Shaking off the Shackles

Ex-Blackhawks President Bill Wirtz hasn’t even been in his grave for a month and already the winds of change are blowing freely through the offices of the grossly neglected Windy City NHL franchise. Recently came the news that longtime front-office denizen Bob Pulford had been “reassigned” from his position as Hawks’ senior vice-president and named vice-president of Wirtz Corp.

Today, more rumblings from under the ground were detected after the Hawks issued this news release:

“Representatives of the Chicago Blackhawks met with Comcast SportsNet executives today to begin discussions about televising some home games this hockey season.

It’s important to understand that Comcast SportsNet’s current schedule was developed well over a year ago, so fitting the Blackhawks into that schedule cannnot be done overnight. No definitive agreement has been reached at this time, however, we are convinced that it is the appropriate next step to re-energize Chicago hockey fans and create new fans. We are also working on a long term strategy for televising additional home games in the future.

As we have already shown, we will continue to embrace positive changes and remain committed to a bright future. We hope to be able to provide additional information on this effort in the very near future.”

Wow. Imagine that. Re-energizing Chicago hockey fans and creating new fans. Funny how that never occurred to anyone when Wirtz was still alive, eh?

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2 Comments on “Shaking off the Shackles”

  1. Matt Says:

    I would love to live in Chicago and be a proud Blackhawks fan – would be a much better western team to cheer for rather than the Blue Jackets.

  2. Betsy Says:

    Such a proud, blue collar town and original six franchise to have been “ignored” for so long. I actually had taken to wearing some of their close-out gear around casually – even though I’m such a Red Wings homer – because I felt sorry for them. At least it was some small recognition.

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