It’s Olie

The Caps will go with Olie Kolzig in goal, marking the first time this season that he will start games on successive evenings. Washington’s lines will remain the same as they have been for the last two games. The Caps were shutout in New York last night, but played well and certainly generated enough offensive chances. The same bunch combined for seven goals in Toronto on Monday, and we’ll soon see what tonight brings against the Flyers.

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3 Comments on “It’s Olie”

  1. kenhockey Says:

    When is it time to get concerned? When they’ve won 4 out of the last 20? Last night’s game was an embarrassment. So much promise, so little return. If they lose their next 2 of 3, or all 3, then what would you suggest? We can only buy so much for so long. It does get rather old.

  2. Olie the goalie Says:

    I’m a big fan of olie – but make him a coach – 2 softies a night – tomorrow’s blog should also be titled “It’s Olie(‘s fault)”

    Let’s go Caps! Yea, this is harsh and only b/c our O sucks this year – had we had a legitimate offense – we’d be praising our D and G. But when you lose 8 of 10 – you’re D, your G, your coach, your GM, and your owner all suck (even the zamboni driver sucks) – something (other than our team losing) needs to happen.

    Sorry Olie the Goalie – if you didn’t know this – you’ll never win the cup in D.C. and that is not necessarily you’re fault.

  3. BernieWolfeFan Says:

    McPhee and Hanlon need to go now. It concerns me that CBourque is being thrown into this kind of situation where he is seen as some sort of catalyst on an underperforming NHL team. Sure he could step up and become this medicine man, but injuries aside it needs to be done with the player/personnel that came out of camp. I’m just wondering how long into the season Leonsis will let McPhee and Hanlon hold it. Olie is no spring chicken and come spring, I’m sure the Vezina winner will demand another kick at the can. This sucks.

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