Poti Out Again

Caps defenseman Tom Poti skated this morning but his groing injury has not improved sufficiently enough to permit his return to the lineup.

Chris Clark does not have a concussion, but he does have a lot of stitches in his left ear. Said a team spokesman: “We’re going to look at bringing him into Toronto.”

Clark’s injury means some lineup tweaks will take place tonight. Nicklas Backstrom will center a line between Alex Ovechkin and Viktor Kozlov. Tomas Fleischmann will return to the lineup, skating the left side of a line with Michael Nylander and Alexander Semin.

For the Blues, teenaged 2007 first-rounder David Perron will get a sweater tonight, playing in his second NHL game.

I’ll have some more details on some of these developments and some other observations after I get back to the hotel.

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6 Comments on “Poti Out Again”

  1. Dan Says:

    I like the first line pairings. Backstrom has shown definite improvement…and the ability to keep the puck in traffic.

    I hope Clark is ok – my 5-year-old son asked me to write a get well card to CC…this is the second time he’s seen him felled by a puck…and he was quite concerned.

    Thanks for the reports.

  2. Scott Says:

    Alright – I’m hoping this OV-Backstrom-Kozlov line looks good (as well as Semin-Nyls-Flash)

  3. sonia Says:

    i’m excited to see how this incarnation of the first line works out!

  4. doug Says:

    Mike, thanks again for keeping us in the loop. I was disappointed in the penalties last night, but it was a fun game to watch and I liked the Caps effort.

  5. Dan, Jr. Says:

    I think we’ve all been anxious to see that first line configuration. The second line looks good too. Gonna miss Clark though. Hope he’s back real soon. I’m sure he’ll play as soon as they let him. Is there a special “ear guard” helmet?

  6. Mike L Says:

    I have to say, when Clarkie went down vs. Vancouver, that was the second most scared I’ve ever been for anyone at a game I’ve been at in person (the worst was when Ron Hodges, a linesman, got a slapshot right into the chest at the old Cap Centre.) Clarkie took a shot from Ovie right on the head in a spot that’s not all that protected.

    Hearing that it’s just stiches and not a concussion makes me feel better. Hopefully he’ll be back tonight.

    And in answer to Dan Jr., they do make earguards for helmets. Dimitri Khristich wore them full time…

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