Wingnuts With Web Sites

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about here, don’t worry. You’re far better off not knowing.

A wise man once said, “There are more horse’s asses than there are horses.”

Another wise man once said, “A lot of people don’t have much food on their plates, but they’ve got a lot of knives and forks and they gotta cut something.” 

The line between rumors and lies is becoming blurred in rapid fashion. Not sure whether the bigger wingnut is the one making the stuff up or the ones who regularly visit to read it.

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23 Comments on “Wingnuts With Web Sites”

  1. strungout Says:

    This isn’t going to stop until he’s signed.

  2. TJ Says:

    I dont know who takes that guy for real, let alone pay to use his site. Pretty sad, probably the same people that click on popup windows 🙂


  3. Andy Says:

    That guy is such a joke. Anyone who honestly believes his garbage is a lost cause. I will admit it makes for a good laugh once and a while though! I do laugh when he claims to be hearing these things from “both sides.” I sometimes wonder if you and the other guys are feeding b.s. info behind a computer to him with Tarik and a bunch of others huddled around giggling like school girls.

    I will admit to going over to the site once and a while to talk Caps hockey with their Caps blogger, however the rest of the site is pure garbage!

  4. Izzy Says:

    The problem is that people still visit the site…page views are down, and then all of a sudden nonsense like this gets posted causing a stir, and just like that page views are up. He gets paid to generate traffic, not for journalism or common sense. Just don’t go there.

  5. pucksandbooks Says:

    I’ll go a step further: be an agent of change and deny creds to his surrogates, no matter how pretty they may be.

  6. norske Says:

    At least everyone knows that this guy has no credibility. What troubles me more are the lies and distortions that go into all the “Let’s get Ovechkin!” stories currently going on around the league in supposedly reputable publications. This tidbit, for example, comes from Jack Todd in the Montreal Gazette:

    “But the fact remains: Ovechkin has refused to sign a long-term deal with the Capitals. He will be a restricted free agent at season’s end, perhaps the most sought-after restricted free agent in NHL history. ”

    As far as I know, none of that statement is factual (except that if, in fact, Ovechkin made it RFA status, he’d be very sought after). I think many hockey writers feel unconstrained by any notions of journalistic ethics. This sort of thing bothers me more than the fictional ramblings of a guy desparately trying to stay in the spotlight.

    strungout is right: Just sign the guy and shut all of these idiots up.

  7. David Says:

    Eklund, or can he be called by his real name, Dwayne, has been lying for over two years.
    He got caought, threatened a lawsuit a couple of times and makes it seem to his readers that all is good.
    The guy is dangerous and should be banned from entering any NHL arena.

  8. Best post ever!

    I agree with pucksandbooks. How that website and its writers can be considered legitimate is beyond me.

  9. Gustafsson Says:

    Like I said earlier, “What does that guy smoke?”.

    I want to know if he laughs when he comes up with the stuff or legitimately thinks that fools will believe it.

    I’ll bet it won’t be over after AO gets signed. If the Caps have another bad year or two, there will still be trade “rumors” that the Caps will trade him to save salary or some other bunk.

  10. trevor Says:

    I think Eklund feeds of negative attention. So why do we give it to him?

  11. Jay Says:

    “I’ll go a step further: be an agent of change and deny creds to his surrogates, no matter how pretty they may be.” – puckandbooks

    I wrote an email to Ted this afternoon suggesting that very thing. Hockeybuzz has not earned the privilege of being credentialed. Anyone from Hockeybuzz should be denied creds and the team should public state they will not be credentialed. Make them live up to the bloggers code.

  12. Scai Says:

    The Caps should have shot this stuff down long ago by simply signing Ovie. Give him a blank sheet of paper and let him write down the numbers he wants. He’s gonna get what he wants anyway, that way at least it would have been over with by now.

    I do enjoy this site, though:

  13. Rice & Gravy Says:

    Who’s? Eklund, I thought this was about Bruce Garrioch???? 🙂

  14. Steve Says:

    Vogel shoots….and scores! Beats Eklund glove side!

    Scai makes a good point though..this moron (Eklund), and the rest of the sanctimonious hockey press in Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Ottawa, would not be able to write stories like this had a deal been reached. And while I appreciate the desire of the Caps management to keep the negotiations out of the press, it does make crap like this (OV+OK to Nashville rumor) almost inevitable.

    If the Caps desire to put this nonsense to bed, thats easy, Just get OV signed and this stuff ceases to exist.

  15. ThePeerless Says:

    In the hum-drum, mundane, work-a-day world, Eklund serves a valuable function…comic relief. It never fails that when I visit, I don’t just chuckle, I am left as a quivering puddle of goo on the floor in laughter.

    Blog on, Eklund!…you are the Milton Berle of our generation!

  16. K Says:

    Sad part is though that there are people who are believing it…

  17. pgreene Says:

    am i the only one who watches the simpsons? because the wisdom of the halloween special where all the ads came to life and took over springfield is particularly appropriate for tools like this guy.

    ignore the lard lad, people. he’ll die.

  18. dmg Says:

    I agree with Peerless, stuff like this is fantastic comic relief.

    I’m considering making a compendium of all the Ovechkin rumors and listing them so they can go back and be revisited when he does resign with Washington.

  19. stoopid blogger Says:

    …and his surrogate will be there again tonight.

    ” Eklund The Anonymous Hockey Blogger
    Today @ 3:44 PM ET | Comments (49)
    His wife is expecting their first child and he has elected to not attend.

    On today’s Talkcast We will be talking with Julie who is at the Verizon Center in Washington for tonight’s game, taking your calls and be joined by Shawn Vetter from Calgary.”

  20. slappy Says:

    Eklund has a wide stance. (e5)

  21. strungout Says:

    Well that solves that problem.

  22. dumpnchase Says:

    Solves it for another few years anyway. (V6)*

    * equivalent of Spinal Tap’s “11”

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