Point/Counterpoint, Sorta

The NHL has been pimping Sidney Crosby pretty hard since before he even laced up the blades for his first preseason game with the Pens. That lovefest continues tomorrow night on Versus, as I learned when I received an email from the league with the subject line: “Sidney Crosby Revealed — Tuesday on Versus.”

I’m pretty sure it’s not Sid in a Speedo. But I’m really not worried one way or another because I won’t be watching. Wake me up when the league decides to start hyping some of its other players, and maybe even a player from a different continent.

If you want to read a breathless account of this television extravaganza from someone who really tries to capture the spirit of the thing, I’d direct you to go here. Early Halloween treat indeed. That’s pretty spooky.

Ever seen a blog with a longer subtitle? Not me.

In the interest of equal time, I present this rejoinder.

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53 Comments on “Point/Counterpoint, Sorta”

  1. TJ Says:

    You know, I probably would have more respect for him if he didn’t pull the shenanigans he did in his first season. Its not a good impression when you take dives your first year in the league and you’ve be proclaimed the best ever.


  2. Chris Says:

    I respect Crosby as a great player…he may go down as the best of our generation but at the same time the media love affair has too much tunnel vision for its own good. Putting all their eggs on the Crosby basket may prove to be a bad thing for the NHL…only time will tell.

  3. Matt Says:

    You are not alone. Its nearly impossible to watch VS without hearing about Crosby. The NHL and their make believe headlines/lets do anything possible to get Crosby’s face on NHL.com is just shameless.

    He is a great player, this stuff may not be his fault but jeez its annoying. When Gretz was playing, was it this bad? (Forgive me, I’m young)

  4. Jed Says:

    I actually noticed that Crosby was on the ice three times on Saturday night:
    1. When he ran into the net behind Johnson.
    2. When he made that beautiful, and impressive pass to get his assist.
    3. When he got flattened by Ovechkin in the neutral zone trying to pull that cute little spin move.

    I think that he is a great player, but he is not who I would choose to represent the NHL, he’s too much of a pretty boy, and – as far as I can tell – he only plays offense. If you really need to pick one young guy to represent an entire league of team players, I would have picked OV. He’s got the offense, he’s got the aggressiveness, and he’s becoming one hell of a defensive player. But, then again, I’m a Caps fan and I hate the Pens almost as much as I love the Caps.

  5. pgreene Says:

    it was once said, perhaps in an ancient chinese proverb, that the number of exclamation points in any given writing is inversely proportional to the IQ of the drafter. i see our friend sydney the blogger is proving just how right the ancient chinese were. vogs, i’m sending you the laundry bill for the shirt i ralphed on when i viewed that site.

  6. Betsy Says:


    Checked out the Crosby site. I’d been wondering what Lemieux and his kids were up to lately.


  7. Loser Chris Says:

    You guys are right, the NHL is crazy for not marketing Ovechkin more instead of Crosby! Afterall, he’s got all the qualities you would want for the face of your league;
    – He barely speaks the language.
    – He plays dirty.
    – He won’t make the playoffs.
    – He plays in a town with lousy fan support (unless you count Pens fan support).

    That’s a recipe for success if I ever saw one. At least AO still has his starring role on “Cavemen”. You can’t beat that kind of exposure!

  8. pgreene Says:

    i tell ya, it’s like clockwork. any time anyone speaks of crosby, the bat-sign goes up in penguins land and they must rush to his defense. i’ve never seen any group of people more insecure about something.

  9. Loser Chris Says:

    Yeah, clockwork, just like the Pens owning the Craps in the playoffs. Wait, maybe I should explain that for you…

    You see, in April when the Caps are all out on the golf course living it up, some teams in the NHL are still playing. It’s a tournament that runs through June where the victorious team gets a thing called the Stanley Cup. Not that I would expect any of you to know about that.

    And you want to talk about insecure, how about a so-called pro that bashes a blog that someone runs in their spare time yet is 100 times better than his? I can just see Ted Leonsis sitting in his office every morning, clicking on his Dump N Chase bookmark, and muttering to himself “I’m paying minimum wage for this?”

