Johnson to Hershey; Merch Sales Up

The Capitals have assigned goaltender Brent Johnson to Hershey of the AHL for a conditioning stint. The Bears have three games in three days beginning on Friday, while the Caps are off until Sunday afternoon when they host Philadelphia in the second game of their current five-game homestand.

Johnson, sidelined since Dec. 27 with a sprained knee, will be able to get some live game action before returning to the Caps’ active roster.

I’ve been trying to keep my nose out of off-ice issues in these parts, but since someone asked me about this yesterday, here goes. Online sales for NHL-licensed product for the month of December were up 44% compared to the same period last year. The online sales of 26 of the 30 teams increased in December of 2007 over the prior year. The Caps’ own sales were up 89%, the third biggest increase behind Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Four of the top selling items were specific to the Jan. 1 Winter Classic in Buffalo. The top item on the list was the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 10 Greatest Games DVD (looks like all that incessant advertising on the NHL Network is paying off).

Finally, Alex Ovechkin player jerseys were the second hottest seller for the month, trailing only Sidney Crosby jerseys.

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4 Comments on “Johnson to Hershey; Merch Sales Up”

  1. Marks4Java Says:

    To be captain “state the obvious”, that last item is just one more smidge of evidence that the NHL should be peddling Ovy to the masses more than they are. If the NHL wants to use players to generate interest, I’d say a player’s “excitement factor” would be a big part of that. Ovy is way more exciting to watch than Mr. second assist.

  2. dmg Says:

    Well I guess those new jerseys were good for something

  3. Betsy Says:


    I’ll say it again: If Crosby is Paul McCartney, Ovechkin is Keith Richards.

    I was always a massive Stones fan personally, the far more “adventurous” bet…


  4. dumpnchase Says:

    Amen. They’ve got 13 years to figure it out now.

    The logo change probably had more to do with it. I wasn’t “wowed” in the beginning, but I’ve come around. Add in the fact that about a third of the teams in the league made their unis worse and the Caps are sitting pretty in that dept. FWIW, anyway.

    I’m a Stones guy, too. Not even close.

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