Lineup Shift

In the wake of Saturday’s disappointing loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Caps will tweak their lineup a bit for tonight’s tilt with the Boston Bruins at Verizon Center.

Cristobal Huet will get the start in goal for the Caps, and Tim Thomas gets the start for Boston. Here’s how we expect the Capitals’ lines and pairs to look:



Tonight’s game will be telecast by the Versus Network. We’ll have our Pre-Cap pregame podcast live at 3 on

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9 Comments on “Lineup Shift”

  1. Once again I thought Eminger had a very strong game yet he is out of the lineup with Erskine in his place. Can’t we just leave him in for a couple weeks and let him get on a roll a little bit?

  2. KCME Says:

    Seriously, Erskine sucks!

  3. Stokley Rose Says:

    Completely agree, Capital Fanatic. And while we’re at it, let’s let Semin actually play his natural LW position.

  4. MD Says:

    Hear hear! Much rather see Eminger out there than Erskine. And personally, I’d rather see Laing instead of Fehr on the 4th line as well.

  5. Muddapucker Says:

    So far this season, the best surprise from last year’s roster has been Brooks Laich. I like seeing him on the Federov line with Semin. That line has some serious potential.

    Let’s hope that Saturday’s game vs. Toronto was all about an emotional let down after the NJ game and the trades. We are definitely in the home stretch and if the boys are going to get it done… they need to start tonight!

  6. Student Rusher Says:

    I don’t understand why Fehr is playing on the fourth line. Why not just have him back in Hershey where he can develop as a scorer instead of mucking around on the fourth line. I agree with MD, Laing should be out there instead of Fehr.

  7. usiel Says:

    Fedorov has been playing on the PK unit so he’s essentially taking Laing’s role there.

  8. bill ball Says:

    The Hershey kids looked great against the Wild. Laich was indeed the star of the night, followed by Kolzig, but Flash really helped Laich look as good as he did. Too bad we can’t have a 3rd scoring line. Or can we?

    Anyway, I’m glad to see Laich getting a chance on the 2nd line. Perhaps not being pivot will free him to bang and crash and put in a few pucks if needed. That’s kind of what that third guy needs to be unless you are a puck possession guru like Kozlov. In the same way, that’s also why Flash looks redundant on that line with Semin and I’m glad Boudreau’s finally giving someone else a look. I would think Fehr deserves another chance as he has the hands for a close to the net game, but perhaps his physique isn’t up to the bang and crash part so much yet..

    Now we’ll have a rotating 2nd line RW like we had a rotating 2nd line pivot much of this season and last. At least until Clark gets back.

    I think Eminger deserves more chances as well, but I assume for Boudreau it is about the opposition and the pairings. I see the point with swapping in Eminger for speedier teams and Erskine for more physical ones. I also see that though Schultz bobbles the puck and plays like he weighs 130, he’s steadier than the other two. I think if we had another steady vet to help compensate for Eminger’s occasional lapses, maybe then we’d get the best out of #44’s edgy game. Perhaps the case can be made he should be played with Poti then..

    Either way, I don’t know if I want to see that Eminger/Schultz pairing again this season. Dicey. Yeah, that’s the word that comes to mind.

  9. strungout Says:

    I’d say that line up worked pretty well.

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