A Night to Remember

Ten middle school kids and two adult chaperones from Costa Rica made the trip to Baltimore two weeks ago, some seven months after their exchange student counterparts from Charm City ventured south for two weeks in Central America. The Costa Rican visitors have taken side trips to the White House, New York City, Philadelphia, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and a tubing excursion in southern Pennsylvania.

Last Thursday when the Caps hosted the Leafs at Verizon Center, the group from Costa Rica and their host families were the guest of the Capitals. Team president Dick Patrick graciously accommodated the group in adjoining suites, the Caps’ community relations department outfitted each of the kids with a goody bag of souvenirs to take back to Costa Rica, the game ops staff gave the exchange students scoreboard recognition and the caps.com video crew paid a visit to the suite to see how the kids were enjoying their first NHL experience.

A few of the kids counted the Caps game as “the” highlight of their visit to the Eastern Seaboard. The group has packed a lot of sightseeing and a lot of cultural absorption into a short (and very sleep-shorn) amount of time. They’ll head back home tomorrow with a lot of memories, some souvenirs and a new school year just a few days away. And the Caps have a few more fans in another spot on this planet of ours.

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3 Comments on “A Night to Remember”

  1. Mike L Says:

    When they mentioned them it was really nice at the game Thursday.

    Speaking of fans…maybe you should do a piece one day on some famous Caps fans out there. I know of a few famous folks who are Caps fans:

    Michael Weiss (the figure skating champion)
    Larry King
    Pat O’Brien

    There have got to be some others. Might be a fun article to write. 🙂

  2. Kevin Says:

    Don’t forget Pat Sajak!

  3. fauxrumors Says:

    Don’t forget Pat Sajack who is at quite a few caps home games. Sorry, Vanna isn’t with him!

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