordichuk 26 NAS $517,000
    Kip Brennan 26 NYI $500,000
    Steve Kelly 30 MIN $500,000
    Matt Murley 27 PHO $500,000
    Jeff Taffe 26 PIT $500,000
    Ryan Bayda 26 CAR $475,000
    Raitis Ivanans 28 LAK $475,000
    Chris Simon 35 MIN $475,000
    Mathias Tjarnqvist 28 PHX $475,000
    Mathieu Darche 30 TBL $475,000
    Noah Clarke 28 NJD $475,000
    Jeff Giuliano 28 LAK $475,000

    Right Wingers – Potential 2008 NHL Unrestricted Free Agents
    Player Age Team 07-08 Salary Contract Notes
    Marian Hossa 28 PIT $7,000,000
    Pavol Demitra 32 MIN $4,500,000
    Miroslav Satan 32 NYI $4,500,000
    Michael Ryder 27 MTL $2,950,000
    Brian Rolston 34 MIN $2,432,000
    Martin Lapointe 33 OTT $2,400,000
    David Vyborny 32 CLB $2,200,000
    Owen Nolan 35 CGY $1,750,000
    Mark Recchi 39 ATL $1,750,000
    Teemu Selanne 37 ANA $1,500,000
    Georges Laraque 30 PIT $1,300,000
    Radim Vrbata 26 PHX $1,225,000
    Andre Roy 32 TBL $1,000,000
    Shean Donovan 32 OTT $925,000
    Brian Willsie 29 LAK $900,000
    Trevor Letowski 30 CAR $800,000
    Mike Johnson 32 STL $750,000
    Arron Asham 29 NJD $700,000
    Matt Bradley 29 WAS $700,000
    Branko Radivojevic 26 MIN $680,000
    Wade Belak 30 FLA $625,000
    Niko Dimitrakos 28 OTT $575,000
    Dallas Drake 38 DET $550,000
    Darren McCarty 35 DET $535,000
    Aaron Downey 32 DET $525,000
    Adam Hall 26 PIT $525,000
    Josh Langfeld 29 NAS $500,000
    Junior Lessard 27 TBL $500,000
    Jeff Hoggan 29 BOS $495,000
    Mark Mowers 33 ANA $475,000
    Darren Haydar 27 ATL $475,000
    Keith Aucoin 28 CAR $475,000
    Eric Godard 27 CGY $475,000
    Scott Parker 29 COL $475,000
    Jesse Boulerice 28 PHI $475,000
    Kyle Wanvig 26 TB $475,000
    Craig Weller 26 PHX $475,000

    NFL News | NBA News | NHL News

  66. Anthony Says:

    Do you guys really honestly believe with potential cap space issues, that GMGM will shell out the money for a defensemen, given Alzner coming up in the wings?

  67. Turk in Alaska Says:


    Not at all… I think we actually agree that Huet is the key FA signing this year. Anything after that and it will have to involve a trade. Personally, I’d like to see Eminger stay and if that entails Jurcina, Schultz, or Erskine being the odd man out then so be it.


  68. Anthony Says:

    I agree, any of the three of them leaving would be fine with me. Personally I think Schultz needs to figure out who he wants to be in the NHL. He doesn’t have to be a big body defenseman if he is a better puck moving d-man.

    I’m not worried per-se about signing Huet, but I’ll feel a lot better when its done. I may even shell out the money for a Huet sweater.

  69. Philly Voice of Reason Says:

    Marian Hossa 28 PIT $7,000,000

    Are you kidding me? Holy pay-cut next year…

  70. Tom in FL Says:

    Hey, I wanted a big, bruising d-man until I crunched the numbers. I still think we might be able to wangle Brad Stuart, depending on who stays, trades and the cap figure. The Caps also have the option if Huet leaves to “go cheap” in goal with Johnny and maybe Cassivi (or Varlamov) and then pick up someone at the deadline. You can pick up a $5M goalie at the deadline and he essentially only costs $1.25M in total cap hit.

    The one goalie I found interesting as a FA was Conklin at like $500K this past year. You know the Pens will not be able to pay a going rate for him going forward.

    I do numbers all day in my job (.1 = $100K) so all this cap stuff is as interesting almost as the games themselves. Most times the GM who wins the cap game wins the real game.