  10. pgreene Says:

    tee hee hee… penguins fans are funny.

  11. doug Says:

    So Chris, who is this mysterious person….who runs a blog in their spare time yet is 100 times better than his?……

    How is Malkin’s command of English, which by the way is one of the toughest foreign languages to learn. For comparison, how is your Russian?

    As to the “dirty play”, Ovechkin is among the top five hitters in the NHL. That’s a part of his game. Hockey is a rough and tumble game.

    The playoffs, only time will tell on that subject.

    Fan support, well I’m sure stats show Pittsburgh had some down times as well.

    For the record, I think Crosby is a great player and the Pens have a nice team. I wish them luck except when they play the Caps.

  12. ThePeerless Says:

    I see ads for these things, and i get this “kiddie beauty pageant” creepy feeling about them. “Sidney Crosby….revealed?” Hell, he’s only 20 years old, what is there to reveal, his secrets for acne cream?

    Yeah, he’s a prodigy…we get it. But the NHL’s (and their partners’) 24/7/365 devotion to all things Crosby has an “all their eggs in one basket” quality to it, too. None of this works for the league unless Crosby wins…how interesting can a player on a one-and-done playoff team be in the long term? Maybe the league — as fragile as it is these days — should be hedging its bets a bit more.

  13. NoVARon Says:

    I watched the program and I did not get anything other than “Oh what a great player Sidney is.” Nothing that gives a sense of his personality other than he is a terrific hockey player. Chris even if I might prefer Crosby over Ovechkin as a hockey player, if I had to go bowling with one of the two I would pick Ovechkin. I certainly would like to see Crosby when his guard is down a bit, when he is relaxed and doing things away from hockey. Crosby as a person comes off as less interesting. Its too bad that the program did not reveal Crosby, or maybe he is a dull person. Nothing wrong with that.

  14. thepensblog Says:

    As long as the MEDIA is attacked for being Crosby fanboys, as opposed to Crosby being attacked simply for being more marketable than Ovechkin, then none of this is a big deal.

    If you’re going to attack the attention Crosby receives, then do it — criticize the NHL, Versus, whoever.
    But don’t attack Crosby or his fans or someone who blogs about him.
    That’s just dumb.

  15. CrosbyGirl87 Says:

    OMG!!! I wish all of you would stop bagging on Crosby!!! He is the best player in the NHL because he has so much respect for the game and he puts his heart into every game. You guys really need to grow up and leave Crosby alone. And of course I would pick Crosby over Ovechkin ANYTIME!!! And ‘The Sidney Crosby Show’ is absolutely the best blog ever about Sidney Crosby. The person that writes for the blog is an amazing writer! They are very big fans of Sidney Crosby and if you have a problem with that then you have no life! And I agree with ‘thepensblog’ by saying that you should criticize the NHL, Versus or whoever is always putting Crosby on the screen, not Sidney or anybody else. I’d say that Crosby has MANY more fans than Ovechkin! He is sooooooooooooo good at what he does. The reason why the television programs that air hockey shows Sidney all of the time because he is the best. Who won the Art Ross award, Hart Memorial Trophy, and the Lester B. Pearson Award AND who had the most points last year??????? You should know the answer…SIDNEY CROSBY!!! So stop attacking him, stop being jealous that he is sooo much better than Ovechkin.

  16. Girls, girls! You’re BOTH pretty!

    Seriously, are Caps and Pens fans actually fighting here about whose overhyped young superstar gets less respect? SERIOUSLY?

  17. CottonCandyMAN Says:

    First I would have to say that it is not Crosby’s fault that the media is always around him. He is a GREAT hockey player!!!!!! He puts his heart into every game and he respects all the players. Who is the best role model for kids?? The answer: SIDNEY CROSBY!!!! And don’t be criticizing the “The Sidney Crosby Show”. I read the blog every day and it is awesome. Are Caps fans jealous that the pens have better players and a better fan base. I mean come on you guys can’t even do a white out!! I would have to agree with CrosbyGirl87 when she says Crosby has more fans than Ovechkin. Look who has been winning all the trophies. It is sure not Ovechkin!! Crosby IS and will ALWAYS be an awesome player. Face it!!! CROSBY IS BETTER THAN OVECHKIN!!!!!

