Lineup Shakeup

First and foremost, defenseman Brian Pothier will sit out tonight, and John Erskine will take his spot in the lineup.

The forward lines will also undergo a noteworthy shake-up:


Caps coach Bruce Boudreau had some strong comments prior to the game. He stated that Pothier needs to play better, and thet since Brashear and Bradley always seem to be forechecking and keeping the puck in the offensive zone, he would split the two of them up and try to get two lines with that sort of forechecking presence. he also stated that the Caps must do a better job of keeping the front of their net clear.

If I get a chance, I’ll transcribe some of those comments.

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3 Comments on “Lineup Shakeup”

  1. bill ball Says:

    Looking forward to seeing those comments when you can transcribe them, Mike.

    Hope Pothier responds to having a seat. I’m sure a number of fans believe it was a long time coming.

    Interesting strategy mixing forecheckers with skill guys. Brashear and Bradley were previously creating great space and opportunities with no one there to really put them in. If you look at it that way, the unlikely line combos were a strategy at least worth implementing for a few shifts or so.

  2. Dan, Jr. Says:

    They really played well last night. There was definitely no lack of effort there. Has our much touted depth finally shown up?

  3. Luc Bertrand Says:

    The key for a good offensive line in hockey is as follows: a sniper, a playmaker and a checker. Ovechkin and Semin are obviously the best goal scorers on the roster, while Nylander, Kozlov, Backstrom are all fine passers. Pettinger, Bradley, Brashear and Laich have also proven being hard workers, strong cornermen and opportunist while playing shorthanded. Bruce Boudreau’s experience and knowledge of the young players promoted from Hershey paid off as the combinations of players revealed the goal scoring talent of Motzko and Laing.

    In addition, the pair combinations for defencemen also paid off with the offensive blooming of Green, Schultz and Erskine.

    It is good to see these guys replace so well established players like Nylander, Clark, Semin or Pothier in addition to demonstrate Caps scouts did a good job. It is still time to experiment things at this stage of the season, moreover following a coach change and with so many injured key players.

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