More on Gabby, More on Caps

There are a lot of blogs out there that do a good job of pointing you to things that other people have written, so I’ve steered clear of that for the most part around here. I’ve never found much use in trying to do the same thing everyone else does, anyway.

That said, I feel compelled to point to this excellent piece from John McGourty, who does a great job of writing for the league site. There are some terrific Bruce Boudreau stories and quotes in that piece.

The Caps were off today, and they’ll be back on the ice at Kettler tomorrow in preparation for Thursday’s game against Montreal at Verizon Center.

I’m still buzzing from last night’s game at the Joe. The hockey experience and game atmosphere and presentation were among the best I’ve ever encountered, and one that I would recommend for anyone who loves the game. The Wings certainly endured more than their share of hard times for a few decades, but they are and have been one of the classiest organizations in sports from the top down and it is reflected in everything they do. I was just peeking at the schedule to see if there was a time when I could take a trip out there with my son later this season.

I was downstairs when the Caps came off the ice after Monday night’s shootout loss to the Red Wings, and no one in a white sweater was happy or satisfied with the result. A year or two years ago, they might have been but it’s not the case anymore. The players I spoke with know they can’t be complacent and happy with the point and that they need to try to get the four points that are sitting out there between now and the holiday break, and goaltender Olie Kolzig mentioned it in a quote I used in my postgame notebook.

I also think it’s worth noting that Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock had some very complimentary things to say about the Caps’ performance after the game. He and Boudreau have faced off against one another before at the AHL level, and they spent a few minutes renewing acquaintances after the game. Here’s what Babcock said:

“It was a tough game for us. I didn’t think we were as good as we could be right at the start. And I thought they played well. They’ve got good players. I was impressed with their team. When you’ve been drafting as high as them for as long as they have, they have good players. It’s pretty evident they’ve been playing better since the last little while and I thought they were tough.”

“We didn’t get a forecheck going very often. They got the puck going out of their zone in a hurry and it was one of those games. I thought they played well. I was impressed, I really was. I thought it was a hard battle for us. There’s not many teams that keep us off-kilter all night long like they did tonight. I didn’t think we showed them enough respect at the start. I thought we got better but I thought they played hard. They amde it hard for us. Like I said, they’ve got good players. They’ve got real good hockey players and a good team. I was impressed with the Green kid on the back end. I thought he was excellent.”

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3 Comments on “More on Gabby, More on Caps”

  1. nvasauxfan Says:

    Great article on B.B. What are the major differences between him and coach Hanlon in terms of how he interacts with the players? Thanks.

  2. SovSport Says:


    It is nice to see you covering away games. Any match report is not complete without your input.

  3. Mark Tucker Says:

    I like that Green kid too! Sometimes I see flashes of Paul Coffey in his rushes. He’s not nearly as fluid as Coffey, but has the same “I going to skate around/through you now” determination.

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