To Chris Bourque on his recall from Hershey and his impending NHL debut. He joins Alex Ovechkin, Jeff Schultz and Mike Green on the Caps roster from the 2004 NHL Entry Draft class. I know how hard Chris has worked to get here, and I think he has a good idea of how hard he’ll have to work to stay here.

Washington is in dire need of a spark of some kind, and hopefully he can provide it. Too bad we won’t be able to watch him take the ice tonight against the Atlanta Thrashers. Listen to Steve Kolbe’s call on the 3WT network: 1500 AM, 820 AM and 107.7 FM.

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34 Comments on “Congrats”

  1. Mark Tucker Says:

    I agree. Congrats Chris!
    I know many in “Caps Land” are sad we can’t view your first NHL game live.
    I hope this game is one we’re forever bitter we missed seeing.
    Best of luck…everyone needs it!

  2. strungout Says:

    So Vogs….what’s the over/under on Bourque’s TOI tonight?



    On a line with Steckel or Sutherby?


  3. dumpnchase Says:

    Strung. It’s a valid question. Since I’m not on the trip, I’m not sure. I know he didn’t skate with the team this morning tho, so that’s not gonna help.

  4. Mark Says:

    I like Chris Borque, but let’s face it – he is not the answer.

    I was dumbfounded at how bad our boys looked last night – I figured that they would come out like in Toronto (not a 7-1 win, but with the enthusiasm and hustle). It seems like now if they don’t score in their first 5 shots, they just stop working as hard.

    As much as I like how they had been hustling and working hard for Hanlon, if they lose tonight, to make it 10 out of 12, I think it is time for a new voice in the locker room.

  5. Muddapucker Says:

    Chris Bourque may not be the answer on the score sheet, but not many on the current team are.

    However, he might bring some much needed heart and passion. The kid wants to play and give it his all. 100%

    Think we could use a little of that? I do!

  6. Allsmoke Says:

    Do you know what’s much better than watching a young caps rookie who has worked his ass off, been told he’s too small and persevered, playing with grit and passion making his debut in the NHL……

    Watching Jagr who caused this firesale collapse and as yet unrecovered team to suck it up, play brendan witt who demanded a trade in the pre-season after the lockout take each other on…… If we can find the channel on TV.


    Thanks uncle gary

  7. BernieWolfFan Says:

    Of course our guys were working hard for Hanlon but the system is not working. What about a GM style of a John Muckler and HC style of a Bob Hartley? Both are available. If Ted does not put the old paradigm aside and go with proven winners, we will not finish above 70 pts like we did last season.

    Falls Church

  8. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Last night’s game was the most frustrating so far this season. The defence seemed non-existant for most of the game. The thing I can’t forget is a moment about a third of the way through the first period with the camera on Stillman. He was sitting on the bench tapping a finger on his helmet while shouting to his team something along the lines of “we’re gettin’ to em boys!….we’re in they’re heads! Wish the game was on tonight, so I could get rid of that memory. So I’ve been looking around for something to cheer me up. Found a story on of all places about one of our future Caps -

  9. Dan, Jr. Says:
    Travis Morin is doing well. But, you don’t want to look at the “Frozen Moment”. It’ll just cause flashbacks.

  10. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Lots of player movement throughout the organization. Ripple effect , I guess. Also have (RW) Tom Maxwell & (D) Patrick McNeill joining the Bears at Norfolk tomorrow. Meanwhile (RW) Andrew Gordon heads down to join the Stingrays in Charlotte on Wednesday night. Hope these changes don’t cause the Rays record to go downward like the Caps & the Bears.

  11. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Tonight’s game is scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow @ 11:30 AM on Comcast SportsNet. This recorded version may be available through “On Demand” before that.

  12. TwoANDTen (in last 12) Says:

    So how many more games do the Caps have to lose for them to DUMP and CHASE Glen Hanlon off the bench?? I think it’s time for a new coach..too many OT games dropped, too many one goal games dropped, lack of formation, lack of defensive formation, lack of shots on the power-play, lack of shots from the point…I think you get the point..players rarely get FIRED UP when they should be, and the team is now way too good to be playing with their heads down. We need a Ted Nolan type coach that gets the most out of every player on the ice and is not afraid to sit a non-performer. Look at what he’s doing with the Islanders, they were picked to be one of the worst teams and we were picked to be the sleeping giant of the East make the playoffs…its about time somebody awakes that giant from hibernation..we’re NO LONGER REBUILDINGGGGG!!!

