“Go Deep, And I’ll Look For You”

One of the by-products of Alexander Semin’s absence from the lineup is Caps captain Chris Clark skating on a line with rookie Nicklas Backstrom and savvy Swedish vet Michael Nylander. Watching Nhylander from upstairs, it looks like he could be a difficult player to play with because he’s such a freelancer on his skates and with the puck in the attack zone. A guy has to wonder, where do I go? What should I do?

Clark played the final preseason game with Backstrom and Nylander, so I posed this very question to him the other day. Here’s what he said:

“It’s tough because I wasn’t with him at all before in camp. I actually ended up asking him in the third period, ‘What do you want me to do? Do you want me to come towards you? Do you want me to stay away?’ Some guys want you to come [close] and other guys want you to get away because they are so skilled like he is. ‘Just get away and get open, I’ll find you.’ That’s what he wanted me to do. ‘Get open, I’ll find you.’”

So it’s like that.

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3 Comments on ““Go Deep, And I’ll Look For You””

  1. Kerplunk Says:

    ‘Get open, I’ll find you.’
    That put a big grin on my face.
    730 cant come soon enough. Have a great time in Atlanta, Mike!

  2. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    Kerplunk, you took the words right out of my mouth. GO CAPS! Mike, thanks for all of the articles to satiate us hockey geeks as we eagerly awaited this day. I’m certain our boys are going make our summers alot shorter for a long while starting this season. Oh, and did I mention … GO CAPS!!!!!

  3. Dean Says:

    What is the possibility of hearing that OV has signed a new contract? Betteman being in town, the last two day being fairly quite, have GMGM and OV talked about his contract? 4 1/2 until puck drop!!! 🙂

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