  18. Ashley Says:

    Wow, really classy, putting down someone who runs a blog in her spare time. You’ll get the humanitarian of the year award for that one, for sure.

  19. dumpnchase Says:

    Reading comprehension, kids. Didn’t put anyone down, didn’t say Sidney wasn’t a great player.

  20. Lisa Says:

    A person has to fall pretty low to write, and be completely rude, about someone who manages a blog in her spare time, for no reason except keeping us Penguin fans informed. I think you my friend are jealous of both her and Mr. Crosby. It’s like Jes wrote today (yeah she wrote about how incompetant you are) if Sid had been drafted by the Capitals, you would be writing about how amazing and wonderful he is, not bashing him because all in all, he’s better in everyway than you. Jealousy is petty. Grow up a little for the sake of yourself and the NHL.

  21. Chantelle Says:

    Ok, before we get started, I’m not a Penguins fan, or a Washington fan. I’m a HOCKEY fan. Now, on to my opnion. Why are we attacking a blog that you wouldn’t have known about until it was brought to your attention by some Caps fan? And without reason? How mature is that of a journalist? What did these bloggers ever do to you other than be a fan of Crosby? I mean, is it because he’s not American? Or is it because he doesn’t play for the Caps? I do think in my honest opinion that, if Sidney Crosby were to be in a Caps uniform, there would be a different song being sung here. To me this hate of Crosby and his followers is nothing more than envy and jealousy. Yes, Sidney is a good hockey player and the league is marketing him like there is no tomorrow, but so is Ovechkin. So, Caps fans, be proud of the young talent you have, and give them your attention, and stop harping about all the attention Crosby is getting, positive or negative, cause no matter how much you voice your disdain, that is more attention for him and less for your team. And for the love of GOD, stop making unprovoked attacks against innocent bloggers. It’s just inane and selfish. What kind of journalism is that? In summary, stop with the incessant attacking and smear campaigns. We’re all fans of the game deep down, regardless of the players, and to sit and say childish, abusive things out of spite or loyalty is just awful, rude, and cruel.

  22. bwahahahaha Says:

    ovechkin… one of the top 5 hitters in the league?


    oh man, that’s rich.

  23. adam Says:

    ROFL, this guy is the head writer for the Washington Capitals? And who is vain enough to put a massive sketch of themselves on the banner of their blog?

  24. Loser Chris Says:

    – So Chris, who is this mysterious person….who runs a blog in their spare time yet is 100 times better than his?……

    Snoopyjode of course! Hell, my blog’s better than this one and I barely have any time to devote to it.

    – How is Malkin’s command of English, which by the way is one of the toughest foreign languages to learn. For comparison, how is your Russian?

    1st, I’m not on here whining that Malkin should be marketed more heavily. 2nd, I’m not planning on playing making my living as a public figure in Russia any time soon, so my Russian is pretty irrelevant.

    – As to the “dirty play”, Ovechkin is among the top five hitters in the NHL. That’s a part of his game. Hockey is a rough and tumble game.

    He may be one of the top 5 hitters on the Caps. And there’s a difference between “rough and tumble” and dirty.

    – The playoffs, only time will tell on that subject.

    Time and our two Stanley Cup banners.

    – Fan support, well I’m sure stats show Pittsburgh had some down times as well.

    And I’m sure someday the Caps will have an “up” time aside from when the Pens come to town and their fans fill your arena.

  25. Arlow Says:

    God, I am sick and tired of you god damn whining caps fans. If it was A.O. getting the attention, this guy would be wrapped in a blanket in some dark room with hand lotion and some moist towelettes. At least A.O. is the front runner to star in the leading role for the “Capt. Caveman” live action movie coming out next year.

