Captain Karl

Congrats to Caps defense prospect Karl Alzner, Washington’s first choice (fifth overall) in the 2007 NHL E.try Draft, who today was named as captain of the Canadian National Junior Team. Alzner and his teammates fly off to Europe today in pursuit of Team Canada’s fourth consecutive gold medal at the World Junior Championships in the Czech Republic.

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4 Comments on “Captain Karl”

  1. Mike L Says:

    Everytime I read something or hear something about Alzner, the more and more impressed with him I become. Normally I’d root for the USA at the WJC, but I’ll be rooting for Canada this year.

    And next year, I suspect he won’t be going to the WJC as he’ll be busy skating 20+ minutes a night for the Caps. 🙂

  2. pgreene Says:

    in 3-4 years when we have a defense anchored by alzner, green and morrisonn, we will look back on what i like to call the doig days with a rye smile. in 4-5 years when captain ovechkin lifts the cup… ok, i just remembered i promised i wouldn’t drink at work anymore.

  3. zzuvaruins Says:

    I want him to make the Caps roster so bad next season… if only to see him get interviewed by Craig Laughlin. What a quote-fest that conversation that would be.

  4. Mike L Says:

    Hey P. Greene, I agree with almost everything you say there, but if Alzner keeps moving forward, in 4 – 5 years it’ll be Captain Clark lifting the Cup, then handing it to Alternate Ovechkin and Alternate Alzner… 🙂

    Nice to think about, esp. if they win it either here in DC or perhaps in Detroit.

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