Tuesday Morning in Philly

The Caps are on the ice as I type. They’re out a bit earlier than usual, because the home team doesn’t skate here but rather at its practice facility in Voorhees, NJ. There are some lineup changes for tonight. Here’s how they look:





Looks like the D will stay the same as in Sunday’s Game 2, but I’ll let you know if that’s not the case.


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25 Comments on “Tuesday Morning in Philly”

  1. jason Says:

    i laich this very much…im hilarious. seriously though changes needed to be made lets hope this works out

    i feel whoever wins this game takes the series

  2. Marks4Java Says:

    Watch out for that third line, Philly! That could be a really productive line, and I almost can’t believe it took this long for BB to try it. If nothing else they will pound whoever they match up with.

  3. gusty161 Says:

    I’d like to see Eminger in for Erskine. It doesn’t look like Philly is going to goon it up this series so Erskine’s toughness isn’t that needed and Steve is better at handling their faster skaters.

  4. Mike L Says:

    It makes sense to adjust the lines based on who the opponent is, and if I’m Danny Briere and I have to look up and see Cooke, Bradley and Steckel opposite me, I’m going to be looking for the coach to pull me off the ice since you don’t want Briere out there vs. a checking line…

    It’ll be interesting to see Laich and Fedorov work together. I think having Brooks play with Sergei could get Brooks some more chances to score than he’s had in the first 2 games, and, as we’ve seen so far this season, he’s burying chances into the net. Hopefully Semin will not try to beat all of the Flyers D by himself as well. That can work against teams that have so-so (Atlanta) or worse (Tampa) defenses, but not in the playoffs.

    And something needs to be done to jump start the power play. It’d be nice to have someone camp out in front of the net, but who comes off the ice: Green? No, he’s running the PP, Obviously not Ovechkin. Fedorov takes the face-offs…Backstrom’s the best passer on the team. Semin? With the extra room, he’s devastating.

    Tough decisions….

  5. Anthony Says:

    It seems to me that putting cooke on the 3rd line is basically telling him to focus on preventing goals not scoring them. Laich can fill in for cooke up there and still get some scoring, and cooke can hopefully be the clear the crease out and protect Huet guy. That line definetly looks like it could be potent.

    I also agree that Eminger should be in, for Erskine or Schultz. I think the speed will benefit more than the size.

    I don’t know if it would be easy to do, but it there a way to compare the 2 minute penalties taken by all of the D-man, as a percentage of their playing time?

  6. MD Says:

    I too would prefer Eminger over Erskine. The speed-over-size point is a good one for this series. Not sure about the Fehr-over-Flash move, though. What’s up with that?

  7. Anthony Says:

    I think they are going for size in that instance, and his net-crashing ability. They need Fehr to move in to Biron’s front yard.

  8. AJD Says:

    That, and Fleischmann was invisible.

    Speaking of invisible performances, it would be an opportune time for Mr. Kozlov to make a reappearance.

  9. lupa Says:

    I prefer Eminger over Erskine, also, but my main worry is the Laich/Fedorov/Semin line. Semin can be greedy with the puck sometimes, looking for those perfect shots… He just needs to keep shooting at the net and Laich will be there to chip one in.

  10. Patrick Loewen Says:

    Caps in five!! Just needed a wakeup call!

  11. jason Says:


    welcome to the playoffs sick goal

  12. acap1066 Says:

    The Caps better start getting more aggressive clearing the middle to allow Huet to see the puck better. It looks like the Caps are still being too tentative. Stop backing up and contest the passes and stop giving that much free ice to take shots. I’d rather see them make an aggressive mistake than a passive one. Hopefully the can steal another one like they did on Friday.

  13. jason Says:

    i hate to say it, but it just seems that this caps team isnt mature enough for a serious playoff series. its just not connecting like it was down the stretch. maybe that just took too much out of em, but this is not how i expected the caps to be playing right now. we’ve only seen one period worthy of mentioning in any sort of positive way.

    lets hope they make me eat my words w/ another comeback

    GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. doug Says:

    I don’t mind that they are losing 4-2 going into the third period, but boy oh boy, they are just plain being out-hustled. Some of the boys are sleeping on the job, it appears to me. Green can be the best player on the ice, and 30 seconds later, look like he needs to be in Hershey again. But, there is game 4 and game 5 which need to be played. If we win on Thursday, it’s all even at 2-2.
    I believe Olie needs to be in net Thursday, not that it’s Huet’s fault, but we need a change up somehow. I’m still proud of the Caps and am ready for next year !!

  15. Mike Says:

    Sorry Doug, but how can any self respecting caps fan write I dont mind that they are loosing 4-2…granted the game is over with the score being 6-3 while I write this, but seriously?