  26. Barrasso35 Says:

    I just think it’s a little ridiculous that someone who is a professional blogger would take the time to make fun of someone who is doing it in their spare time. Sidney Crosby is an amazing hockey player, even Capitals fans should be able to tell that but he is marketable and, the fact is, right now the NHL needs to be as marketable as possible. As has already been discussed by LoserChris and others, more eloquently, as far as marketability goes, Crosby>A.O, that’s just how it is. The NHL, Versus, the press are all giving Crosby hummers because his exposure means money for them.

    As for the commenter attacking Pens fan support, this discussion has been had time and time again and the fact of the matter is that Penguins fans are some of the most loyal hockey fans in the world. Even when the Pens were worse than the Capitals the fan support was still there so talk all the crap on Sid and the media circus that surrounds him, that’s fine with me, but don’t dare impune our honor, we love our hockey team as (some of) you love yours.

    And leave Snoopyjode alone. The Sidney Crosby Show is done out of love in her spare time, she isn’t getting paid by the team to do it. The fact that you would even insult her blog is pretty pathetic.

  27. J Dilla Says:

    Without getting into the usual petty back and forth regarding who is better and why the NHL should recognize other players and blah blah blah, I offer you this:

    1) Mr Dump N Chase, you typify the NHL fanbase when you say that you won’t watch Sidney Crosby Revealed. Rather than watching a program about the best (and most complete) player in the NHL, you boycott over petty hatred over a rival team’s player. If this was a show about Anze Kopitar or how Patrick Kane is off to a blazing start or how Phil Kessel made an amazing comeback from cancer, I would be there in a second. Would you?

    2) I have no doubt that everybody in DC loves “Ovie”. I will admit that Ovechkin is a talented player. However, his defensive play is seriously lacking (no, just hitting people doesn’t count) and considering that he was a toss up #1 draft pick with Evgeni Malkin, don’t make him out to be the victim here. He is good at his game. Malkin is good at his. And Sid is the best overall player in the league.

    3) It is easy to hate Pittsburgh fans (whether they root for the Steelers, Pirates, or Penguins) because they show up at every away game across the country. A small minority of these fans travel from Western PA, but the rest have become fans over the years due to the infectious fanaticism of Pittsburgh. You should be embarrassed when the Pittsburgh minority commands so much of your attention AT YOUR OWN HOME GAMES. I love Toronto fans (except when they punch a pregnant woman in the stands). Why? Because they come to Pittsburgh and go crazy for their team. That’s dedication. Something that the Caps (and many other teams) don’t have. Pittsburgh teams do.

    Stop complaining about Sidney. How about you focus on your own great rebuilding process. The Caps are a solid team and should look to make the playoffs very soon. How about you put some butts in the seats, support your team, take a road trip for God’s sake, and let’s play some hockey.


  28. Stoosh Says:

    Reading comprehension indeed, Mr. Vogel. May I also suggest looking in the mirror?

    You may not have put Crosby down as you claimed above, and I’ll agree with your take on that end.

    You also responded by claiming that you didn’t “put anyone else down”. If you say so, I suppose.

    But if you’re going to lecture us about comprehension and then claim you didn’t put anyone else down, I’d suggest you go back and read what you initially wrote:

    “If you want to read a breathless account of this television extravaganza from someone who really tries to capture the spirit of the thing, I’d direct you to go here. Early Halloween treat indeed. That’s pretty spooky.

    Ever seen a blog with a longer subtitle? Not me.”

    I suppose using a thinly-veiled smarmy tone to take an unsolicited shot at someone writing a blog in their spare time isn’t “putting anyone else down”. I beg to differ. It’s very much that, especially when you apparently didn’t bother to comprehend the tone of your writing in the context of the website you were targeting – namely, a blog run by someone on their spare time. It’s bush league at best, sir. You might as well have included some pompous chuckling to go along with it.

    As the head writer for the Caps’ website and someone who likely gets paid for that work, that makes you a professional, correct? And doesn’t being a professional in your field genrally hold you to a higher standard of integrity? Doesn’t that include having a working understanding of the difference between professional journalism and the general blogosphere?

    So just how far down your “journalistic” nose were you looking when you decided to take this cheap shot at someone running a site on their spare time?

    If you indeed do draw a paycheck from the Caps, you should be embarrassed that you get paid for holier-than-thou garbage like this.

