Monday Morning Skate

We got into town here in Toronto yesterday. We went to the hotel, dropped off our bags, and then I accompanied Nate Ewell and Olie Kolzig over to the XM Studios. Olie was slated to be the first guest on the premier edition of a new XM show, “Hockey Confidential.” A car was waiting to take us over to the studio, and when we arrived host Scott Laughlin and a studio audience was all sert for Olie to start.

Nate and I sat in the audience and watched as Laughlin and Olie chatted. It was a terrific interview of about one hour in length, with a couple short breaks in between. The show promises to be a terrific one, and it’s something XM hopes to run monthly. We’ll let you know when the Olie show will air, and you won’t want to miss it. I’ve known Olie for about 12 years and there were a couple of things he casually tossed out there that I did not know about at all. It’s going to make for very good radio.

He talked about goalie fights, scoring a goal as a goalie in juniors, his foundation (Athletes Against Autism), playing for the German National Team, his boyhood travels, the Caps, Alex Ovechkin and plenty of other topics. The XM folks were tremendous, and it was terrific being able to meet Scott, Mike Ross and Dan Blakeley.

The only downside of the excursion was missing out on the Hall of Fame trip. The team went over to the Hockey Hall of Fame en masse on Sunday afternoon, but by the time we had returned from XM the tour had been completed. I will talk to a few of the players to find out how that went.

I’m typing this from the lower bowl of the Air Canada Centre, where the Leafs are finishing up their morning skate. A few of us are sitting here sipping Tim Horton’s coffee and discussing the public address announcers around the NHL. Joe Beninati is capable of spot-on imitations of all of them, so we’re not lacking for entertainment here.

The Caps will be on the ice in another 30 minutes or so, and I’ll be back later with more news. Pre-Cap airs at 3:30 today as well.

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9 Comments on “Monday Morning Skate”

  1. Any chance you could give us an insiders look into Joe Beninati? We all know how great he is on the mic, but he also seems to really love the game of hockey. It would be interesting to find out more about him. Plus, he has an incredibly hectic schedule these days. I recall hearing him last Thursday night on a Versus college football game in New Mexico and then he was back in Washington the next day. That must have been some turn-around.

  2. Jeroen Says:

    I second Capital Fanatic’s request for a more in-depth look on Joe B! I definitely miss him on the nights he can’t do the Caps games.

    Also, any chance we can get an update on Clark, Semin, and Poti’s injuries? I’m hoping Clark can make it back in for tonight’s match vs. the Leafs, and I suspect Semin and Poti are out for a few more days (at least).

  3. Cheapseats Bob Says:

    Any chance there is a website for the XM hockey radio guys? I have looked on the XMradio site but there is no link to the Home Ice shows. I am sure I have heard Scott Laughlin mention a website but I cannot find it.

  4. Mike Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Thought you might like to see this story about Peter Bondra retiring. Here is the link:

    Enjoy! Love the blog!


  5. bill ball Says:

    Beninati request thirded. The guy is gem. I’m assuming Versus has figured that out. I hope we don’t lose him entirely from the Comcast games. It’s just not the same without Joe. I prefer his work to anyone that currently calls the game.

  6. Justin Says:

    This guy is a joke

  7. OrderedChaos Says:

    Good stuff Mike. Looking forward to the XM interview.

    By the way, tonight’s win is even more impressive with Semin, Poti and Clark missing from the lineup. Nice job guys!

  8. pucksandbooks Says:

    Shameless elite morning beans name dropping

  9. Ed the Hockey Slave Says:

    Looking forward to the XM show, Mike.
    Olie is an impressive knowledgeable interview. His work with the kids leaves them with memories to last a lifetime. I wonder how many kids lives Olie has changed for the better by his interaction.
    Got to the Hall of Fame 2 years ago with my son’s pee wee team when they played in a Toronto tournament. It’s definitely a trip worth taking and provides a look into the past. I remember what it was like before helmets. Got my picture taken with the Stanley Cup so I can take that to the great rink in the sky. I recommend taking the tour when the chance arrives again.

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