Loud Red Crowd

It’s a pretty good time to be a Caps fan. I’m getting email from all kinds of media pals around the league, and so are some of my co-workers. We’re getting well wishes from those associated with other teams, people hoping the Caps will do well in their first postseason voyage in a long time, and in Alex Ovechkin’s first dip into playoff waters.

You’re going to start reading and hearing about the Caps as a global team, a team that is being cheered for around the globe. And why not? With Sami Lepisto (of Finland) back with the team for a while, Washington is again represented by nine different nationalities on its roster, easily a team record. I’m hard-pressed to think of any other NHL team that had nine or more, but feel free to let me know if you know of an NHL team that has or had more.

Finally, the building has come alive again. Those of us who remember how loud the old place was when the Caps were winning, and how loud the Phone Booth was in previous playoff runs knew the Verizon Center decibel level would climb once the team began to climb the standings. We witnessed that last week with the sea of red in the building and the roof-raising loudness during the Caps’ season-ending three-game homestand.

It’s one thing for us locals to be aware of this returning phenomenon, but how cool is it that the national media types are now picking up on it? (Pay special attention to question #5.) Congratulations, you’re making them take notice.

Friday can’t come soon enough. At least there is playoff hockey and Frozen Four action to keep us occupied until then.

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3 Comments on “Loud Red Crowd”

  1. Mike L Says:

    The closest I can find to 9 nationalities is San Jose, who have players from the USA, Canada, Germany, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia and Sweden (also 9). LA and Carolina have 8

  2. AJD Says:

    How long until there is an NHL roster with zero Canadian-born players on it?

    Canada will be apoplectic…

  3. Mike L Says:


    Canada would only be apoplectic if the team was based in Canada. Of course if the team were based in Canada and winning, then the fans in that city would probably be ok with it.

    Heck the two original Canadian teams still in the league have a Finnish (Montreal, Saku Koivu) and Swedish (Toronto, Mats Sundin) captain. Vancouver’s captain Markus Naslund is also from Sweden, as is Ottawa’s (Daniel Alfredsson). Only Edmonton and Calgary have Canadian captians (Ethan Moreau and Jarome Iginla).

    While I don’t see a team with no Canadian players happening anytime soon, I don’t think it’d bother too many Canadians these days.

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