Hartnell Gets Two

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but another Flyer has been suspended for a questionable hit. You can find the Scott Hartnell hit on Boston’s Andrew Alberts on YouTube, but I was more interested in Hartnell’s comments, as quoted by The Philadelphia Enquirer‘s Tim Panaccio:

“Lupul chipped the puck to that D-man and he went down low to block the puck,” Hartnell said. “I thought it was going to get by him. I let up a bit and finished my check. I think he put himself in a vulnerable position. I definitely didn’t intend to injure him.

“It wasn’t deliberate; I didn’t try to hurt him. I’m not that kind of player. If you look at the all games this year and past years, I’m a guy who finishes his check. He was close to boards. It wasn’t like he was two or three feet from the boards. . . . I let up. It’s unfortunate he stayed down.”

When I read that, I was reminded of Hartnell’s quote after he flattened Washington’s Boyd Gordon in a Friday afternoon game at Wachovia Center. Here’s what he had to say after he was asked if he wanted to make a big hit to get things going:

“Oh absolutely. There was nothing going on in the first 35 minutes and [Joffrey] Lupul said to me on the bench, ‘Let’s go get some big hits.’ The guy [Gordon] had his head down. It wasn’t a late hit, [I] just tried to finish my check really hard.”

As we’re finding out, that’s how they roll. Hartnell is the fourth Flyer to incur a league suspension for on-ice behavior since September.

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7 Comments on “Hartnell Gets Two”

  1. Jeroen Says:

    Here’s the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZQDjqahgM0

    So you only get two games for hitting a guy who’s on his knees? That was a blatant and undefendable head shot performed by a player on a team that’s already had a number of players suspended for this action! How long will the league let the Flyers get away with this?

  2. Turk from Alaska Says:

    Ok, how many from Philly is that this season? Could you suspend a coach for a team’s misconduct? If a coach can be held accountable for poor on-ice performance (Hanlon) can Stevens be held accountable for the style of play we’ve seen from the Flyers this season?

    I’m all for hard hitting North American hockey, but some of the stuff the Flyers have been pulling this has been inexcusable. If was was king I’d make any team playing the Flyers put those little “stop signs” on the backs of their jerseys.


  3. dumpnchase Says:

    From now on, Philly is the City of Brotherly Shove.

  4. Sean from Bristow Says:

    Stopping this unabated clownery is a matter of making a choice: either turn the NHL into a men’s rec league and ban contact, or get rid of the instigator rule and give the boys a chance to take care of themselves–kinda like it used to be when the NHL was, you know, better.

    Even the skill guys can do it. Don’t think so? Load the link below and wait 45 seconds.

    Yeah, I miss my NHL….

  5. Dan, Jr. Says:

    That’s not finishing your check. That’s head hunting. So obvious! You just don’t hit a man when he’s already down! The guilty player, head coach & team owner(s) have to be fined in a situation like this. Merely suspending Hartnell for a few games isn’t gonna cut it.

  6. old time hockey Says:

    Its kind of a weak suspension. Yes, he was on his knees and vulnerable, but Hartnell was clearly braking when he hit him and didn’t finish it. Penalty, sure. Major, maybe, but a suspension is pretty lame, and I hate the flyers.

  7. DMP Says:

    Well the flyers are back to their old selves again being the bad ass team.
    To me its hard to say if he was really going for the head shot because if you watch the video he was already fully commited to a hit and at those speeds its really hard to manouver out of the way he had about 1 second maybe a second and a half to change his commitment at the speed he was going if he went to dodge he would’ve slammed himself into the boards possibly injurying himself and possibly giving Boston full control of the puck which could possibly lead to a goal.
    Think of Ovy on Briere last year.
    Everyone keeps saying there is more head hunters in the NHL now I personally think that because all of the rules changed for freedom of play players have just gotten careless and are keeping their heads down more. The only way to ever solve head shots is to have hight restrictions and to take hits out of the game.

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