Opening Night Roster

Brent Johnson
Olie Kolzig

John Erskine
Mike Green
Milan Jurcina
Shaone Morrisonn
Brian Pothier
Tom Poti
Jeff Schultz

Nicklas Backstrom
Matt Bradley
Donald Brashear
Chris Clark
Tomas Fleischmann
Boyd Gordon
Viktor Kozlov
Brooks Laich
Michael Nylander
Alex Ovechkin
Matt Pettinger
Alexander Semin
Dave Steckel
Brian Sutherby

Injured Reserve: Steve Eminger, Eric Fehr

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26 Comments on “Opening Night Roster”

  1. TJ Says:

    Im happy with that, I hope Emmy can get back in the picture.

    Id like to see what the final D pairings are.

    Go Caps.

  2. Frank M Says:

    Putting Eminger on IR would seem to be a temporary measure. When he is ready to come off IR, who gets waived, re-assigned to Hershey, or traded?

  3. mattymurp Says:

    by all accounts, Jeff “Sarge” Schultz has been less than spectacular this preseason – i suspect then when Eminger is ready to go, Sarge gets sent back to chocolatetown

    other than that, i like our limeup alot. thanks for posting Vogs.

  4. […] waiting is over, and the Caps have sent down, traded or otherwise moved…no one. Mike Vogel reports that the Caps have placed Steve Eminger on Injured Reserve, where he joins Eric Fehr, Jakub Klepis […]

  5. al Says:

    im assuming (and hoping) that green and schultz will play well enough and prove that they belong. im also assuming they will both get more playing time than erskine in the time that eminger is on IR, meaning that when he returns the most logical roster decision, now, and for the future would be doing something with erskine. he may even clear wiavers.

  6. KP Says:


    Somewhat off topic, but it does regard opening night in Atlanta: are the pregame skates down there open to the public? I’m headed down on Thursday, so I’ll be in Atlanta all day Friday, just waiting for the game with not much else to do. So if they are open to the public, I’d definitely go. Hoping you know the answer. Thanks.

  7. pgreene Says:

    so is eminger’s IR a real IR, or a “he has a body injury” IR?

  8. shaggy Says:

    Bradley rules. Good for him.

  9. strungout Says:

    I like this roster.

    Good stuff.

  10. thehighlander Says:

    So now a new season is upon us. I hope this team stays healthy, plays smart, physical hockey. We are underdogs once again. Time to shock the world and start playing hockey well into May and beyond.

  11. Hockey Amor Says:

    Much better than last year’s roster.

  12. Vlad Says:

    So the Caps successfully postponed all the relevant roster questions.

    Is Eminger going to get another chance?
    Can Schultz and Green both play at the expense of Erskine?
    Is there a future for Sutherby and Bradley on the club?

    But this is a good looking roster – here’s hoping for a good start to get things rolling.

  13. Andy Says:

    Mike – Great job on Washington Post Live tonight! Enjoyed the segment.

  14. dumpnchase Says:

    My best guess at opening night D pairs: Poti-Green, Morrisonn-Jurcina, Schultz-Pothier.

    Frank M,
    Dunno, but all will be revealed in time. All I know is, nice to have this much depth.

    I wouldn’t count on Schultz going anywhere anytime soon. And thanks for the thanks.

    Erskine provides an element that is lacking, so I think he’ll stay. Could depend on how the season starts, and how guys play. Also could continue to keep eight D (as they did at the beginning of last season) and move a forward in some fashion.

    Access to pregame skates varies wildly by building. Generally, they’re not open to the public because it requires some staffing. However, there are some exceptions. Not sure whether Philips is one or not, but you’d need to inquire of the Thrashers.

    Eminger has a lower body injury, and as I understand it, will be placed on IR retro to Thursday, Sept. 27, the day after the last game he played (I could be off on the date). It’s conceivable (if unlikely) that he could be activated for one of the games this weekend. His required seven day stay would be up then.

    Bradley does rule. Story coming soon on

    I’m with you. Best roster — deepest and most talented — in quite some time. Very encouraging.

    Thanks, it was fun.

  15. Empty Maybe Says:

    Graphic novels, television spots…the Vogel World-Wide Media Blitz Continues. Try to stay grounded, Mike.

  16. Chris Says:

    Great blog (1st time posting)! Where do you see Fehr fitting into as far as lines go (when he gets better, of course)? Assuming everyone is not-injured, and playing well, I can’t see him breaking up the 1st or 2nd Lines, as they seem good (not to say he’s not equally good). Hanlon also is a fan of the third line, as are many fans, leading me to believe he won’t want to destroy that. And while Brashear is a useful element to the team and the fans, I don’t exactly see Fehr playing on a line with him.

  17. dumpnchase Says:

    I’m trying. Hope me getting 16 minutes doesn’t mean someone else had to settle for 14. 😉

  18. dumpnchase Says:

    If Fehr is healthy, he is capable of challenging for the RW spot on either of the top two lines. As those two units are currently constituted, they lean more towards the finesse side of the wheel. Fehr brings a big body who will park himself in front and take punishment for scoring chances. He’s good in the corners, and also has excellent hands and a great wrist shot. We’re all hoping he gets healthy soon and can resume his career, because he has a chance to be good top six winger.

  19. Mike L Says:

    With this roster a good coach could finish .500. Fortunately for the Caps, they have a great coach in Hanlon. 44-28-10 is my pick, 98 points, 1st place in the Southeast division

    And then, unfortunately, an early playoff exit at the hands of either Buffalo or New Jersey, who have the defense and goaltending to win in the postseason, whereas the Caps right now don’t have that. If they can find the big stopper defenseman somewhere by the trading deadline, then this team could go deeper into the postseason.

  20. Mark S. Says:


    Do you know the practice schedule the next two days? That page on the Caps website has not been updated past 10/1.



  21. dumpnchase Says:

    They’re practicing today, probably at 10:15 or 10:30. And they’ll sket tomorrow morning too, before they leave for Atlanta.

  22. Jay Says:

    Eric Fehr = Eric Daze. Just sayin’.

    From past experience, Phillips Arena has not been open for pregame skate.

    What’s the latest word on the trade GMGM is discussing now? I’m guessing it involves Eminger and/or Sutherby, but I’m wondering if we’re going to be surprised (if indeed a trade does come down in the immediate future).

  23. KP Says:


    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

  24. cccp11 Says:


    Thanks for the tickets, got them at the front desk tonight. Happy birthday!


  25. dumpnchase Says:

    The Fehr-Daze comparison isn’t bad. Different wings, but similar junior résumés in different leagues. I think that at this point, Fehr would be pretty happy to play a decade in the league and score 226 goals in 601 NHL as Daze did. I’d love for him to get healthy and show what he can do. He’s a really good kid, to boot.

    As to your question, it’s a popular one these days. I fielded a similar one on the podcast today. As I said then, I’m not in a position to discuss any information that’s been shared with me along those lines.

    In all my years here, there have been a few times where I thought I smelled an imminent deal, only to hear “crickets” for weeks or months. And there have been times when all was seemingly quiet and then, bam. Deal. Suffice it to say that the climate certainly seems right for a swap or two right now. We can all see that there are more bodies than jobs, and that condition trickles down to the affiliate level. (Not that depth is a bad thing.)

    That said, it takes two to tango and I don’t think they’re in the business of giving guys away. Once I do learn something definitive, you good folks will find out about five minutes later.

  26. dumpnchase Says:

    CCCP (Nick),
    Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the game.

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