World Waking Up

Having had the good fortune of watching Mike Green’s development the last few seasons, I guess I had no idea how far under the radar he was to the average hockey fan out there. That is until Nate Ewell sent me the following note:

Before the NHL season kicked off on Oct. 3, 2,523 drafts had taken place in the Fantasy Hockey Challenge. Green was selected in only four – four! – of those drafts (one live and three automated).

Wow. I’ll bet he’s not available to be had in any league these days.

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4 Comments on “World Waking Up”

  1. george Says:

    I think that’s an overall testament to most aspects of hockey relative to its status in the United States. Things we consider imminent, since the sport is in some part attatched to our daily lives, are on the fringes at best for the vast majority of the population. Granted, though I would imagine our neighbors to the North are responsible for the larger portion of Fantasy Hockey “action”, and obviously have a better grasp of the goings-on within the league, I’m not entirely shocked Green remained so unnoticed. The older I get (now being at the ancient age of 27) and the more media outlets I expose myself to, the more my eyes are openned to a certain disdain with which the SouthEast Division is regarded by the likes of the NHL elite. Even with superstars like Alex Ovechkin and the talent that exists in Tampa Bay and Carolina, these teams still garner a lot of negative attention. This is only made more disturbing by the precarious state of the hockey market. The SE is home to the kind of storylines that potentially make Disney sports movie magic, and continues as an untapped resource: the goal scoring race between Ilya Kovalchuk and Ovechkin, the “anybody’s title” tooth and nail race to clinch the division, the now purported “Crash Davis” of hockey, according to Mike Wise of the Post, coaching one rag-tag team of “ladies men” and unknowns into a string of wins (knock on wood). Despite my bias, the NHL is at a point where it is vital to unearth that kind of attention-getting news. I know according to Japer’s the NHL is still at DEFCON 5 on the media front, and probably will be for the next 4 weeks as black shrouded puckbunnies lay flowers on the steps of Mellon arena. It can only be speculated whether the SE will persist without notice in this time of need or the attention will rightfully shift in some way. If it hasn’t been suggested already, I don’t think it would be too remiss to start referring to Mike Green’s hockey stick as “Wonderboy”. Every little bit helps.

  2. M Says:


    I set up a bench boss team on at the beginning of the season and picked Green. I’m second in the league now, only behind a guy who has most of the senators in his lineup. But I’m closing in, baby! Go Green Go

  3. notfadeaway Says:

    actually, the same article that pulled those numbers about Green stated that he’s still only taken in like 56% of the fantasy leagues..

    Being a star in Washington doesn’t usually get you recognition across the league.

  4. sonia Says:

    i’ve considered putting him on my team but his +\- isn’t doing it for me yet. maybe next year 🙂

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