Here Come The Hawks

I lived in Boston when I fell in love with hockey, but I grew up mostly in Chicago and spent most of my adult life there. I never was a rabid Blackhawks fan, but I loved the old Chicago Stadium, respected the history of the franchise and loved the logo. So it has greatly saddened me to see the life sucked out of the team and the franchise over the last decade-plus, and to see Chicago reduced to an afterthought as far as hockey towns are concerned.

Since the passing of Bill Wirtz just over a month ago, the Hawks have had new life breathed into them. Bob Pulford is out, and televised home games are in. To make a splash with the new TV schedule, the Hawks commissioned a series of TV spots. They’re not spectacular, but they’re not inane and they do make sense, and they feature hockey players. Hawks hockey players. They’re pretty good spots, I think and they offer further evidence that the Hawks have some direction once again and are ready to make a footprint in that great sports city.

You can check out the spots on the ad agency’s Web site. There are also YouTube links there, but I’m directing you to this site because there’s some info about how fast this whole project had to be thrown together. Which makes it look even better. Forgot to mention that ex-Cap Robert Lang is featured prominently.

And here’s a reminder of how it used to be. (Thanks to longtime reader/podcast listener Matt Carbone for the heads up on the new spots.)

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6 Comments on “Here Come The Hawks”

  1. TJ Says:

    Decent commercials. You know they probably put less work into them than the stupid tattoo vid…..and they actually were relevant to hockey.

  2. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the shout out – I’ve made it to the bigs.

    Vogs – I was staying of the ledge for about as long as possible but man this is tough…

  3. sonia Says:

    these commercials are great! it’s puzzled me that the caps haven’t made any commercials like these in recent years.

  4. TJ Says:

    Sonia – One word, Creativity. Seems its lacking allot int his organization.

  5. dumpnchase Says:

    Fans want to see the players, and I think they like seeing the players in a non-hockey environment. On the ice, they’re moving fast and they’re helmeted. Here, they’re personalized. Real nice job on the fundamentals, and realizing that something like this is far better than glitz and flash. Of course, they may have wanted glitz and flash but just didn’t have enough time to do it. The more I see ’em, the more I like ’em.

  6. […] few months back, I wrote about the Hawks’ ambitious new TV campaign. Since then, the Hawks have reached out to legendary alumni Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita and Tony […]

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