Patriot-News Says it’s Laing

According to the Harrisburg Patriot-News, the Caps will recall left wing Quintin Laing from Hershey of the AHL to join the parent club this weekend on its two-game road trip to Carolina and Florida.

Laing, a 28-year-old native of Harris, Saskatchewan, is a gritty checking forward who is in his second season with the Bears. His previous NHL experience consists of three games with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2003-04, a stint during which he registered one assist.

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15 Comments on “Patriot-News Says it’s Laing”

  1. rink raith Says:

    If the Caps need scoring why bring up a “gritty checking forward?” I know they are replacing Clark & Gordon, but they aren’t going to win many games scoring one or two goals.

  2. KV Says:

    I’m on board with whatever the new chief wants to try. I just can’t get over all these story’s like; Caps visit the 5th graders. Caps recycle in the locker room. Caps plant a tree… Less time saving the world. More time practicing.

  3. depressed caps fan Says:


  4. pgreene Says:

    rink, i think it’s because there are no goal scoring forwards to call up. gritty checking forwards (and the unsigned jake kelpis–don’t go there) are all we got.

  5. John Says:


    As much as Laing is a qualified and worthy recipient of a recall, wouldn’t calling up Clymer for this slot make more fiscal sense? They are paying Clymer NHL money to play in the minors, and his recall would allow them to showcase him to others at the NHL level. Also, will Laing need to clear waivers to be sent back to Hershey?

  6. K Says:

    If we try to recall Clymer he’ll have to go through waivers and if I read somewhere that if someone picked him up we’d still have to pay half his salary so that will never happen. I don’t know how true that is though…Vogs is that how the waiver thing works? Any word on AO signings at all?

  7. dumpnchase Says:

    I think it’s a case of BB knowing who he wants and Laing being the best guy to replace what’s missing. If Semin was the guy missing, maybe we’d see Bourque. Clymer is playing through a groin injury himself these days.

    Laing cleared waivers at the end of training camp, and will not need to clear again until he reaches the 10-game or 30-day threshold on an NHL roster this season.

    The Caps passed Clymer through re-entry waivers just after the start of the season and he was not claimed. Paying half his salary is not a consideration. As for Ovie, the deal will get done. No one else can even talk to the guy until July 1, so there’s no need for any worry.

  8. HotDog88GT Says:

    When reviewing the not-kicked-in goal by OV tonight, why are we denied camera angles? There is a camera in the net, isn’t there? From the replays I saw there was no way to see a DISTINCT kicking motion. He turned his skate, yes, but I didn’t see any kicking motion – a STUPID wording.

  9. dumpnchase Says:

    I agree that we need to see more angles, especially on the Green non-goal at the end of the period. Why can we not see an overhead view with a clock iso in the corner? As to the Ovie goal, certainly was no kicking motion (as in the kind of kicking you see in soccer), but they always waive that one off. Looked like Brindy’s stick might have been above the bar, too. One of those nights.

  10. Turk from Alaska Says:

    Vogs, don’t you mean one “more” of those nights.


  11. Anthony Says:

    The difference to me is that they actually did their best last night, and still lost. To me, this is an actual one of “those” loses. The others this season are the ones we could have tried harder and won some more of. No hockey team is going to have 0 losses at the end of the season. The difference to me is that they need to play at least that good every night, not just occasionally. There are lots of games where that effort should have won them the game. The PK and the PP were both to me, awesome last night.

    Oh and I only get more and more impressed by Mike Green this season.

  12. dumpnchase Says:

    Yep. Exactly what I meant.

    I know what you’re saying, and you’re right, but last night’s game wasn’t the first in which their effort was there for all 60 and the results were not. I think we (or at least I) may have overrated them coming into the season, and I also think they’ve underachieved. But I don’t think anyone can claim that this team has gotten a lot of breaks and bounces to this point in the season.

  13. Anthony Says:

    Isn’t the idea then to keep that level of play up and keep some momentum going?

    Also, its wierd, when I look at the standings, although yes we are still quite a bit away from the 8th spot, we aren’t that far from a lot of the other teams in the bottom 8. It actually gave me a small amount of hope. We have 18 and at the time when I looked earlier in the week there were 4 or 5? that had 22-23. I know they don’t give a prize for the 9th team.

  14. Jeremy Says:

    I have to say, I like Laing. The amount of shots he has blocked in just the few games that he has been here has been really impressive.

    I’ve also noticed him on the ice in pressure situations – he seems like a really solid defensive forward.

  15. dumpnchase Says:

    Yeah, they’ve got to gather some momentum, start winning games in chunks and avoid losing streaks. The Isles currently occupy the eighth spot, and they’re on a pace for 92 points. They’re in the midst of a streak in which they’ve scored two or fewer goals in 12 straight games, but they’ve somehow managed a 5-6-1 mark in those games.

    To those of us who have seen Laing play regularly in the AHL the last few years, his play these last few games hasn’t been as revelatory. Eyebrows were raised when he was recalled the other day, but those of us who are familiar with him weren’t surprised at all. He’s a lunch-bucket guy and a heady player who always gives full effort, and I’m glad to see him having some success at this level.

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