  29. NoVARon Says:

    Mike good job as always. Seems like some bandwagoners and puckbunnies upset because we don’t fawn over Mr. Crosby. Sorry Mr. Barrasso but prior to drafting Sidney attendance was pretty crappy in Pittsburgh for a couple seasons.

    Two points. There are a lot of people that are turned off by the overhyping and overexposure of Crosby, no matter how good he is, just like we got annoyed by seeing the same frigging teams (Flyers, Rangers, Red Wings on national tv at the expense of other teams).

    Secondly, as my prior post alluded to, the Versus documentary did not reveal anything new about Sidney Crosby. He is an utterly remarkable hockey player, but nothing on the documentary went beyond adulation of his hockey skills. Ovechkin is one of my favorite athlethes (not simply hockey players) not simply because he is a terrific player, but because of what I have seen of him as a person and some stories I have read about things he has done off-camera. I was hoping something in the Versus show would reveal other aspects of Sidney Crosby personality. It failed.

  30. Amanda Says:

    Ok, here are my two cents: I am a Sabres fan (I know, I know, they’re getting slaughtered right now), but I am a hockey fan more than anything. I bought NHL Center Ice and I spend many nights turning from game to game, much to the chagrin of my non-hockey-loving husband. That’s right, I’m a woman. I am not a puckbunny and I doubt that any of the women who have left comments here are. Puckbunnies don’t tend to comment on matters like this from what I’ve seen.

    Now, on to the matter at hand. I agree that it was an unwarranted cheap shot by a “professional” writer to an amateur blogger. I read a lot of blogs, including The Sidney Crosby Show, and I find her writing entertaining. What’s wrong about being enthusiastic about a player you love?

    I also own a marketing company and I would give anything to have the NHL’s ear for even five minutes. Yes, Crosby is over-hyped. Yes, Ovie is entertaining. But come on, people – let’s face it. Crosby is good-looking and Ovie, well, is not. The NHL is playing to the fastest-growing sports demographic – women. Women don’t want to see Ovie. He scares us. 😉

    The NHL, and Versus by extension, have done a miserable, terrible job marketing this great game of ours. Sure, they should hype Ovie more. They should also hype, let’s see – Pat Kane (dude’s 18!), Henrik Zetterberg, Jerome Iginla, Daniel Alfredsson, Rick Nash, the dynasty known as the Staal family. I could go on, but you get my point. The NHL seized on Crosby because they were desperate, and they’re staying with them because no one in the NHL’s marketing department appears to have an ounce of creativity in their bodies.

    I think we can all agree that the NHL sucks at marketing. But taking a shot at the player himself (which a lot of people do) or at a blogger who is a fan of his (which, let’s admit it and be a man, you did). Why are we all fighting? Let’s enjoy the game that we all love!

  31. Chris L. Says:

    dumpnchase: “breathless account” … “that’s pretty spooky” … sound to me like some snarky put-downs of Snoopyjode (a “spare time” blogger whose love for her man Sid rivals that of both the league and versus).

    But I did like the Dickie Dunn reference. Find that on imdb.com, didja?

    GO PENS!

  32. Spencemo Says:

    Thank you, Amanda, for making part of my point for me: In general Puckbunnies don’t become engaged in these types of conversations because they can’t. Puckbunnies show up to games wearing pink team shirts and blank looks on their faces because they have no idea what’s going on before them. A Puckbunny also will not be found running a blog about any sport (OK, maybe Cheerleading – and that’s a stretch), let alone hockey. So, to call any female fan that showed up anywhere in this conversation (including me) a Puckbunny is the highest of insults.

    Now, for a “professional writer” to stoop to the level of belittling Snoop or any other amateur blogger is just asinine. I can only presume that there isn’t enough content in a Caps game to write an entire column about, so he must have to fill the blank pages somehow. And by doing it that way, you do a disservice to your team and the NHL in general. Grow up, man.

