Aulin Update

Nate Ewell flipped me this link this morning about former Caps farmhand Jared Aulin. This has the makings of a terrific story if Aulin is actually able to make it back to the NHL after all he has endured, physically and otherwise. I know this: there are plenty of folks (myself included) around Washington, Hershey, Portland and the other places he played who will be rooting pretty hard for him.

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2 Comments on “Aulin Update”

  1. pgreene Says:

    good for him. i guess the shoulder’s in better shape? hope he catches on somewhere, if that’s truly what he wants. always seemed like a good kid (though i could’ve done without the paris hilton reference).

  2. sk84fun_dc Says:

    Mike – There was a short segment on Aulin during the CBC Hockey Day In Canada events on Saturday (there was a bit on Mel Angelstad, too, later in the day šŸ™‚ )

    Anyway, I have no idea how to provide the direct link to the short video, but if you put “Aulin” in the search field, the Aulin video will show up

    HDIC: Back to school

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