  13. kenhockey Says:

    Convinced yet?

  14. fauxrumors Says:

    1) We figured last night would be a W, considering their recent past with Atlanta and they were starting their 3rd string goalie. getting an OT loss is not a good result
    2) Of course if they follow that up with a win in Kanata then last night could be looked upon as a spring board of sorts(Anyone believe they will beat the Sens on the road?)
    3) That would bring them home Saturday 5-10-1 on pace for a 56 point season!

  15. Muddapucker Says:

    I got nothing left to say until things change. This can’t go on. I feel for Ted, its bad enough from a win/loss point of view, but that translates into dollars. How in the heck do you market tickets for a team that is performing the way the Caps have. Sure, they may always have the loyalty of some of us hardcores, but our group isn’t big enough to make them financially viable.

    And how about Ovechkin and/or any other free agent that the Caps might be interested in signing in the future. Given the same or better money to sign elsewhere on a playoff team, where do you think they are going to want to go?

    We have to improve, we can’t continue like this. I was of the opinion before the season started that we had a legit shot at the playoffs. I still believe that. Its not too late to save the season, but it will be in three weeks or so.

    Maybe, management is willing to write off this year and concentrate on next year. The trouble is, Caps fans have been continually waiting for “next year”. Is it ever going to get here? Can they afford not to make changes now?

  16. BernieWolfFan Says:

    My point exactly. Come April Ovie does not want to think about tryin’ for another hole in one again ya know? And the way Hanlon has him going, he’ll be too ragged out or god forbid, injured even if we do make post season.

    It is not just Hanlon. McPhee has had a decade and should have learned from the Cassidy experiment. Oh wait, I mean Ted should have learned. George too needs to go but I guess Ted is banking on his new pay-on-line (WashPost article today)venture to cover the dollar issue raised by Mudda.

  17. BernieWolfeFan Says:

    How long do any of you guys think Lindy Ruff will be in Buffalo?

  18. SnipeCorners Says:

    Maybe Lindy Ruff will be behind the Caps bench come pre-season!? What’s Scotty Bowman doing these days???

  19. BernieWolfeFan Says:

    My point exactly. All joking aside we have to make a change asap or at this rate, Ovie will either get injured, burnt out, or just flat out demand more than another hole in one come April.

  20. BernieWolfeFan Says:

    It concerns me that CBourque is being thrown into this kind of situation where he is seen as some sort of catalyst on an underperforming NHL team. Sure he could step up and become this medicine man, but injuries aside it needs to be done with the player/personnel that came out of camp. Just wondering how long into the season Leonsis will let McPhee and Hanlon hold training camp.

  21. Capnut Says:

    Hooray!!! Finally a Caps supported site that allows fans to voice the real problem with this team…coaching!
    The supposed “rebuild” that Ted Leonis has stated is “over” will not be over until we get some new, winning leadership behind the bench. Glen Hanlon was a sub .500 goalie as a player, and he has been a sub .500 coach. How long do you stick with a coach like that. I feel like I’m being forced to support a team with, at best, an interim quality coach. I’m tired of hearing the excuses and the comparisons of how close we are to having a winning season. Ownership needs to grow a pair and do what they did in Atlanta. They are not an organization that is going to settle for mediocrity. Apparently we are.

  22. Muddapucker Says:

    I don’t agree that Hanlon is a bad coach or subpar or whatever. He is a good coach, particularly when it comes to young players and developing players, I can’t remember what nation he coaches for in the Olympics. I think it is a small Baltic nation, maybe Belorus. He is known as a good teaching coach.

    My point is that I think his players are taking advantage of him. They mistake his style for tolerance. I doubt they even know it, but they are doing him in.

    My personal opinion is that at this point they need a coach that cares less about teaching, mentoring and development and more about results. Somebody needs to crack the whip. I just don’t think our present Caps team sees Coach Hanlon in that light.

    To me, its a natural evolution. It occurs with most teams. The original effectiveness that a coach has on a team is often times lost as the players learn the coach. Its the rare coach that keeps his team off balance and is aloof from his players that has significant tenure.

