What’s the Over/Under …

On how long it takes Larry Brooks to pen a piece declaring that Mike Green should be awarded to the Rangers because they’re the center of the global universe world?

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17 Comments on “What’s the Over/Under …”

  1. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Whenever trade talks start heating up, you can bet that Green’s name will cross the lips of many a GM.

  2. You’re absolutely right- it’s only a matter of time.

  3. Sean from Bristow Says:

    Green doesn’t make enough money (yet!) to attract the Rangers’ attention….all he does is play good hockey. Normally, that alone isn’t good enough to get you a locker at MSG. (Colton Orr being the notable exception, of course….)

    Meantime, 52’s got a ways to go, but still — Washington could be one the verge of learning firsthand how an elite two-way defenseman can dominate a game in a way that no elite forward ever can….

  4. pgreene Says:

    bwah ha ha!!! my favorite dn’c post ever!

  5. Mike L Says:

    The likelihood of Green being traded now is nearly nil. But the media in New York like to start rumors that a player is going to be traded to the Rangers/Isles/Devils just like the media in Toronto starts rumors about players being traded to the Leafs. Would you believe there was a rumor, started in T.O., that had Mario Lemieux selling the Penguins to Paul Allen (who would move them to Portland, OR), and then he would be traded to Toronto.


  6. Jon Says:

    Larry Brooks states that Nylander has a rotator cuff injury. So how does he find this out, yet the local Caps’ beat reporters do not. Or is it that the local reporters did know this, but refused to disclose it to the public – realizing they did not want to anger the Caps’ players and management?

  7. Jeroen Says:

    Doesn’t a rotator cuff injury generally take a while to recover from? It seems like Nylander is coming back to the ice a little too quickly for that to have been his injury.

    Back on topic: Man oh man, is Green ever fun to watch on the ice.

  8. AGTDNB Says:

    Larry Brooks is a D-bag just like the NYC RANGERS. I have to say that if we do trade green I want more than just draft picks. Like Ovie and Olie, green is part of a team that is already starting to turn things around. There are diffently going to be more butts in the seats if we keep playing like we did last night. I was on the egde of my seat the whole night. Bruce has diffently made a good argument for him to stay for a while. We should not give Green the chance to become a free agent, sign him for more years and give him some more money so that we can give OVie what he wants too. Lets make this team stay together for a while. IF GMGM doesn’t make tghe deal at the end of this season. I will be very very upset.

  9. frank Says:

    LOL! Great one Vogs!

  10. Frank M Says:

    nicely done Vogs… I think the over/under is the week before the ASG… since by then, Green will have sustained his scoring and be on the radar for more than half the season… that would make it 6 weeks!

  11. Jed Says:

    just read Larry’s article… what a d***. Out of curiosity, is not disclosing an injury “direct violation of NHL policy”?

  12. Wiley One Says:

    Larry Brooks doesn’t allow facts to get in the way of a good story. If he doesn’t know exactly what’s ailing Michael Nylander, he is not above making up something. This guy should be working for the National Enquirer because what he does is no better than tabloid journalism. What he meant to say was that he WISHES a rotator cuff injury on Nylander because he is pissed that anyone would ever leave the Rags. When MN plays in Tampa Bay Saturday, Mr. Brooks will be exposed as a fraud.

  13. Mike L Says:

    Just a side note about Brooks, having now read some of how he feels about the Caps. Any thought about not issuing him a Press Pass? After all, he covers the NHL, and apparently, in his eyes, the Caps are irrelevant. Since the Caps are irrelevant, then he doesn’t need free admission to the Phone Booth…

  14. odessasteps Says:


    Take what you read in a NY tabloid always with a grain of salt.

  15. fauxrumors Says:

    1) Ya mean Brooks hasn’t already written that?

  16. fauxrumors Says:

    1) BTW, whenever ‘Bloggers’ are derided by the main stream press for not having to be answer to anyone we love to point to Mr. Brooks, Garrioch, etc as writers who are evidently free to write without facts

  17. Mike L. Says:

    Would you believe the Montreal Gazette is now trying to start a rumor about Alex heading to Montreal since is a Free Agent at the end of the year. Now why do you suppose that rumor might be there? How come they’re not reporting an Ovechkin to San Jose rumor, or an Ovechkin to Phoenix rumor?

    Alex will be in DC for many years to come….I’m sure that will be announced soon enough.

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