A Good Sign

The local ratings are in for Monday night’s telecast of the Capitals-Penguins game on the Versus Network. The telecast drew the highest NHL regular season game rating ever in the Washington market. The national ratings should be out later today.

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9 Comments on “A Good Sign”

  1. Greg Says:

    C A P S CAPS CAPS CAPS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bill ball Says:


    The mid-Atlantic rivalries have never extinguished, at least not for the fans.

    It was a huge attraction even without the NHL’s marketing centerpiece.

    Yet Washington is cursed to play every team in the Nascar Division 8 times each.

    What would the ratings have been like for a Monday evening tilt against Florida?

    Or even Atlanta, where Kovalchuk and Hossa are far more established stars than the likes of Malkin?

    Win or lose, the revenue for Caps’ division games would double if fans had opposing arenas they could actually drive to.

  3. Mike L Says:

    The Caps Pens rivalry will always be there due to the classic playoff battles in the 1990s and early part of this decade. I’m still bitter about 1992 when the Caps had Mario and co. down 3-1, and then they went on to win 3 in a row from the Caps and win their 2nd Cup. After the season, Mario said that the second best team in the league that year was the Caps…

    And don’t get me started about 1986…

  4. Scott H Says:

    “Nascar Division”


  5. Matt Says:

    Speaking of TV.

    I pay for center ice – yet I can’t see the Caps game tonight against TO! Did I miss something?

  6. pucksandbooks Says:

    NASCAR division — an Instant Classic!

  7. notfadeaway Says:

    Matt: last night’s game was on the NHL Network, but not any of the Center Ice channels. This is a very good sign. More people watched this game than ANY other regular season game in Washington’s history? All those Caps-Flyers classics in the 80’s/early 90’s?

    Wow. And it was a 6-5 come-from-behind shoot-out win with Ovechkin and Backstrom stealing the show. Very cool. If only Brash had beaten the snot out of Laraque again…

  8. TN Says:

    That’s great to hear considering so many of us have transmission issues with Versus broadcasts.

    I had the good fortune to be one of about a dozen or so (it appeared) Caps fans at the Pens game. I would like to add a positive comment about Pittsburgh fans. Unlike experiences with Pens fans that we have had at the Verizon Center, the Pens fans around us made the game even more fun to watch. Hats off to them and the folks at Mellon Arena. They took the loss graciously and did not even begin to heckle us in our exuberant celebration of the win. They did “boo” Ovie but that only makes him laugh so “boo” away.
    Each of the away games I have attended this season (Toronto in Oct, Philly at Thanksgiving and Detroit) has been well worth the travel (even driving to Detroit in the snowstorm). The staff at each of the arenas, especially Detroit, have been more than helpful and friendly. Staff and fans alike always seem to be amazed that we travelled to the game. There is nothing like a game in a hockey town!
    I highly recommend an away game at the first opportunity.

  9. jim Says:

    I agree..I am so tired of seeing so much of Florida, ATL and TB…its hard to get rid of the hatred for Dirtburgh and their mouthbreathing, mullet fans…

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