Bondra Retires

I think we all knew this day was coming, but today former Caps great Peter Bondra made it official when he announced his retirement from the NHL as a player to become the general manager of Slovakia’s National Team. All of us who know him and who watched him on the ice for so many seasons wish him the best of everything in his new endeavor.

Thanks to those of you who left comments and who sent emails regarding this news.

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9 Comments on “Bondra Retires”

  1. TJ Says:

    Best of luck to Bonzai in his new position. He was a a great Cap, and will always be remembered as one.

  2. Mike L Says:

    When I took my wife to her first game during the 2000-01 season, she got to see Peter score a goal during the game which he celebrated with his usual enthusiasm (jumping up getting all excited.) She thought he was a rookie or young kid as opposed to the 10 year veteran player he was at the time. She immediately became a Bondra fan, not just because of his talents, but also because of his infections enthusiasm during the game…

    Now that it’s official, when is the number retiring ceremnoy going to take place? 🙂 The Caps are going to need some more room up there to hang #12 alongside 5, 7 and 32 (with #37 to follow once Olie retires as well, and eventually of course, #8).

    And Peter, if you’re reading this: Good luck with your new endeavors.

  3. DebCapsFan Says:

    He was always terrific to me and my family and I will miss him.

  4. nya Says:

    Too many great memories but I will go with a goal and an assist. Goal, the overtime slapshot against buffalo in route to the cup finals. Assist, the double contract hold out with pivonka that got pivonka more money then he would have ever gotten. pivonka assisted on many a bondra goal but bondra gave him a big assist on that contract.

  5. Captn Clark Says:

    Good for him getting the GM job with team Slovakia, and good luck in general to him in the future. I’ll miss Bondra’s days with the caps but its those days I’ll remember. No need to be all worked up over this recent circus, there’s enough of that not involving Bonzai as it is.

  6. TG Says:

    Any chance that he’ll be able to help out the Caps with scouting/development from that part of the world? Or did the bridges really get burned when he got traded?

  7. Chopseuy Says:

    I’d like to see the Caps honor him one night. He was one of the greatest Caps of all time. Congrats Bonzai!!

  8. Bill Says:

    I enjoyed watching Peter play for many years and I enjoyed his skating style. It was always great to see the way he celebrated scoring a goal. I was kind of hoping that he would play with Washington one more time.

    Peter, if you’re reading these, best wishes in your endeavors. Bonzai!!

  9. RJ Says:

    The Bondra’s still reside in Annapolis, I imagine they will remain a fixture in the DC area. Good luck to a great Capital

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