    Erskine is too valuable at $550K not to be in the mix. You also sign Quintin Laing at $500K to be the spare forward. He gives the body so much he nees to sit out 1 of 3 games just so he doesn’t die. I would sat=y good-bye to Cookie ‘cuz Calrk and Brads (if you sign him) cover what Cookie does. Somehow I want to get Federov back in the mix. To do so, and fit in the cap, I would CONSIDER trading Nylander to Edmonton since they wanted him. OK, so next year you have Backstrom, Federov, Steckel and Gordon as pivots. That worked down the stretch this year, and it would work next year. And if Federov plays for $3M, then you save $2M on the cap.

    Schultz is really tall but he’s like a freakin spider out there with his limbs all akimbo. He’s like 6’6″ but built like all my bony German ancestors. He needs to eat 18,000 t-bone steaks and lift a million pounds in the weight room and then maybe he’d be a serviceable NHL defenseman. Meanwhile, Erskine is hell on wheels but just not always pointed in the right direction.

    Which is why we have coaches.

    Here’s my grades for the Cap’s organization for 07-08:

    Owner: A
    General Manager: A
    Coach: A
    Team Skill: B –
    Team Heart: A
    Future Prognosis: A

    Some time after the end of game 7, maybe the next day, we were talking about it all here in our Orlando homestead (to which I’ve invited you all next year when they play the Lightning) and I told the wife that the finest compliment the Caps received was when an “unnamed” GM of another team said that Ovechkin was “as Canadian as Gordie Howe.” Now, as someone who used to fall asleep nights listening to the radio as a little kid in Detroit while Howe played – that is the finest compliment any player could get in hockey. It’s as fine a compliment as any player could get in any North American team sports. It’s like he’s as good a fielder and as nice a guy as Brooks Robinson. This team has only one way to go and that direction is up.

  71. Tom in FL Says:

    One more note on this salary cap thing, now that the Caps are apparently up against it:

    This is like when your wife says you can only spend $40 a week on alcoholic beverages.

    To those of you who don’t drink: As Frank Sinatra said, I’m sorry but that means when you wake up in the morning it’s as good as you’re going to feel all day.

    To the rest of you: you only have $40. Five mixed drinks out at $8 each and you are done! And it’s only Monday! You can drink once a week at $40 or every night at $5.71 per. You must set your priorities – quantity and quality. Sometimes I just want one Heineken. Other times at the beach you want quantity so I take a 12 of Old Milwaukee. You might want zinfandel with lamb chops or sauvignon blanc with pork tenderloin and sage seasoning or maybe like now I squeezed oranges from the tree and I have mixed in some Cuervo.

    The bottom line is you need a mix of things at varying prices and in the end they must work within the budget and provide you MAXIMUM VALUE to achieve your objectives.

    If you understand what I’ve said you all get 1 credit from Tom in Florida’s Economics 101, “The Economics of Hockey and Beer.”

    All of you are expected to do some light drinking and light hockey watching prior to the next class. You are reminded of the words of Henny Youngmann:

    “I read about the evils of drinking once and I immediately gave up reading.”

    They should carve out a spot on Mt. Rushmore for that man.

  72. Anthony Says:

    Your not paying much attention then Tom to the rumor/idea that we never really saw the “real” Nylander this year?

    I think his plus/minus was directly related to his shoulder injury.

  73. Anthony Says:

    The caps message boards had a french article that someone had translated about Huet (obviously), which was a basically positive article. It indicated he wanted to stay.

  74. Tom in FL Says:

    Anthony: Nylander was supposedly fine until the injury, which occurred as reported in late November against the Panthers. He is a good player, I remember him with NYR the year before, like 85 points. Good numbers. He’s not a bruiser, though. I would love him on the team as #2 center if Federov doesn’t return. If Federov comes back, though, you have cap troubles (see all the calculations above). The way I figure it, depending on how much the cap goes up, you maybe can’t keep both. Or, if you want them to sign/obtain a guy like Brad Stuart, you’d beed to move at least one d-man due to too many players there and you’d also need to move salary. I really didn’t realize this situation existed until PVOR posted the Flyers cap situation and I decided to check on the Caps. If it turns out we bring back Huet, Federov and Bradley, and that’s it, keep the same defense plus Alzner, that’s fine. The Caps can always leave one shortage to be addressed next year at the trade deadline. It’s good to know that from here on out we are BUYERS at deadline time. You get a guy at the deadline, and his cap charge is only 1/4th what it would have been had you had him all year. We could even let Federov sit out and come back next year around February, like the Ducks did this year with Niedermayer and Selanne, but then again the Ducks lost.

  75. MD Says:

    Tom: I believe it was Dean Martin who said that, not Frank.

    P.S. – – Anyone else feel like Kozlov never actually showed up for the playoffs? What was up with that. Just adds to my previously-stated “If only we’d had Laing for the PK” lament.

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