Huet From the Habs

The Caps have essentially obtained Cristobal Huet for Brian Sutherby.

Back in November, they got Anaheim’s second rounder in 2009 for Sutherby. Today, they flipped that pick to the Habs for veteran goalie Cristobal Huet, who will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1. This trade tells me that the Caps are very serious about making a run for the playoffs now.

And I get the sense they’re not quite finished yet, either. More to come whenever I’m able to write about it.

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17 Comments on “Huet From the Habs”

  1. Hockey Amor Says:

    Wow! Huet is a stopper capable of stealing games.

    I’m feeling sad that Olie is being relegated to backup.

  2. John Says:

    At his salary, Olie will not be a backup. At least not for the rest of the season. However, there’s talk that he could go to Ottawa. That would be a stunner.

  3. Dan, Jr. Says:

    So, who’d we give up for Federov?

  4. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    Teddy Ruth

  5. JT Says:

    Ted Ruth for Federov

  6. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    Pettinger has been traded to Vancouver for Matt Cooke.

  7. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    I suspect Kolzig may get dealt with Eminger for a D-man with all the moves that have been made so far. We’ll find out soon???

  8. Mike L Says:

    Hopefully, the Caps can get Huet signed to an extension, as he would be a great fit as the next goaltender for the Caps. He’s got a great track record, has played in the All-Star game, and has a terrific save percentage as well as good GAA (the GAA will go up a little bit here, as Montreal plays a more tight-checking game, as reflected by their coach Guy Carbonneau).

    Still it is a nice pick up.

    Question, will Steckel give up 39? Someone should tell Steck that he’s now an NHL regular and should get a lower number… 9 is available, and would work out for him.

    Adding Fedorov is definitely an attempt to run to the playoffs. He’s likely not staying after the season is over (he’s here to replace Nylander until he’s ready).

  9. Tom in FL Says:

    I guess Boudreau has a big decision to make. Do you drop Backstrom to the 2nd line and put Federov with Ovechkin and either Kozzie or Semin? Ovechkin and Semin played very well together late in the game Sunday, and would have scored several more if not for Huet. Also, Backstrom seems to have hit the proverbial wall of late. Olie was dead last in the NHL in save percentage, so something had to be done. Signing Huet to two or three more years makes sense. Johnson has one more year, and then Varlamov should be ready.

  10. Tom in FL Says:

    …if not for Brodeur…

  11. ZeroCool Says:

    Mike- What do you think of Matt Cooke? I really haven’t seen him play at all but hear he has a reputation as a banger. Will he fit in well with Bradley, and Brashear?

  12. SF Mike Says:

    Meet Matt Cooke:

    Burrows prides himself in being a pain in the rear, and Matt Cooke told the Vancouver Sun’s Cam Cole that he’s going to do everything in his power to dirtily distract the opposition–except fight:

    “For me, the more that I fight, the less effective I become,” Cooke said Friday, at the end of a week in which he pitched Edmonton’s Matthieu Roy headfirst into the glass, slew-footed the Wild’s Kurtis Foster heavily into the end boards, and just generally created havoc — and, not incidentally, was a key element on the Canucks’ best line, with Mason Raymond and Ryan Shannon.

    “When I hit somebody, if they send their tough guy out and I fight, everything’s taken care of,” Cooke said. “By not fighting, it leaves 10 or 12 guys angry at me. Because they know they can’t fix the problem by fighting me.”

    I like him already…

  13. BEARS......WOOOO!!!! Says:

    Beezer said it best tonite on VS. broadcast. Getting Huet will make Olie better. He is gonna get pissed off and be the old Olie. Getting a guy like Cooke reminds me of Dale Hunter or a Claude Lemeuix, get under the skin of some all-star hot shot and create havoc. It feels soooooo good to have meaningful games again in the stretch run. As GMGM said he wasn’t gonna sell the farm for today and I think this puts the Caps in a great position for years to come just gotta get #49 then the flood gates will open.

  14. dmg Says:

    “Getting Huet will make Olie better. He is gonna get pissed off and be the old Olie.”

    I disagree. If Olie were going to step up his game under pressure wouldn’t have he done so with the Caps chasing a playoff berth? And if it takes another player to do it, shouldn’t Olie been doing really well since going to a 50/50 or 60/40 split with Johnson? He’s been better, but not as good as Huet.

    If Olie does step it up, great. But Huet’s tied for 11th in the league in save percentage and Olie is dead last (43rd).

  15. stef Says:

    i’m from mtl and i can say that’s the caps are very lucky to have a guy like christo he’s such a nice guy and a great goalie .Montreal made a big mistake and i hope washington eliminated Mtl in the playoff!!!GO CAPS GO!

  16. HotDog88GT Says:

    Aren’t you media types supposed to refer to the NHL player pronunciation guide for last names? If so, you’d know you were mispronouncing Cristobal’s last name.

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