Fathers and Sons

Nate Ewell passed this along this morning. It’s pretty cool.

Chris Bourque is the 23rd son of a Hall of Famer to reach the NHL and second currently in the league (Paul Stastny). The full list:

Gerry Abel——————————Sid
Syl Apps Jr.—————————–Syl Sr.
Pierre Bouchard————————-Butch
Chris Bourque—————————Ray
Terry Clancy—————————- King
Pete Conacher—————————Charlie
Brian Conacher————————–Lionel
Bryan and Dennis Hextall—————Bryan Sr.
Mark and Marty Howe——————-Gordie
Brett Hull———————————Bobby
Daniel Laperierre————————Jacques
Muzz and Lynn Patrick——————-Lester
Craig and Glenn Patrick—————–Lynn
Tracy Pratt ——————————Walter
Paul and Yan Stastny——————–Peter
Bobby Francis—————————-Emile (builder category)
Danny Geoffrion————————-Bernie (Boom Boom)
Steve Gainey—————————-Bob

With Bourque and Brent Johnson, the Caps now have two sons of former NHL players on their roster for the first time in more than two decades.

As best as I can tell, the last time would have been in 1985-86 when Pat Riggin (son of Dennis) and Alan Haworth (son of Gord) were both Capitals. In 1984-85, they had Riggin, Haworth and Paul Gardner (son of Cal).

In 1979-80, Pierre Bouchard (son of Butch) and Dennis Hextall (son of Bryan Sr.) played for the Caps.

Bouchard, Hextall and Craig Patrick (son of Lynn) were all here in 1978-79. The 1977-78 team had Patrick and Gary Smith (son of Des). The 1976-77 team had Patrick and Harvey Bennett (Harvey).

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8 Comments on “Fathers and Sons”

  1. Greg Says:

    Sweet!! Imagine if he can be half as good as his father. That would definitely be awesome for the Caps Organization. I.E. kind of like how Stastny is doing

  2. sk84fun Says:

    a few more

    – Geoffrion’s Boom Boom and Dan
    – Emile and Bob Francis
    – Add Paul’s brother Yan

  3. dumpnchase Says:

    Thanks, Sk8. Nate just passed those along as well, via Comcast’s Adam Miller. I’m going to make the edits in the post.

  4. Matt Says:

    I think we aren’t winning because we lack vertical stripes on our sock and thus our NEW “RBK Complete Systems” are as powerful as previously predicted.

    Just a thought…haha

  5. Cleanfront Says:

    Don’t forget Abel tree goes further in the NHL.
    Brent Johnson is Sid Abel’s grandson.

  6. doug Says:


    On Saturday night, I came away from the game feeling many of the Caps gave less than 100% effort. I can stand the Penguins loss, even stomach the Vancouver game……but this one…..WOW.
    Posters seem so negative on Schultz/Pothier — and for my money, they have played much better of late than Jurcina/Morrison. This is frustrating stuff, Mike.

  7. Bill Says:

    Who is “Nate” that you mention in your post?

  8. dumpnchase Says:

    I could have used more fire in the third period, definitely.

    That would be Nate Ewell, the peerless director of media relations for the Washington Capitals.

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