  23. CapitalSpirit Says:

    Chris Borque’s NHL debut, and we have to watch the game on TAPE DELAY. The sheer indignity!!! (Herb Brooks, wherever you are, call your office.)

    Can we win in Ottawa? Even I have my doubts on that one, and I may be the most foolhardy optimist on the whole 400 level. If we DO win that one, it might be just the springboard we need–assuming we beat the Bolts in our barn Saturday night.

    Looked at another way, there are a dozen teams in the East within 8 points of each other right now. And we haven’t even carved up the turkey.

    So stay tuned, Caps faithful! That fat lady ain’t even dressed yet!

  24. BernieWolfeFan Says:

    McPhee and Hanlon need to go now. Olie is no spring chicken and come spring, I’m sure the Vezina winner will demand another kick at the can for real this time. This sucks.

  25. Capnut Says:

    Does anybody know what is wrong with Jurcina?

  26. Muddapucker Says:

    Please tell the fat lady to get some clothes on… I can’t take much more.

  27. Greg Says:


    What store do you purchase your “Rose-Colored” glasses? Honestly, I appreciate the enthusiasm and the positivity you try to bring to the blogging community, and to Caps fans, but at some point us Fans want to see results and not excuses.

    I’m just saying, it wouldn’t hurt to say it how it is every now a then, ya know?

    Dedicated Caps fan

  28. Muddapucker Says:

    For the record, I got no problems with Vogels objectivity. As a matter of fact, I think he knows what he’s talking about and am always interested in what he has to say. I know Vogs doesn’t need me to come to his defense, his reputation stands for itself, but I think anyone that would question Vogel’s objectivity says more about himself than he does Mike Vogel.

  29. Greg Says:

    Of course he knows what he’s talking about. But he’s also holding back on saying what he knows. Excuses last for only so long. After a while, they no longer apply.

    He gets paid to say the things he does and to keep things positive, otherwise he wouldnt have a job anymore.

    But at some point, when will people realize, everything isnt so peachy any more?

  30. Muddapucker Says:

    I am not sure any of us, including Mike Voge and Caps management, knows what the problems are. I have my opinion and you have yours. As a matter of fact you and I may agree, but that doesn’t mean we’re right.

    I thought the piece on the “Gang that couldn’t shoot straight” was a very revealing subject. It got me thinking. Did he have to criticize the indiividuals by name or did he let the stats speak for themselves? Clearly, there is a problem. Did he blame Hanlon’s system, did he blame the players? Was it even necessary? He just laid out the facts. The truth is that both players and coach are involved in both the problem and the solution.

    The trouble is, you don’t axe a team. So that brings us to the Coach. I think that we all wonder whether or not a change is in order. I don’t expect Vogel to call for his Hanlon’s head. I think Vogs does his work if he gives his readers good sound information and lets us draw our own conclusions. I don’t see an effort on his part to sugar coat or otherwise portray the Caps problems in a manner other than what they actually are.

  31. Greg Says:

    To the contrary, a lot of what he does discuss is sugar coating this teams real problems.

    But only time will tell if this team will turn it around or not.

  32. Shaggy Says:

    Nice points, Mudda – how can we possibly know the one thing wrong with the club? But are these kids programmed by Hanlon to shoot into lanes that are more often than not blocked? Would a crafty player like Semin know better? Probably. I think the skill level is still lacking, and Semin’s absence and Fehr’s mysterious injury are big reasons why. The otehr reason, which is the subject of a different thread, is Ted’s refusal to spend more on a quality defenseman or winger. Right now, only Nashville and Phoenix are projected to spend less than Washington this season.
    How would Ottawa perform without Heatley or Alfie? How about at the same time? Not quite as well, perhaps. Hanlon gets a free pass, IMO, until Semin, Clarkie, Poti get back to full speed.

  33. Greg Says:

    Mass hysteria?

  34. CapitalSpirit Says:

    Thank you, Shaggy, for saying what I’ve been saying on the injury front for some time now.

    For those who say injuries are just a convenient excuse for losing, answer me this: how would the Penguins be doing right now without Crosby (captain), Malkin (number 2 scorer), and Gonchar (leading ice-time blueliner), all at the same time?

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