Great Day on the Course

The weather was terrific and the company was great, as was the food. With training camp in the rear view mirror, the Caps took a day off from the rink and spent Monday on the golf course. The fourth annual Caps Care Classic was held at the Springfield Golf and Country Club on Monday, and it was fun even for those of us who don’t golf (anymore).

All of the Caps were in attanedance, and most of them were part of a foursome and on the links. Media types like Al Koken, Steve Kolbe, Kenny Sabourin, Scott Linn, Joe Reekie, Lisa Hillary and Ron Weber were in attendance and on the course. Alumni such as Rod Langway, Sylvain Cote, Alan Hangsleben, Paul Mulvey, Blair Stewart and others were among the participants. I tagged along with Brent Johnson’s foursome, and had a good time watching, chatting, ball hunting and pulling the flag. (More on the 18 holes Johnson and his group played at in a few days.)

There was much ado about Alex Ovechkin’s hole-in-one at last year’s Classic, but it was not achieved as part of a regular round. Ovie played 18 this time around, and I paused while piloting a cart from one point to another to watch him attempt to sink a putt of about a dozen feet or so. “I like it, I like it!” he exclaimed excitedly as the ball ran toward the hole, and past it.

Olie Kolzig spent his day on one of the course’s par three holes (No. 4), slugging drives, collecting money and posing for photographs. Each member of the foursome would donate $20 to Olie, and he’d try to outdrive them on the hole for the money. It was a win-win situation; if Olie was successful, the group could use his drive in the best-ball scramble format.

Word from a few of my trusted scouts is that Nicklas Backstrom has some serious game on the course. Those who saw him were impressed by his swing and his overall game.

Matt Bradley’s group, Matt Pettinger’s group and Chris Clark’s group came out on top in the various categories, and Pettinger launched the day’s longest drive on the 16th hole.

Tuesday is team photo day and a closed practice at Verizon Center prior to the team’s annual media day. Wednesday and Thursday, the team will practice at K-Plex prior to its Thursday afternoon departure for Atlanta where it will open the 2007-08 season against the Thrashers on Friday night.

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3 Comments on “Great Day on the Course”

  1. strungout Says:

    Just for future reference…how does one register to participate in this event? I’m all about playing some golf…and then throw in the Caps connection? Good stuff.

  2. dumpnchase Says:

    I believe you would contact Elizabeth Wodatch, the Caps’ Director of Community Relations. The golf event is one of many fine events she and her staff run throughout the year.

  3. Sorry Says:

    This was most likely the last year the tournament will be held. The Caps organization does not put on this event themselves, it is a private event that the Caps just attach their name to (I’m not saying that’s bad, it’s just a fact).

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