Ratings Bonanza

The ratings are in, and yesterday’s Pittsburgh-Washington game rated a 2.3/6 locally.

This rating is a:
– 156% increase over last season’s NBC broadcast of Pitt vs. Wash on 2/18/07 (0.9)
– 130% increase vs. Washington’s season average of “NHL on NBC” (1.0)
– 229% increase over last year’s Regular Season average on NBC (0.7)

Despite the painful outcome of the game itself, I’ve got to say those ratings rate as a positive development.

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3 Comments on “Ratings Bonanza”

  1. Matt Says:

    yay that means more people heard the NBC crew blindly tell us how amazing PITT and Crybaby for 3 hours – without barely a mention of the Caps.

    what a joke. i hope Washington raised holy hell with NBC & the NHL for that. It was worse then watching a Sabres game on MSG

  2. Marks4Java Says:

    Mike, I have to say whatever good it could have done, it may be a wash in the end. Case in point. I was at my non-hockey-fan Brother-in-law’s house to watch the Bruins game on Saturday. We both couldn’t believe that ending. My non-hockey-fan Brother-in-law decided (on his own) to check out the last 10 minutes of Sunday’s game. His comment to me yesterday was “I’m never watching the Caps again!” Tough to win fans and influence people with that kind of weekend. Here’s hoping a strong start and end next season will make it all better.

  3. MD Says:

    Matt makes a good point – – it sure did seem like all NBC and the announcers ever talked about was Pit & Crosby. I was disappointed with Doc; he’s usually not so one-sided in the games he calls. I actually turned the game off because I couldn’t stand it any longer.

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