Pollock off to Russia

Hershey Bears defenseman Jame Pollock has decided to leave the team and has signed a contract with CSKA Moscow (the team formerly known as the “Red Army” team) in the Russian Super League. The team is coached by Vyachaslav Bykov, the Russian National Team coach at last spring’s IIHF World Championships in Moscow.

The Caps will suspend Pollock, effective today.

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One Comment on “Pollock off to Russia”

  1. Luc Bertrand Says:

    Personally, if Jame Pollock respects his NHL contract when he decides to play back in North America, I don’t see any problem. If CSKA Moscow provides him much ice time, he should progress faster than in AHL and he could just be better when he is again available to play in the NHL. For sure, Pollock should pay a fine for breaking his contract with the Capitals, but the vacant position left in Hershey will provide an opportunity for another defenceman to develop. Don’t forget Alexander Semin did the same move on the other side last year and the Caps were happy to have him back in the roster to remove pressure off the back of Alex Ovechkin. This was one of the reasons the Caps offence was more balanced last season than in 2005-2006.

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