Tuesday at Kettler

The Caps are in full practice mode here today at Kettler. They’re mostly scrimmaging five-on-five thus far, with defensemen Shaone Morrisonn, Jeff Schultz and Brian Pothier and right wing Chris Clark not on the ice.

Sami Lepisto has been recalled from Hershey and he is here along with fellow Bears blueliner Tyler Sloan. Sloan has not been recalled; he is merely practicing with the team today. I’m guessing the coaches and brass are evaluating how he handles himself against NHLers in case the defensive herd is thinned any further later on this spring.

There are no changes in the top two lines, but the return of center David Steckel makes for a bit of a crowd on the third and fourth units. Brooks Laich, Tomas Fleischmann, Eric Fehr and Boyd Gordon are all sporting green jerseys while Donald Brashear, Steckel, Matt Bradley and Quintin Laing are all sporting white.

Corey and Tarik are both up in enemy territory today, so I’ll try to fill in and provide the info they normally do.

UPDATE: Morrisonn, Schultz and Clark all skated after practice ended. No word yet on whether any of them might be able to suit up for the regular practice session on Wednesday. 

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17 Comments on “Tuesday at Kettler”

  1. KV Says:

    Speaking of enemy territory, There are plenty of seats available on stub hub for the Flyers home games. Help bring the Red Army up to Philadelphia and show your support!

  2. Ben Says:

    Thanks for the info Mike. Tarik mentioned that one or both of Mo/Shultz aims to be back on the ice tomorrow? Does that seem like a realistic possibility?

  3. AJD Says:

    It’s a problem if they’re not. Lepisto is not ready for NHL play, and I have to assume the guys behind him at Hershey are that much more unready.

  4. Stokley Rose Says:

    If we get desperate enough, is there any way Alzner could play for us or is he just eligible for Hershey when his playoff run ends?

  5. Erik Says:

    I think we could sign Alzner, but there are a couple strong reasons why we should not. 1. is that I believe it will have implications on how fast he becomes an UFA, meaning if we sign now versus next year he becomes an UFA faster. 2.The playoffs are probably not the best atmosphere for a teenage defensemen man to get his first game in the NHL.

  6. Patrick Loewen Says:

    I’ve been away for a couple weeks, just able to get the scores. Is Nylander healthy?

  7. AJD Says:

    Nylander is out.

    I’ve heard some suggestions that he might be able to get back on the ice in May. However, someone (maybe GMGM) put a firm kibosh on that.

  8. Scai Says:

    Sloan over Boumedienne? That totally caught me by surprise

  9. Dan, Jr. Says:


    They’re just taking a look at Sloan while they’ve got a few spare days. Doesn’t necessarily mean he would be called up before Boomer.

  10. fauxrumors Says:

    1) So when Steckel or even Clark gets back who sits? Fehr, Fleischmann?
    Fehr’s ice time/effectiveness has waned. Not sure how well a player like Fleischmann will do in a very physical series, while Fehr has size.
    2) If both return Fehr and Flash might be watching from the press box
    3) Another question: Can Clymer be brought back? he played some defense last year. Thought that after the trade deadline a player can not be claimed off re-entry wavers until after the playoffs so the Caps couldn’t lose Ben if recalled? Is he even healthy/playing well down in Hershey?

  11. dumpnchase Says:

    We’ll know more tomorrow. Let’s see if either or both is able to practice. And with Game 1 not until Friday, there is still time.

    Alzner could be signed after his WHL playoffs are finished. He could play for Hershey or the Caps, or both.

    Nylander is out. I don’t expect to see him before September.

    Sloan was not recalled. Just brought in for practice purposes.

    Probably Fehr on the first one, nut sure who would sit if Clark is able to return. It would be a good problem to have. Clymer is injured, so he’s not on the radar at the moment.

  12. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    Don’t forget Federov has played some D. I hope it doesn’t come to that because we really need him up front but if we end up with a severe shortage on D and an excess of healthy forwards, it’s at least an option. I didn’t think Lepisto looked that bad in the few games he played up here but I would feel more comfortable if he had played more. I hate to say it but I’d probably feel more comfortable with him stepping in than Pothier. I know that’ll upset a few folks but I calls ’em like I sees ’em.

  13. Anthony Says:


    There was an article linked on the caps forums from a swedish paper about nylander being ready for the 2nd round, in theory. However didn’t Mcphee said Nylanders not coming back until next season regardless?

  14. AJD Says:

    Yeah, Nylander is not coming back this year.

    If Steckel returns, I imagine Fehr sits – he hasn’t really done a lot to force you to keep him in the lineup.

    If Clarke returns, that gets more interesting. I assume that he would only get a jersey if he’s proved in practice that he can be effective. And if he’s effective, he’s better than Fleischmann, so I have to think that’s who would sit.

    As for the D, please, God, no Federov on the blue line. I’d rather have Lepisto than that. And I’d really rather not have Alzner making his NHL debut in the playoffs. That’s just asking for trouble.

    I guess at this point it’s Eminger and Lepisto, if Morrison and Schultz can’t go. Eminger and whoever returns, if only one of them can go. Eminger’s OK – he played a couple of responsible games in the stretch run.

  15. Patrick Loewen Says:

    All things considered I like our chances, were big enough, strong enough, and gosh dangit people like us!!!!!!!

  16. Mike L Says:

    Folks, the only way Fedorov will play D is if we lose some in a game and we need him to spell some of the guys who are playing. In the next game he’d be back up front.

  17. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    I didn’t mean to suggest that I think Federov will be playing D at any point, just that he’s able to in an extreme emergency. It’s a moot point anyway because I’m pretty sure Mo and Shultz will be playing and if either or both can’t we have Eminger and Lepisto.

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