  33. ryan Says:

    I guess it’s easy to understand why Caps attendance sucks when the lead writers for the team are guys like this. I’ve never seen a “professional” writer attack (albeit subtly) a fan blog, let alone even mention a fan blog. It all boils down to one thing, JEALOUSY. (or maybe incompetence)

    Previous posters have pretty much covered everything very eloquently, but just one more thought…not counting the home opener (which should sell out on it’s own, and yet, didn’t)…here’s the attendance numbers for the last 3 games in d.c.:

    18,277 (sellout…against, well you know)

    Which means, pens fans accounted for roughly 7000 tickets….or about 40%.

    Say what you want about Pens attendance B.C. (before crosby), but I can assure you that a visiting team has NEVER accounted for anywhere near 40% of ticket sales for any single game.

    Go Pens.

  34. Loser Chris Says:

    I also want to point out that this is especially rich coming from a team whose owner has gone out of his way to promote fan blogs and increase accessibility for them.

    Maybe you’re just feeling a little threatened by all the new bodies in the press box eh Vogel? If that’s the case maybe you should focus on doing some legit writing instead of singling out and attacking the exact same demographic your boss is trying to promote. Or maybe you already realize it’s only a matter of time before one of these fresh faces takes your job so you’re going out in a blaze of glory.

    Maybe we’ll just have to get Snoop a press pass for the next Pens game in Washington…

  35. Brett Says:

    wow, there’s some hella-hate going on in here.. First time reader and poster on this site specifically, but I’ve been deeply rooted into hockey for 10 years now and my nightly entertainment is as many games as I can watch (which is many with Center Ice!)

    I believe Crosby seems so ‘dull and boring’ because he is trained to be extremely careful with what he says. Just like any celebrity or sports figure, any questionable thing that is said will be blown out of proportion. And it’s in Crosby’s best intentions to remain the “good guy” in the national spotlight, per se.

    Ovechkin is indeed a gritty, powerful, downright-scary player. I love catching any footage of him I can simply because he looks like some sort of genetically-altered ogre-warrior. Maybe the NHL SHOULD advert him more, seeing as the ‘States love that kind of stuff (UFC phenomenon).

    The NHL still certainly needs to find a way to grab more of the market share, nobody seems to give a crap about hockey. One thing that I noticed while watching the games that some of the games have what I would call high-framerate replays. Most of the games I see, the replys are hardly worth watching most of the time because the puck is blurred and the action cannot really be appreciated. Then I saw a couple of games recently (maybe it was the hi-def ones, i dont remember) where the replays were smooth, crystal-clear and I could see the text on the puck as it was being wristed to the net. Beautiful. Maybe hockey would be more appreciated if more people could see the intricate stickwork from the players.

  36. karri Says:

    This is professional? I don’t think so.

    I’ve got to agree with the majority of people who have commented here. Jealousy obviously has played a part in your Crosby rant and attack of his fans.


    How long have you been “in this business”?


  37. homer hater Says:

    what a bunch of whiny babies.

    i think they should make one of these revealed shows for all the nhl star players, and not just focus on crosby. but for all you haters out there, HE IS THE REIGNING MVP AS VOTED BY HIS FELLOW PLAYERS. Suck it!

    do any of you even play the sport to be allowed to talk about it like you know what its like to be out there?

  38. Arlow Says:

    I love Pens fans. Always ready to step it up when this crap takes place. You all make me proud. And that brings me to my question: where are all the caps fans? Either they agree that what this so called “sports writer” did was underhanded and extremely childish (less likely) or they could care less (more likely). True models of fan support they are.

  39. Loser Chris Says:

    There are posts from 7 or 8 Caps fans on here Arlow… isn’t that all of them?

  40. JJ Says:

    Jed saying that Crosby “only plays offense” is the funniest statement of the year.

    Seriously man, stop while you’re ahead.

  41. lisa Says:

    this guy might as well be the puckbunny writing the cheerleading blog. it’s disgusting that he’s getting paid to do this and all he can do is make nasty, immature jabs at someone who is not getting paid to write a blog that’s a hell of alot better than his. jealousy takes many forms.

