Noteworthy Notes

Last night’s Comcast SportsNet telecast of the game between the Capitals and the Lightning drew a 2.2 rating overall and a 2.7 rating in the coveted 18-49 male demographic.

A 2.2 rating translates to about 50,000 households and is the highest regular-season rating since at least 1996-97, which is as far back as CSN has ratings data (it was HTS at that time).

Back in 2003, playoff games reached a 3.0 and games in 2001 reached a 3.3.

So that’s good, very good. Combine that with the upsurge in attendance, the sea of red and the loud decibel level in the building and the last few weeks have produced a helluva fun ride. But the reality is still that Washington could finish third, sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth.

The mood in the room was extremely upbeat today as players discussed scenarios and possibilities and plans for watching or following the important games around the league tonight. By about 10 p.m. tonight, the picture should be a bit clearer.

A Washington win tomorrow over Florida will be a must. If the Caps can deliver, it would represent a 24-point increase in the standings over last season, the fourth biggest bump the Caps have ever had from one season to the next. Washington went from 68 points in 1998-99 to 102 and a division title in 1999-00. That 34-point jump is the biggest in franchise history.

The Caps had 32 points in 1975-76 and went to 62 in 1976-77, a 30-point increase. And Washington went from 65 points in 1981-82 to 94 and its first-ever playoff appearance in 1982-83. The team’s improvement that season was 29 points.

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5 Comments on “Noteworthy Notes”

  1. gusty161 Says:

    I have learned not to expect any help from other teams, that way I’m never disappointed. In my opinion, the Sens losing Alfredsson is a huge blow because it puts their offense closer to Boston’s and that’s all those slugs need to drag that game into OT. Carolina will win, bank it. The best possible hope to me is the Philly game since NJ really needs this win to lock up the fourth spot and Philly getting just a point is all the Caps need to control their destiny. Plus, Briere isn’t playing.

  2. Turk from Alaska Says:

    “Noteworthy Notes”… is that like Newsworthy News?

    Go Caps,

  3. Cap stat geek Says:

    I just looked at the last 40 games for the 8 Western play-off teams and the 9 Eastern teams that are either in or hope to be when the ice shavings settle. The Caps are not only the best in the Southeast (Caps have 55 points in their last 40 games to Carolina’s 49), but are also best in the East (Caps are one point better than both the Pens and Habs). In fact, they are tied with Anaheim and a mere one point behind San Jose’s 56 for best in the entire NHL. With a win on Saturday, they could be Presidential trophy worthy for the 2nd half (would that be the Vice Presidential Trophy?)… and they could still be golfing next week? I’m an optmist though. Win and they’ll be in. Get in and they’ll be an extremely tough out. If there is any justice, the Canes will trip-up against Florida tonight and the Caps will roll tomorrow.

  4. nvasauxfan Says:


    Why was Torts being such a jackass during the post game interview last night? Couldn’t believe the “none of your business” response and “I don’t give a shit about the caps” retort. I love to hear the post game reactions from opposing coaches and this one was classic. Can you tell us what the deal was with Torts last night? Thanks.

  5. dumpnchase Says:

    Yep. Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

    Cap stat Geek,
    Cool stuff. Looks like there might be some justice after all, if the Caps can close it on Sat.

    Torts being Torts, basically. He gets that way sometimes.

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