Friendly Reminder

Yeah, I know the Caps have a game tomorrow in Boston against the Bruins, and it’s a pretty big one, too. But I’m here to lay a reminder on you about Sunday’s game against the Pens.

First, for you out-of-towners, the Caps-Pens game is on NBC. My parents back in suburban Chicago don’t get the Versus network on their system and their retirement community doesn’t permit access to the Center Ice package, so other than their visits out this way, this will be only the second time they’ve seen the Caps in the last three seasons. They’re psyched.

Second, for you local folks, the game starts at 12:30 p.m. and not 3 p.m. as originally scheduled. And don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour the night before, too.

Should be quite the tilt, and I hear it’s a sellout.

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10 Comments on “Friendly Reminder”

  1. doug Says:

    It will be a good match, no doubt. The amount of Pens fans in our house is of major concern and a fair amount of disappointment to me. If only we could sell more STH plans, our problem would be 75% mitigaged.

  2. Joe Says:

    Tomorrow is indeed a sell out. I tried to buy tickets a couple weeks ago and couldn’t. The Verizon Center ticket office told me that they’ve been sold out for a month.

  3. redwhitebluehockey Says:

    Either Rooney or Martell had a financial interest in the outcome of today’s game. How much more obvious could it be? I hope they both choke on the money. You know the NHL and Bettman will turn a blind eye to the “events” that took place today because the League can’t afford an NBA-like referee scandal. For the “good” of the game there will be no inquiry.

    I’m sure some NHL lackey is on the phone right now to Leonsis and GMGM trying to persuade them to not take this public. DON’T listen to them. Be men and speak your mind publicly.

  4. Tom in FL Says:

    I love the Caps as much as anyone and I believe all the penalties at the end were called properly. The one on Cooke – in retrospect, with the Boston player only off for a few minutes – that should not have been five minutes. But, however, the five is for “intent to injure,” and technically the opposing player need not be injured for it to be called. On Brashear, he clearly was guilty of a high stick and there was blood on the play. Four minutes were warranted. The sucker punch? I would say the extra two was the right call there. However, it would have been very easy for the refs to have given someone on Boston two for roughing on that, as they all came charging in on Brashear right after the high stick as though he had committed a violent sin. Erskine’s hook WAS a hook and it gave him a tactical advantage on that play. Poti? I have no clue why he was swatting the Boston’s player’s stick the way he was. That call was correct, the only question is did the Boston player commit an infraction first that went unseen. I also don’t know the rules specifically enough to know if leaving it 5 on 3 after the first goal was the correct procedure. Finally, it looked like Ovechkin was tripped with about 20 seconds remaining. A call there could have made the difference. The bottom line is it’s extremely disappointing to be a Caps fan (or, for sure, a player) and to have a game end like that. It’s a very tough pill to swallow and they could easily miss the playoffs by those two points. Carolina just keeps winning and Philly is six points up. Never say never though and you must hope Olie can pull through and win #300 today.

  5. Tom in FL Says:

    OK, now I read in the Post that the Boston player fell before Erskine touched him:

    Moments later, defenseman John Erskine was whistled for hooking, though replays appeared to show Hnidy losing his edge before Erskine’s stick touched him. The penalty put the Capitals down two players for two minutes.

    Chara, the Bruins’ all-star defenseman and captain, wasted little time, blasting past a screened Cristobal Huet to tie the score at 14:59 of the third period.

    “He fell down before I even got out to him,” Erskine said. “It was a horrible call by the refs. I was ready to snap.”

    I watched on Center Ice and the feed was from NESN, or whatever they call themselves now. I could go back and watch, since it was recorded, but on Erskine’s play they only showed one angle, from up high, and from the same side of the ice as the play. From what they showed it sure looked like your classic hook, and the Bruins announcers were such homers yesterday (you’d think Chara was the second coming of El Cid, saying the shoulder injury “sure was a long way from his heart.”) that the call was announced as correct. And with Poti, all we saw was the swat-swat action and then they said it was no different than when Chara got called earlier for flipping Ovechkin’s stick out of play. Perhaps someone can post and let me know what Joe B. and Locker said. I find them very objective, especially Locker, who’s not given to homerism and calls it like it is.

  6. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    Tom- Like you said, the calls on Brash were correct and as far as leaving it 5 on 3 after the first goal, that too was correct because it goes in the order the penalties were called meaning that goal ended the first of Brashears’ three minors. Erskine was absolutely right about his man going down before, he lost an edge, but Erskine did apply a hook so he can’t complain, and Joe B/Locker showed their usual professionalism in their comments. I know it’s just sour grapes but I would argue that they could’ve called three minors during that stretch against Boston. Everyone knows Brash is one of the hardest punchers in the league but Hnidy embellished(imo),and that should always be called(imo). Gordon was hauled down with a far more blatant hook than Erskines’ and Chara playing with the broken stick, while only a few seconds,it was long enough to make the call. I hate to whine but I’m just a schmuck fan who’s biased and bitter that such an important game came down to that debacle.
    To borrow a line from an Airborne C.O. I had, “Hard Cheese, December 7,1941”.

  7. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    Oh yeah, and I still say OV will get between 68- 72 goals this season even with just 13 games remaining. Y’all can call me crazy, I’ve been called much worse, but please don’t call me late for dinner.

  8. Sugar Coat it baby just sugar Coat it Says:

    Simple question:

    Will the Capitals make the playoffs?

  9. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    Sugar- Yes.
    Ptv- Game over, but not the season…yet.

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