Semin Signed, and Other News

The Capitals and Alexander Semin have come to terms on a two-year contract extension. The deal will pay the Russian left wing $4.2 million in 2008-09 and $5 million in 2009-10. The salary cap hit will be $4.6 million for the term.

I’m typing this from the lower bowl of the Scottrade Center. The ice is being resurfaced, and the Caps are in a team meeting at the moment. Washington will come out shortly, but the skate is an optional. St. Louis has already skated and Blues head coach Andy Murray just held court with the media. More on all this, and update on Chris Clark’s status and some lineup info in a bit.

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6 Comments on “Semin Signed, and Other News”

  1. tcushva Says:

    Wow, didn’t expect Semin to sign so soon. I thought they would wait to see what kind of numbers he’d have. That said, glad it’s done.

    Sorry Lowe, no offer sheet for you.

  2. SovSport Says:

    Great news. Thanks for the term details

  3. Scai Says:

    Great News! Wow!

  4. Jim Says:

    Semin is probably my favorite Cap. I’m glad for the contract.

    Why is the ice being resurfaced when they’re going on the road?

  5. doug Says:

    I think Vogs was talking about the ice in the St Louis arena. When Vogs was writing his blog, the Zamboni was making rounds on the ice.
    Speaking of ice in the Phone Booth — Vogs, what is the ground truth on the ice conditions? I’ve looked at blogs from other teams, and the Phone Booth has always drawn criticism. From time to time, I’ve heard the same thing. If this is true, why not fix it? This should be far, far easier than making drastic personnel changes. At least they should be able to control that.
    Glad to hear that Clarkie’s long-term health is good – that was so scary. A hit on the ear, though, could cause some swelling in the inner ear-drum, which impacts equilibrium. That could months (if it happens, which we pray it doesn’t)
    As to Semin’s contract, great news. good on GMGM. I think in these days of inflated salaries, we got a reasonable deal for both sides.
    We will probably see a 3 or 4 year deal (but not longer) for Ovechkin, my opinion. Probably about twice the money of Semin’s deal. I would guess a 4 year, $36M deal, max.

  6. […] out Mike Vogel’s blog for details of the contract. More information to follow . . […]

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