Injury Update

Just got some updated injury info from Nate Ewell. Alexander Semin is healthy. Chris Clark is day-to-day with a groin injury, and Boyd Gordon is week-to-week with an unspecified injury. We should expect some player movement from Hershey prior to Friday’s game with the Hurricanes in Raleigh.

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5 Comments on “Injury Update”

  1. pgreene Says:

    how is semin healthy? how healthy is he? i’m not the paranoid fan type, but i’m getting a little sick of the yo-yo, and am becoming dangerously close to reading “ankle” as “attitude.”

  2. false_cause Says:

    I have no trouble believing Semin’s ankle still hurts and that “healthy” just means “good enough” and that it will still hobble him at times. I hurt my ankle playing hockey in 2001 and it still hurt me most of a year later. If you assume that Semin’s superior health and care are offset by a more significant initial injury, it’s plausible that he will have issues with it for a long time.

  3. dumpnchase Says:

    I guess he’s healthy because he says he is. You’re not alone in your views, I’m sure. We’re a third of the way through the season, the Caps are starving for goals, and a guy who was being counted upon for a large offensive contribution has yet to stay healthy for as many as three consecutive and complete games. It’s frustrating. And when he is on the ice, he is a pale shadow of the Semin we saw last season. Whatever he needs — rest, rehab, whatever — to get back to last year’s form, I’m in favor of it.

    Ankles are tricky. Yogi Svejkovsky missed 50 games with an ankle injury in 1997-98. But you’re right, ankle ailments can linger.

  4. Turk from Alaska Says:

    Vogs, c’mon man… You’re killin’ me! Anymore “news” like this and I’m going to have to get drunk just to make it through three periods of Caps hockey. That’s an early drunk considering games come on at 3pm out here.

    Missin’ the days at the Capitals Centre,

  5. Paul Says:

    After speaking with Sasha’s father at the Florida game. He told me that the Cap’s conditioning team may be at fault for Semin’s lack of performance. Apparently they have him working 3 hours a day doing upper body work in the gym. Heavy weight with low reps. His arms are now so pumped he cant even feel the puck on his stick and has lost a great deal of flexibility. He finally got into an argument with the training staff and refused to do anymore upper body work. Papa also told me “THE ANKLE IS FINE”

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