The Toronto Maple Leafs are apparently making a play for junior sensation John Tavares, possibly offering him an AHL contract to play in town with the Marlies. Given the rules in both the NHL and the AHL, this looks like a reach that will ultimately prove fruitless. I much preferred then-Florida GM Rick Dudley’s attempts to select Alex Ovechkin in the 2003 draft, claiming that leap years made him eligible to be drafted.

Here’s the link from The Toronto Globe and Mail.

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One Comment on “Loophole?”

  1. M- Says:

    I remember the leap year thing. That was a good try. It also put Ovechkin on the fan radar, for me at least. I was so stoked when the Caps won the lottery that year. Speaking of which, after the lockout, I thought it was BS that the lottery didn’t replicate the standings of the previous year, as it should have. Bettman is a tool. Given all the Sid coverage this year, I’d say there’s a good chance he’s Pittsburgh’s tool.

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