  42. katja Says:

    Sounds like you, Mike, are just trying to make Ovechkin the number one star of the NHL. The way you marked out the most hyped player shouldn’t be Crosby, but somebody else and you suggested a “player from another continent”. It was so obvious that you meant Ovechkin with that. I admire Alexander as a hockey player, he is skilled, but Crosby goes beyond that because his image, name, jersey, face, number 87, they all sell. And isn’t it only a good thing if NHL would get more popular? Those financial problems would be solved.
    And I just have to say that it is so childish from you to point out that blog there!! I’m not Caps’ fan but I’m not writing articles including links to Caps’ fans’ blogs.
    Your post was very immature and unprofessional move from you.

  43. adam Says:

    I love how the guy who writes this blog is silent

  44. paul Says:

    Dear Jed.

    You noticed Crosby on the ice three times last Saturday night ?? You mean to tell me you missed his fourth appearance ?? He was on the ice at the end of the game congratulating his team on another easy win against the Capitals!!!!

  45. doug Says:

    For the sake of sanity, how about a truce? Can’t we all agree that both Crosby and Ovechkin are terrific players? Who cares about their looks or their language skills. Just give each a team to play with and let them perform. If they both stay healthy, there will be comparisons through the ages. I like the Penguins team but I’m a Caps fan. What more is there to say? Yes, the Penguins have won a couple of Stanley Cups, the Caps have none. Yes, the Penguins pack their house, while the Caps struggle in attendance. I’m jealous on both counts, but that does not diminish my interest in following the Caps, nor cheering them on.

  46. Jimbo Says:

    Caps suck.

  47. Loser Chris Says:


    How about a truce? How about “Dumpy” Vogel posts a formal apology letter to Snoopyjode on this poor excuse for a blog? Doesn’t matter anyway, we couldn’t read it because our two Stanley Cup banners are blocking our view.

  48. Spike Says:

    Man, some people can not read, or at least comprehend what they read. Look, the NHL doesn’t give props to the other 689 players in the league. That is it, that is the crux of the argument, don’t go off tangent and divert the subject. Sidney is a great player, yes, even a generational player but for the league to only center on him as the only ace of the NHL is like walking in to Baskin Robins and being told there is only one flavor.

    What about Iginla, Lecavlier, St. Louis, Spezza, Malkin, Heatley, Kopitar, Modano, Pronger, Kovalchuk to name a few.

    On the Caps you are not going to find a tougher-than-nails, grittier and more stand-up guy than their captain, Chris Clark. The kind of guy you want by your side as you hit the ice but the league doesn’t make commercials about him or shove him out in front of the press at every opportunity. What about Phil Kessel? A young kid who fights his way back from testicular cancer, some one we should all admire for his tenacity and dedication but the NHL doesn’t see it that way.

    Crosby has himself to blame for enhancing his natural ability by practicing and getting better and better. It is certainly something we should all strive for, but the league is to blame for putting him in front of the camera every chance they can, for holding him up, not as AN example but as the ONLY example. Because of this some people have become overly zealous about the young Mr. Crosby and the Penguins. And that is fine, as long as every one realizes that just as there are 689 other players in the NHL there are at least that many opinions on each and every one of 690 players in the league.

  49. Justin Says:

    Plain and simple, Crosby is a canadian boy, he’s more marketable then that russian Ovechkin. Not only that but he’s a much better player….. Stop crying in WASHINGTON, your team sucks…

    Ovechkin is not a team player, He’s a puck hog who loves to try to do it all himself. He’s going no where in this NHL, might as well go back to Russia…

  50. Justin Says:


  51. Vlad Says:

    So to sum it up, if you are an “amateur” writer, your writing can’t be judged by anybody except other “amateurs”? Being an “amateur” means you’re off limits? That’s just a joke of an argument. Although, who are we talking to here?!!

    For what it’s worth, Mike has made the exact same kind of jabs at hyper Caps’ fans on other occasions. Which makes this collective foam-at-the-mouth response look even more pathetic.

    However, this does look like a gold mine in terms of generating traffic, so maybe Mike is on to something. As a Caps fan, I’d be ok with it as long as future entries like this could be flagged with some kind of “nausea warning”.

  52. Chokingdogs Says:

    I don’t get it?

  53. Steph Says:


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