In Montreal, Finally

The original plan was to leave our hotel in Boston at 10 this morning. Late last night, we were told that time had been moved up to 9:30. But just before 9 this morning, we all got a call saying that travel plans were on hold because of a problem with the plane, and we would need to sit tight for a while. The players were assembled for an organized workout as it became clear that the delay would scotch plans of practicing at Bell Centre.   

To make a long story short, we left the hotel at 1:30 and didn’t get into our Montreal hotel until around 4:30. We missed the USA-Canada game in the WJCs, and the Caps won’t be able to hit the ice until warm-ups before tomorrow’s matinee game with the Canadiens here. Shortly after we arrived here, Tarik, Corey and I were able to chat with Bruce Boudreau. Here are some of his comments:   

On Steve Eminger returning to the lineup for the first time in more than a month and without the benefit of practicing today: 

“These are opportunities for a guy who hasn’t played a lot to play the greatest game of his life.  So all of a sudden the powers that be say, ‘You know what? We’ve got to play him.’

“Growing up you practiced once a week and you played and guys played great. The necessity to play and be on the ice every day sometimes is not all that important. I’ve seen some of the greatest games being played by a guy who had the day off the day before. I don’t think Ovie practiced the day before he scored four goals in Ottawa.”

On playing afternoon games:

“I love it. We did it all in junior. It was great. I think afternoon games are fabulous. You get to go have a good dinner and when you have a family you’re home early. You get kids at the games and it’s a louder, more boisterous place.”

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3 Comments on “In Montreal, Finally”

  1. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Kind of sounds like this game might be Eminger’s last chance.

  2. Dan, Jr. Says:

    By the way, Alzner scored the game winning goal for Canada. So, it will be Canada and Sweden going for the Gold. Neuvirth and Czech Republic ended up with fifth place.

  3. Turk from Alaska Says:

    Wow, who’s cereal did Eminger take a dump in anyway? C’mon Vogs you’re around the organization all the time… I’m sure you’ve seen him in practice as well… Is he THAT bad? Does GMGM think he’s more valuable in a trade by not playing him? You know… kinda hiding his cards, not showing anybody just how bad Eminger really is? It’s amazing to me that he can’t crack the lineup.


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