    I really don’t know that much about Bruce and his coaching methods, but someone needs to light a fire under people’s rears. I haven’t seen the team create this many stupid mistakes in 3 games since before Bruce, do we need a play-off coaching change? Kidding, I like what Bruce has brought to the club, but my point is there needs to be another wake up call, like November, and if an epiphany isn’t reached on Wednesday on how to combat this 1-4 defensive front that the flyers are using then it’s over folks. How do great coaches overcome, adapt your team, I haven’t seen that yet. Pittsburgh abused Philly late in the regular season…what did they do to win 4-2? Isn’t this the same game plan Chicago used against us in Feb, to win 5-0? Obviously the flyers coach did some effective scouting…

    THIS IS THE PLAYOFFS and you only have 2 more games before your out…wake up Caps!!!!

    There is not one single persons fault here, it is a team that wins or looses.

  16. doug Says:

    Mike, what I said is I don’t mind if they lose and play well, but what I can’t take is that lose and play as badly as they are. They are just being outplayed. I don’t buy that the Flyers are that much better than the Caps; maybe they are a little better, but not that much.

  17. MD Says:

    Something in the comment from Mike above is exactly what I was thinking while watching the game last night: for whatever reason, now they look just like the way they used to play under Hanlon. Also notable is that none of them look like they are having any fun at all, which is very different from all their regular season games down the stretch. I don’t think Philly is necessarily the more talented team, but they are certainly playing faster, playing with more effort & emotion, and playing less sloppy & lazy — which appears to be enough to win.

  18. jason Says:

    what pisses me off is that philly is not winning this series we are losing it. they are not a great team…its just that in our current state we are not a good team

  19. Jeremy Says:

    If I see the defensemen (or the point man on the powerplay) blast it into the shinpads of the Flyer’s player one more time, I’m seriously going to stop watching this series.

  20. acap1066 Says:

    After thinking about this overnight, I am just getting more upset about one fact (some posters here have said this or similar). The fact is that the one thing that the Caps have been historically noted for was their work ethic and how hard they played. In the first three games, Friday’s 3rd period excluded, the Flyers are the one’s who are out working the Caps to pucks, hits, and aggressiveness. How many times does the Caps defense men need to leave a Flyer alone crowding Huet? Even though it was a penalty, that wasn’t called, I like the fact that Brooks Laich hit the Flyer player into the net. Again, it was a penalty and should have been called but it finally showed some effort/pride to clear the crease to help Huet. The caps need to have more of this type pride/effort, although needs to be done legally, to start winning.

  21. MD Says:

    Getting somebody in front of the Flyer’s net once in a while wouldn’t hurt, either. Biron has been pretty much all by himself for most of the series.

  22. Anthony Says:

    Although it hasn’t made it here yet, Tarik is saying Fedorov has been moved to the top line. It seems like a great idea to me, get the three big russians togethor, see if they can get something done. Backstrom has been pretty invisible, which does sort of kill the second line in a way I think, but we need scoring from someplace.

  23. Tom in FL Says:

    Backstrom, like so many of the younger players, seems overwhelmed. Let’s not forget, this is a very young team. I posted months and months ago that what we needed was better goaltending, a replacement for Nylander and a big, bruising, experienced blueliner. We got Huet and Federov, and they helped tremendously. The one thing the Caps really need in the offseason, besides settling on next year’s goalie, is to get that Langway type defenseman. I fully realize Langway types aren’t easy to come by, but that needs to be the priority. Alzner will not be that guy, certainly not for a year or two. Remember, even someone as great as Scott Stevens took several years to assimilate.

    I hope Boudreau moves Federov up. Maybe that will get Ovechkin and Kozlov playing well. And maybe you start Olie, just to be different. It’s a shame about Jurcina – he played really well down the stretch. Again, overwhelmed. It happens to all of us. First big business meeting, you get introduced, you stare out and see all the pairs of eyes of the big guys, and you get an alligator in your throat. Now imagine trying to deliver your presentation with five nasty dudes trying to plaster you into the the back wall of the auditorium. I know my wife checked me into the tree the other day while I was mowing the lawn and it AIN”T EASY to perform in that environment, especially as I lay there gazing skyward and there was this squirrel laughing at me.

  24. jason Says:

    i was thinking earlier i’d like to see fedorov on the top line. problem is semin is immature and fedorov has helped him. when you have a rookie and a 2nd year guy and laich/cooke…id go with cooke here cuz of experience…but this line will stink. i think the only effective lines have been the checking lines. we need every line to be as aggressive as they have been. this fancy stuff is not working, grit will win this series.


    if i was bench boss id try these lines out tomorrow





    this balances power and skills a bit i think. each of these lines can throw their weight around, chemistry though obviously would suffer. experience is on all of these lines as well

    of course this probably wouldnt work, please dont rip up my ideas too badly as im not a coach and just throwing my ideas out there

  25. Anthony Says:

    Lines don’t make the team, however. It doesn’t matter one iota who plays with who if the team to a man doesn’t decide to step it up.

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