Roster Move

The Caps re-assigned defenseman Jeff Schultz to Hershey of the AHL this morning.

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4 Comments on “Roster Move”

  1. fauxrumors Says:

    1) This isn’t a surprise. The way the folks who are in the lineup have been playing it would be difficult to displace any of them barring injury. Its far betetr for Jeff to stay in game shape and be the likely first call-up if/when an injury occurs or one of the others game falters

  2. Mike L Says:

    He’s gaining nothing by sitting in the press box. By going down he’ll get playing time (probably 20 minutes a game). When an injury hits, it’s nice to know there’ll be someone who can step in and play effectively.

  3. Frank M Says:

    Given the play of John Erskine 1G, 1A and the Defense only giving up 2 goals in 3 games, this is a smart move for Shultz’s development. He’s not needed in DC right now and needs to have ice time in Hershey…

  4. fatdaddy Says:

    Yep. Can’t move the second leading scorer on the team (Erskine) out of the lineup, lol. Just in passing, compared to what we’ve seen the past couple seasons, this amount of depth is phenomenal.

    Hopefully it allows them to run Jaromir “I was too tired to score” Jagirl ragged on Friday!!

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